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Archiv für den February, 2010:

In one of the primary schools in Berlin-Hellersdorf that numbers among the Independent Evangelical Schools, and also a cooperating partner with the Christian Youth Organization “Die Arche” (“The Ark”), a teacher has actually attempted to bring the children to a closer understanding of the injustice of abortion. The school administration is upset and has distanced […]

In an official statement from the English Defence League yesterday, it was said that the EDL members in on-going detention are being constantly beaten by Jihadists while the guards look away and permit this to happen. In this, the prison has neglected its duty to care for its prisoners.

This question is asked by Robert Spencer in an article at Human Events of which commenter Bruce Church made us aware: “Last October there was another in the growing number of Islamic honor killings in the United States when a Muslim in Peoria, Arizona, Faleh Almaleki, got into his Jeep Cherokee and ran down his […]

… but only too few WANT to know. Interesting discussion at Beak’s blog. The Pagan Temple (here is his blog) says: “It [radicalism] doesn’t ever burn out completely. It just dies down for a while, and after a period of smoldering, it flares up again, eventually.” (By the Editrix)

While Islam becomes even more radical, and 200-300 million Christians worldwide, 80% of which live in Muslim countries — and in Turkey — are being persecuted, threatened and murdered, Radio Vatican happily cited the French philosopher Olivier Roy, who informs us that Islam and Christianity in Europe are becoming more like each other.

In a report broadcast on Swiss TV called “Kassensturz” (counting the earnings), a hefty amount of “criticism against Israel” (a.k.a. antisemitism) was exercised to such an extent that concerned citizens made a petition against this form of anti-Israel agitation on the network. The report of “Kassensturz” leaves the impression that Israel is a criminal state […]

The previous US President George W. Bush, also the commander-in-chief of the American Armed Forces, made agreements with the Czech Republic and Poland in order to build ten antiballistic missiles and to station the appropriate radar systems on the soil of both allies. The purpose was the erection of a defensive shield against the speedily […]

In a video that was broadcast last year on Coleman’s Corner on TV station KUSI-TV, John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel™ in the United States, explains the fraud of alleged “anthropogenic climate change.” (Following this entry we show the film with German subtitles.) In January 2010, Coleman produced a subsequent detailed program about global […]

Gaddafi doesn’t shy away from actions against international law — what a surprise! Last night he intended to have the Swiss embassy in Tripoli stormed where Swiss citizen Max Göldi is staying and is supposed to do time for a “visa violation” (that is, the violation of being Swiss). The storming was held back only […]

At the University of California Irvine, the same Islamic student groups that interrupted Daniel Pipes’ speech three years ago clashed yet again with a speech from the Israeli Ambassador. While the university professor Ambassador Oren spoke, his speech was solidly interrupted by Islamic culture enrichment personnel and friends of Palestinians.

The leaders of the English Defence League were arrested Saturday. The members of the EDL were headed to Edinburgh to support the Scottish Defence League in the context of a peaceful protest. In order to prevent this support, the EDL members were arrested. They were accused of disturbing the (public) peace. After the detention, their […]

The 86-year-old Jewess Judith Popinski (photo) was warmly received in Sweden after she had been transferred from Auschwitz to the concentration camp in Ravensbrück. She had lost all her family in the camp, but in Sweden she started a new family and lived happily for more than six decades in her new homeland — until […]

The American Internet giant Google went without the distribution of Christmas gifts last year in order to donate the saved money “sensibly” to charitable organizations. Even the Hamburg organization “Laut gegen Nazis” (“Loud against Nazis”) received $100,000.

We have come so far again. In Berlin — and certainly not just there –German Jews are again being bullied and harassed for their faith. This time the persecution is coming from an antisemitic Muslim mob that is being permitted to spread itself unhindered around our country, under the protective hand of the Red/Green multiculti […]

Currently, the worldwide mainstream media are working their collective Attends in a knot because Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a top terrorist senior Hamas official, who wanted to buy arms from Iran nothing but to live in peace like all Palestinians if the Israelis would only let them, was killed in a luxury hotel in Dubai. (By the […]

The first political trial in The Netherlands’ postwar history got its start yesterday. PI readers in Cologne and Munich were on site in order to demonstrate with the PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid – Freedom Party) for the freedom of speech. Here is their report of an experience-filled day in Amsterdam.

Really great news with unforeseeable results has just come to us from our neighboring country, The Netherlands. The Cabinet of Jan Peter Balkenende has fallen apart there. The breakup came ultimately as an answer to the question whether the Dutch military should remain any longer in the central Afghanistan region of Uruzgan. The ministers of […]

The British pop star Elton John (photo), himself an avowed homosexual, remarks about Jesus: “I think that Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man that understood the problems of humanity. … Jesus wanted us to love and forgive” — even on the Cross. Aside from the adjective of impulse, there is nothing left to finish […]

The Austrian Ministry of Justice (photo: Justice Minister Claudia Bandion-Ortner), under the guise of terrorism prevention, is preparing a legal amendment that will bring the freedom of speech far closer to what it’s like in China. “Whoever publicly … incites … against a (note: long list of specific) group is punishable by up to two […]

Last year in Afgoye, Somalia… Those pictures have been taken by the photographer Farah Abdi Warsameh and were awarded the World Press Photo Award 2010 (2nd Prize in the General News category). The Swiss magazine Blick prints three of the four pictures and asks him about his “experience”. A group named “Hizb Al-Islam” invited him […]

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