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Last week it made moderate headlines that Edward “Buzz” Aldrin of Second-Man-on-the-Moon fame had done what — I believe — passes for “Rap” among the young together with that unspeakable bit of human flotsam that goes by the moniker of “Snoop Dogg”. I’m largely a stranger to this genre. (By the Editrix)

An Arab tells what is wrong about the Arabs! An Arab tells what is wrong about the Arabs! Memri TV is down, so I’ve uploaded it. Algerian author Anwar Malek on Al-Jazeera TV, Quatar, on March 3, 2009. (By the Editrix)

German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung is well known for biased anti-Israel reports and comments. It has become famous for being the most anti-Semitic paper in Germany, apart from the brown, red or Islamic swamp. In the newsletter of the German Jewish association “I like Israel” SZ has it’s own category named: “What you won’t read in […]

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Die Kyoto-Uhr
Seit Inkrafttreten am 16. Februar 2005, kostete das Kyoto-Protokoll etwa
womit eine potenzielle Verminderung des Temperaturanstiegs bis zum Jahr 2050 von oC
erreicht werden soll. Man beachte: die Temperatur ändert sich im Milliardstel-Bereich, was offensichtlich in einem weltweiten Massstab nicht messbar ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei Junk Science.

Minority Report