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Archiv für den December, 2008:

The entire German media have their collective knickers in one big knot because the police chief of the Bavarian town of Passau became the victim of a stabbing on Saturday night. Local right-wing extremists are suspected because the police chief was known for taking a hard line in tackling them, as one does in Germany. […]

Now, as the question why young men with a “migration background” beat German pensioners to a pulp, is safely and satisfactorily answered, the question why young men with a “migration background” beat homosexuals to a pulp needs similar processing. This is done by one Hans Peter Pökel who is introduced as somebody who “does research […]

National Council of Resistance of Iran – Foreign Affairs Committee report: “The mullahs’ Supreme Court upheld a stoning sentence on Thursday for a young woman identified as Afsaneh R. A lower court first ruled in her case in the southern city of Shiraz.” By the Editrix

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Die Kyoto-Uhr
Seit Inkrafttreten am 16. Februar 2005, kostete das Kyoto-Protokoll etwa
womit eine potenzielle Verminderung des Temperaturanstiegs bis zum Jahr 2050 von oC
erreicht werden soll. Man beachte: die Temperatur ändert sich im Milliardstel-Bereich, was offensichtlich in einem weltweiten Massstab nicht messbar ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei Junk Science.

Minority Report