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Some Muslims – and non-Muslims as well – answer critics of Islam that the heart of Islam essentially is based on five generally recognized acts of faith. All points of criticism of islamic violence such as the dogma of Jihad, for example, or hate against the infidels through the dogma of “love and hate in Allah, the treatment of “slave girls for sexual acts, the so-called “Malakat Al-Yamin,” the disastrous person of Mohammed in the western idea of morality… all this is only marginal subjects because Islam is based on five principles that anyone could certainly accept.

(By Barino Barsoum — Islam-Analysen von Al Hayat TV)



The battle against freedom of speech in Germany has reached a new dimension. The Facebook profile of Lebanese-German filmmaker, screenwriter, Islam critic and television journalist Imad Karim was completely erased by Facebook [on 4/13]. Beirut-born Imad Karim knows the crisis areas in the Middle East like no other German-speaking journalist. He reported live on-site over many years for ARD, ZDF and a few private networks, among others, but mainly from Lebanon and from the Lebanese-Israeli border.



The American Starbucks coffee service chain is beginning to feel that left-wing action is at least taken into account in the US as well. As a reaction to the discontinuation of visas imposed by US president Donald Trump for people from seven Muslim countries, Starbucks chief Howard acted in left-wing defiant manner and made a provocation with the announcement that 10,000 so-called “refugees” would be employed. Schulz was one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign supporters and still perhaps hasn’t completely digested the loss. The Americans, however, have as it appears little understanding for unpatriotic behavior; Schultz is also a strict opponent of the wall to Mexico, though and is paying for this betrayal of country and its citizens with loss of favor. The approval of the business has been falling since the campaign announcement against Trump’s refugee policy.


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump raises his arm as he leaves after a rally Friday, June 17, 2016, in The Woodlands, Texas. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

If you might need a reason to have sympathy for the Donald J. Trump phenomenon, you’d find plenty in the reaction by the legion of his enemies. The orgasmic hate that spews here does not come from “goodness.” This rage calls more to mind the rejects from Hell. DJT not only hits a raw spot, he hits the mark.

(By Marcus)



At a certain age, one is still not inclined to voice his emotional state and wishes in a cultured fashion with others, to negotiate, to argue, to give in, to be the wiser one. Children learn this slowly in kindergarten, after schooling most in our civilized society manage to do so. Exceptions reinforce the rule; such a one is called Anke Domscheit-Berg (photo).



At least five people were killed and according to recent reports around ten injured in a shooting attack at the Ft. Lauderdale airport in the US state of Florida. The attacker shot around in the baggage claim area of the airport it was reported. According to mayor Barbara Sharief, the 26-year-old shooter was arrested and the airport was locked down temporarily. Nothing has been announced yet regarding the perpetrator’s motive.



A Tunisian family in Meissen is near to being deported even though they are considered a model example for integration. But the German Federal Bureau for Migration and Refugees apparently can’t take that into consideration the “Sächsische Zeitung” writes. Second-class Selina produced an emotional video — her words tear the heart out. Such is the introduction by Focus of its video with which an “exemplary integrated family” from Tunisia is to be saved from deportation.


1 Aleppo-Weihnachten

As is known, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has liberated Aleppo from the Jihad warriors of Islam terror bands Al-Nusra and Islamic State with the help of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now Christians can finally celebrate Christmas under the protection of modern-minded Alawite Assad without being bullied, persecuted and killed by islamic fundamentalists.

(Von Michael Stürzenberger)

On the blog “Freie Zeiten (Free Times)” it reads:


Unfortunately, I made a mistake in allowing a NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk) team shoot film at Finca Bayano. It was clear to me that these people come “from the other side” and weren’t friendly-minded toward me and the subject of “emigration,” but I thought within myself that perhaps a few “nice” people would bring attention to the Finca Bayano project.


A police officer in Dresden wished the Pegida demonstrators Monday a “successful day,” and in doing so intended nothing bad by it, but just wanted simply to be friendly. For Pegida, a “successful day” would also mean among other things to be able to appreciate the freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution freely and without attack by violent neofascists, of course without hassling someone else but through their own differing opinion.

The police neutrality these days means, due to the fact that critics of Merkel are to be encountered with iron-clad distance and contempt, a media storm by the Merkel party press has erupted over the government officer in Saxony. The poor police officer will be castigated for his courtesy and he will surely continue to have to atone for it.

The official occasion for the witchhunt appears to be more and more to be a pretext; something official has to be given. Among the demo participants, to quote the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) were found “several neonazis.” Of course, the first thing one asks is could the police officer have known all of the alleged neonazis, perhaps from training at Kahane’s Amadeus-Antonio Foundation?

Or: If the SZ is supposed to have seen so many neonazis there, why didn’t they report them to the organizers or lodge a complaint right away? Propagation of National Socialism is prohibited in our country, and Pegida stands for that, too. Why then didn’t the SZ step in? Did the Süddeutsche not want the alleged neonazis to disappear or — much more likely — perhaps there weren’t any of them at all?

The reason the oily-slick, Merkel-serving press of lies is using this mantra-like neonazi reference in the context with the courteous police officer is quite obvious: It should never enter the mind of the normal newspaper-reading citizen that there are those like them in Dresden who week after week take to the streets to exercise peaceful protest. Otherwise some might possibly happen upon the idea of joining the resistance. And the normal police officers also who have secretly stood on the side of the Merkel opposers will have learned from the media inquisition: A “We wish you a successful day” announcement directed by a police officer to the people will never exist again in any case.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken


The Saxony Evangelical-Lutheran State Church has again revealed its most deeply anti-Christian opinion. The Commissioner on Questions Regarding Worldviews and Sects, Harald Lamprecht (photo), didn’t hesitate to sacrifice Bible-believing Christians on the alter of Islam. “As far as the endangerment of Saxon youth is concerned, radical Bible groups, for example, cause much greater problems than islamists,” the church official made known in an interview for the Dresdener Morgenpost newspaper on occasion of missing 15-year-old Linda Wenzel (PI reported).


People can be friends, governments are never. In recent years, however, evidence is piling up that the US is not just not our friend but acting increasingly hostile toward Europe and Germany in ways that never existed in Cold War times. Of course, we are most welcome as countries of travel and import. And we wouldn’t want to do NATO under American supreme command in Washington, but economically and politically the desire is to weaken us. A few events that point to this:

Standard & Poor’s just reduced the credit standing of the European Union a level. A ridiculous operation because we are single countries. And as far as the trillions of debt of Obama’s US (yet with AAA ranking) is concerned, surely we aren’t any worse off.



We live only as freely as the Muslims allow. A provoking subject admittedly. But if we are completely honest and reflexive about it, we conclude – that’s how it is. But, of course, there are the “small” liberties that are affected most of all. The quality of life in and of itself is suffering, spontaneity and nonchalance – that the children that grew up in the 70s and 80s – still know. Simply walking along the street and floating about, meeting friends, having fun. These days it’s not so easy anymore! Three differing examples from most recent time demonstrate this in the following lines.



Big success for all those opposed to the EU: The Dutch have voted in a referendum with 64 percent of the votes against an EU agreement with the Ukraine. After the count of all the votes, the participation came to 32 percent, thereby reaching the 30-percent mark and validating the referendum. PVV president Geert Wilders showed enthusiasm for the result: “It looks like the Dutch people have said no to the European elite and the Ukraine. That is the beginning of the end of the EU,” Wilders twittered.



In the Hessian municipal elections, fruitless calls by the Party Establishment Cartel for as high a voter turnout as possible achieved an effect in the three state election on March 13th. This, however, couldn’t be at all according to the wishes of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), SPD (Socialist Party of Germany), the Greens, the FDP (Liberal Democratic Party) or the Leftist Party. Because the great profiter of the clearly higher voter turnout in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt is unequivocally the new AfD (Alternative for Germany) Party.

One thing from this is clear: The party cartel need not fear non-voters, much the opposite. [mehr]

Super Sunday election analysis: German AfD proves it is unquestionably the third, if not the second, party of Germany

Results analysis: Sachsen-Anhalt

With 24.2% the AfD comes in second, shutting out Merkel’s coalition partner, the SPD, by more than double. More than that, they literally took votes from every party across the board, though in particular from the SPD and the extreme left.

Notice also that the FDP didn’t make it into government, and that if the Greens hadn’t squeaked in, it may have been impossible to form a government without AfD participation. The SPD came not just third, but fourth behind the extreme-left Linke party, which can only add to their humiliation. Overall, pollsters underestimated support for the AfD by between 5 and 10%.

Now the most likely scenario will be that there will be a coalition of strange bedfellows among the CDU, SPD and Greens. This will look similar to the ruling coalition in Sweden, where its only purpose is to shut out the populist Swedish Democrats.

Of course, completely ignoring the will of the voters will have its costs, and you can expect the AfD to offer spirited opposition.

Continuation of this article on The Connor Post – The best conservative, nationalist & populist news link aggregator for the Western World

The Connor Post Editorial – March 13, 2016

The AfD has been willing to stand up to Germany’s stifling culture of political correctness

People want to upbraid them for throwing the odd rhetorical bomb, but the reality is that it isn’t just about getting attention. (Though any media savvy party knows they need press coverage.)

If the establishment media had their way, they would tie everyone in such a straitjacket of political correctness that no one would be able to talk critically about multiculturalism (disaster), open borders (a really bad idea), or any other inherently Marxist ideas (tried those, did not go well) getting pushed by an extremely biased, extremely left-wing establishment media and political class.

Things are going really badly in Germany and the AfD seems like it is the only mainstream party willing to talk about it. And it is fantastic that they are. That someone is.

You can’t fix problems by ignoring them. At this point it is no secret that the German Chancellor Merkel has a huge share of the blame for the migrant crises. Even the leading US presidential candidate Trump has said on the campaign trail that all of Europe is turning into “a total disaster” because of unwise immigration policies, and has even gone so far as to say “You know, what Merkel has done is incredible, it’s actually mind boggling. Everyone thought she was a really great leader and now she’s turned out to be this catastrophic leader.”

If it weren’t for the AfD, no one in the German establishment would be talking about this, and Germans would be reduced to hearing their problems discussed only in the US media.

Continuation of this article on The Connor Post – The best conservative, nationalist & populist news link aggregator for the Western world.

Last Wednesday, another act of real satire in the context of the invasion theater occurred on the campus of the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. “Better people” had the experience that those among us in a completely different culture are, as they believe, able to integrate could not even manage to pass a few hours among each other peacefully. At an integration festival for “refugees,” apparently Arab-musical cacophony was cause for a sort of war ecstasy among “protection seekers.” After that Kurds and Syrians cherished the illusion of their folklore of violence so much that the motley peace-joy-refugee festival had to be interrupted. According to, no alcohol was served, however one of the aggressors was drunk and had attacked others with a broken bottleneck. The police forces of five cruisers were necessary to restore civilized conditions. That’s just how quickly an orgy of violence can arise from an integration party.

Original on PI-German translated by Anders Denken

On Thursday evening, a bus with invaders appeared in the Clausnitz township Rechenberg-Bienenmühle in Middle-Saxony. Around 100 citizens weren’t ready to accept the sheltering of the asylum seekers without question and blocked the entryway to the shelter, some with cars. The bus, however, stopped before there and the people made their irritation loudly known.



Back in October 2015 there was an indication that the costs in the healthcare sector would explode. The first zenith of Merkel’s unleashed sect-like mass hysteria of the so-called “Welcome Culture” fell during this time. “Welcome, welcome,” Merkel followers babbled in their appeal at the train stations during this time. And those invited gladly came and they’re further coming in great numbers. It was not seen that the increased costs were tied to this because it wasn’t felt. The contributions to the social funds for the health sector were just as high in October as in September or in August. That was enough to calm simple minds.


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