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5 : 7 QuerformatChristian Naumann (photo) from Düsseldorf visits NRW schools on a regular basis for a taxpayer-funded organization to advocate for tolerance of homosexuals. This could already be controversial among conservative parents, here, however, it pales by comparison with the real scandal. The fact that Christian Nauman is not just gay but also admittedly HIV positive will cause somewhat more attention to be given, but in this case it also has only secondary value for news. Not once has the reporting trigger been pulled on the fact that the offensive gay continues to have sex, or the continued increase of his hedonism, the fact that this sexual activity occurs without a condom and totally unprotected.


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By Oliver Zimski

A Disaster is Transfigured

For three months, German politicians has found themselves on an unprecedented wrong track. With false signals and incentives, they have broadened the refugee movement in western Europe’s direction from Middle East civil war regions to an international millions-fold mass influx to Germany, violated international treaties and destroyed an already fragile cohesion within the EU. They neglected the legally prescribed differentiation between war refugees or politically persecuted individuals and economic migrants, and “graciously” forewent the registration of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, with consequences still to be seen for internal security. They alone must bear the responsibility for the massive loss of trust by many citizens in their own country. As though this complete failure were not bad enough, this is being systematically smoothed over by politicians and media and with a dishonest welcome campaign as “politics with a friendly face.”


After the Paris attacks, conservative journalist Brigitte Gabriel and religious scholar Robert Spencer spoke Saturday on Hannity about the threat by Muslim “refugees.” Such truthful sayings about the “religion of peace” would be gladly prohibited here in this country by SPD lightweight Heiko Mass.

Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken

For many years now, the Jewish owners of the Paris Bataclan convention hall where the monstrous massacre took place Friday have been in the crosshairs of Moslem bands. The video shows a threat by pro-Palestine activists against an event for the IDF. It is a good example for how Islam through violence wants to achieve power over our free society. And since the European political elite is not willing to put limits on it, threat after threat and then crimes follow until everyone has finally been subjugated. (First appeared on Gates of Vienna)

Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken


In a riot in the socially weak Brussels township of Molenbeek, the police arrested three persons after an official request for help by the Paris authorities. At least one of them can be placed in Paris on Friday evening. Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel confirmed this. According to statements by French District Attorney François Molins, the Moslem terrorists used at least three vehicles, with Belgian license plates according to eyewitnesses. On Saturday morning at a control point on the Belgian border one of the vehicles, a black Polo in which a pair of brothers from Brussels sat was already detained. One of three brothers was one of those arrested, the Polo was also impounded in Molenbeek. Françoise Schepmans, Molenbeek’s mayor, said that it was part of a veritable terror network.

(By L.S.Gabriel)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has used the Paris terror attacks as a plea for more relaxed gun laws. “Nobody had guns,” he said of their victims of the attack. The attackers had “simply shot one after the other,” the 69-year-old said Saturday at an election campaign event in the American state of Texas. If the people had been allowed to carry weapons like in the United States, then the situation would have been totally different. Source: FAZ / Donald Trump’s complete speech in Texas on 11/14 is here)

Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken


In Paris, almost 130 people lost their lives during last night. The attackers were, yet again, young Muslims who hate the West because they themselves cannot find any virtue of the West within themselves. They are societal and human failures of whom in curious opposition to this reality is constantly propagated about their superiority over everything – by the Koran, by the imams and by the mamby-pamby, freeloading agitators that Western society has produced in such a high number. Now the slaughter that Akif Pirincçi back two years ago described in a moving article has finally begun.

(By Michael B.)



Translation of above image: “We cannot endure more foreigners; that would produce murder and killing.” Helmut Schmidt at a German Confederation of Trade Unions event in 1981



When Hamed Abdel-Samad came to Dachau on October 28th at the invitation of the AfD, he was derided by the leftist thought dictators as a “fascist” who were also shouting “get out of here” and “piss on you” as well. This was his last public appearance in the framework of his lectures about his new book “Mohammed – a reckoning” and he said that it was also the saddest. For four weeks, he has been travelling through Germany and Austria in order to hold lectures and discussion rounds about Islam and to educate about its “prophet. One day before Dachau, he was in Vienna lecturing on his factually supported subjects. What he said there is a comprehensive, competent and precise description of the problem of Islam, which poses a great danger for humanity with its political, judicial and worldview components.



The claim is a lie that borders cannot be effectively closed

This article appeared on 11/6/2015 in the Preussische Allgemeine Zeitung

Only a nation in the process of liquidating itself doesn’t protect its territory from invaders. The rest of the world respects secure borders with painstaking precision. Depending on the danger situation with greatest effort, too.



It has gotten so bad that Sweden is now in a state of emergency and near to collapse. Of all people, stalwart leftist Social Democrat Morgan Johansson (small photo), Swedish Minister for Justice and Integration, had to declare to the whole world that Sweden had reached the limit of the achievable/humanitarian of its generous migration policy. It can happen this quickly. Back on October 10th, the minister said that there was no limit for the acceptance of “refugees.” However, on November 5th, he was already calling for the “refugees” to return to Germany or Denmark. The Swedish government could no longer guarantee a roof over their heads.

(By Alster)


Translator Note: This is the second of a two-part sermon series by Pastor Tscharntke of the Evangelische Freikirche Riedlingen church in Riedlingen that unleashed a backlash by the leftist press and liberal government officials as well. The first, “The Christian and the Foreigner” was posted a few days ago. He is now being investigated for what he said in these two sermons. Read for yourselves and ask yourselves why he should be subjected to these bully tactics. Note the Bible references link to verses from the King James Bible, which was translated about 100 years after Luther translated the Bible into German.

Text: Psalm 60:4
Subject: “How do we as Christians deal with the immigration problem?
Reading: Matthew 24:6-14

Dear brothers and sisters, dear guests,

How do we as Christians deal with the problem of immigration?” The Christian answer to this can only be: “honestly.”


Translator Note: This is the first of a two-part sermon series by Pastor Tscharntke of the Evangelischen Freikirche Riedlingen church in Riedlingen that unleashed a backlash by the leftist press and liberal government officials as well. He is now being investigated for what he said in these two sermons. Read for yourselves and ask yourselves why he should be subjected to these bully tactics. Note the Bible references link to verses from the King James Bible, which was translated about 100 years after Luther translated the Bible into German.

Text: Isaiah 1:2-7
Subject: “The Christian and the Foreigner”
Reading: Romans 13:1-4 (Proverbs 5:7-14)

Dear Brothers and Sisters, dear Guests,

Today we turn ourselves to the current and most highly emotionally charged subject of “immigration.”


The following is a letter to the editor of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung in response to an article that ran in the newspaper on September 29th.

The article from September 29th gives an inviting report about the exhibition “Islamic Everyday Life in Zürich,” but there are a few statements by the author that unfortunately aren’t accurate. He asserts thus: “Allah is the one God of the Jews, Christians and the Muslims . . .”, a statement that indeed is often heard lately, but still will not become true just by saying so. As islamic and other historic sources prove, “Allah” was one of the 360 deities that were already worshipped before in Mecca and became “the one God . . . of the Muslims” as the one who is worshipped by them to this day.


“Are you a Christian?” is what 26-year-old rampage shooter Chris Harper-Mercer (photo) prior to shooting said to his victims lying on the ground at a community collage in the US state of Oregon. If they answered “yes,” he shot them in the head. If they answered “no,” he shot them in the legs. While US president Obama called for harsher gun laws in a statement, this video pursues the question of whether the so-called “Religion of Peace” was the basis for the cowardly killing of the innocent Christians.

Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken

There is a UN statistic substantiating that 72% of the invaders are men. The overwhelming majority of them do not come from Syria. The common citizen is not supposed to be “burdened” with these kinds of reports. And just as little with images of violent acting “Allahu akbar” droning hordes. Instead, our screens at home flicker to us a few thankful smiling women with little children in arm. Nothing is reported about the quickly increasing number of rape crimes and also not about the fact that 58 percent of the social benefits in Sweden go to migrants. Paul Joseph Watsen, freelance associate at Infowars, blogger (PrisonPlanetLive) and journalist, poses uncomfortable questions and gladly addresses silenced facts.

Original on PI-German / Translation: Anders Denken


This is not the end of the beginning for Europe but the beginning of the end.



When the government actions in a country appear so crazy that the individual no longer dares to call the craziness by name because every citizen runs the risk of being declared a lunatic criminal of opinion threatened with having his good reputation, his driver’s license, his own child or his complete means of existence by way of his workplace taken away, then it is high time that we take a deep breath and put the official craziness of the government at least back into a reasonably thoughtful order and call it by name.



When I saw a documentary about the time of the Third Reich, I asked myself how a majority of the German people could allow themselves to be driven blindly and lethargically to ruin. I really have never understood how it was possible that self-educated, well informed citizens en masse and eyes wide open would let themselves be dragged by a nose ring into the abyss by a band of criminal fools. That just didn’t go on in my head. Until now.



Even before the Muslim invasion of 2015, the Constitutional Defense Agency numbered the number of violent islamists in Germany at 40,000. If only 2% of the 1,000,000 invaders of 2015 would be radical, Merkel has already added 20,000 to this figure. An increase of around 50% in only 12 months! Altogether, ISIS now has access to an army of at least 60,000 soldiers in the heart of Germany. Which city will be the first to burn?

(By Leo)


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