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Archiv für den January, 2010:

German PI posted an article titled “Damascus goat wins beauty contest”. This article unleashed such extreme and various reactions from our readers that we decided — also by request from some of our readers — to remove it from the website.

Since Monday, Shoah Memorial Museum in Israel’s Yad Vashem has been displaying an exhibit titled “Architecture of Murderers”, the original blueprints for the Auschwitz concentration camp. Today, 65 years after the rescue, the plans for murder against Jews are again startlingly modern. In 1939, the Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung made a declaration that we should […]

A week ago, a 14-year-old Jordanian boy kicked a 12-year-old pupil in the head just for “pure fun” — according to his statement, “like kicking a soccer ball.” The victim suffered serious head injuries, one of which was a collapsed eardrum. But even though the perpetrator had been already known about by the authorities, they […]

The Egyptian Maher El-Gowhary and his 15-year old daughter Dina (both in the photo) never pray twice in the same church, never stay longer than a month in the same apartment. They are constantly threatened, constantly on the run, because they have converted to Christianity in a huge Muslim country (PI reported). Based on a […]

The fairytale about climate warming is like a modern variation of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” No responsible individual would trust themselves to say that it’s getting colder in spite of the climate warming, and just as few would do as the people who dared to say that the emperor was naked. So, let’s hear it […]

On the anniversary of the Rescue from Auschwitz, Israel’s president Shimon Peres gave an address to the Representatives of the German Bundestag (parliament). The leading figure for the Communist platform and designated Vice Party Chief of the leftwing party, Sahra Wagenknecht (Foto right), and three of her faction colleagues were the only parliamentarians who, in […]

The 40-year-old French artist Bérangère Lefranc (photo) performed a little experiment regarding the importance of fashion; she wanted to test for herself just what it’s like to live under a genuine Afghani burka. On that side of the “romance of the veil,” she lived through the humiliating, misogynous, earth-shattering, burning-hot reality called ‘burka.’ Lefranc says […]

During these winter days, when looking in the newspaper or on the Internet, the conclusion can be made that violence is once again on the rise in large Western cities. Whether in Hamburg or in Munich, youth and young adults are striking everywhere with brutal force. They do this by attacking individuals with knives and […]

Once upon a time, Sultan Assawahri (photo), a young man from the Middle East, would as Islam’s hero in a terror unit kill “unbelievers.” His deepest desire was to give his life in war for Allah, until he met a young Christian woman in 2008 whom he tried to convert to Islam. But the opposite […]

Everyone talks about the Islamic religious freedom that we should accord the Muslims. But religious freedom goes the other way, too — namely, the freedom FROM religion: is it for people who are totally free of religion to put up with the noise from the muezzin call? This issue will be clarified by legal opinion […]

In Nigeria, since Sunday, 17 January, numerous Christians have been murdered and at least six churches have been burned to the ground. One pastor talks face-to-face with Open Doors, “we were in the middle of a church service” when the church was attacked by Muslim youth. Soon thereafter apartment houses of Christians and then many […]

The French Imam Hassen Chalghoumi (photo) from the Paris suburb of Drancy has received death threats because expressed that he is against the complete veiling of Muslim women and for a dialog with the Jews. Around 80 orthodox believers forcibly invaded the mosque of the wayward Imam and shouted out threats and curses against the […]

While the Islamic countries exercise lofty restraint as touching aid for the earthquake victims in Haiti, the little country of Israel, within eight hours, brought over a complete field hospital that can treat 500 people a day (PI reported). But in Europe, especially in Germany, “the little Satan” plays the role of “evil uncle,” or […]

With the hope of bringing something critical of Islam before the camera lens and increase ratings with the extremists, Arab TV Network Al Jazeera sent a reporter this year to the Shrove Tuesday celebration in Basel. One single harmless appearance of a minaret in the beloved Shrove Tuesday parade could release waves of indignation in […]

“Unity concerning the right to freedom of opinion,” this is the prevailing idea among hundreds of demonstrators in front of the Justice Building in Amsterdam just before the trial of Geert Wilders. “Let us strive toward that goal,” he would call to us. Who would want to dispute this claim? One and a half months […]

The mantra of the Himalaya Prognosis, which states that by 2035 all the Himalayan glaciers will have melted away, has been based on demonstrably false calculations — so the World Climate Council in Geneva just lately has had to admit. In order to avoid an embarrassing situation, someone stressed that the situation of the glaciers […]

… or: The Wearing of The Green. Did any of the hacks who are writing about the riots in Iran really look at the pictures? I mean “look” as in “see what they show”? (By the Editrix)

Often already, the subject of the sexual adversity of women in Islam has been reported, and such was the declation 46 percent of Egyptian women that they have been daily harassed by lascivious touches, calls or exhibitionism, and often in public areas. 62 percent of Egyptian men have admitted to touching women in a sexual […]

The following is from my anti-feminist blog, but the topic’s importance is not limited to the anti-feminist aspect, so here it is: I found this at a German blog. The header reads “The Call of the X-Chromosome”, picking up the headline of an article in the German newspaper Tagesspiegel, which is, notabene, considered “conservative”. (By […]

A quote and its context: “Sans doute par l’effet de mon vieux sang normand, depuis la guerre d’Orient, je suis indigné contre l’Angleterre, indigné à en devenir Prussien ! Car enfin, que veut-elle ? Qui l’attaque ? Cette prétention de défendre l’Islamisme (qui est en soi une monstruosité) m’exaspère. Je demande, au nom de l’humanité, […]

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