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Archiv für den March, 2010:

In 2009, 386 politicians received threats according to the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office, in contrast to 424 in the previous year. The majority of threats were against PVV (Party for Freedom) leader Geert Wilders. Marianne Goet, press speaker for the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office in The Hague, stated that of the 386 threats received by […]

In the BILD column “Post from Wagner,” F.J. Wagner finds explicit words in his letter of today to the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that we do not want to hold back from our readers.

The individual Suras (Chapters) of the Quran are arranged, more or less, arbitrarily according to their length. The only exception is made by the first Sura, which is a solid component of Islamic prayer. In this ordering, there is no consideration taken for content or for the chronology of its “appearance”; but directly the latter […]

Hostility to Jews in Scandinavia is becoming ever more menacing with the swelling of the Muslim population there (PI reported). Only around 1,300 Norwegians are of Jewish faith (in contrast to 150,000 Muslims), however they are seen as the root of all evil, and therefore they are mortally threatened, as even the report on Deutschlandfunk […]

Susanne Winter (photo) has lost in the Court of Appeals (Articles about Winter’s case here) and was sentenced to a three-month probation term and a fine of 24,000 Euros. During the 2008 voting campaign, she stated that Muhammad would be considered a child molester by modern legal standards. Such a statement is considered as incitement. […]

The paedophilic zealots of the Prophet can breathe more easily now. Islam consitently resists modern trends and holds fast to the tradition of marrying little girls. Islamic clergy declared lately that a ban on child marriage is un-Islamic and an endorsement for apostates.

The English Defence League is constantly complaining of the left-wing “submarine attacks,” that infiltrate their demonstrations in order to direct Hitler salutes at the cameras so they can cause the EDL to be discredited. Now there is indisputable proof of this. A 20-year-old self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” was caught fresh in the act of the Nazi salute […]

Because he wouldn’t convert to the Peaceful Faith, a Christian in Islamabad was burned alive by followers of the Prophet’s religion. His wife who wanted to report the gruesome act was immediately raped by police officers. But that can’t have anything to do with Islam. There — so the quality journalists of die WELT teach […]

Geert Wilders’ new film with the gripping title “Rising Islam. Geert Wilders’ Warning to the West” to be presented May 1st in Los Angeles splits taz open in their Leser und Schreiber (Readers and Writers) section. Since there is nothing else with factual basis that can be pitted against Islam criticism, taz author Falk Madeja […]

The clash of civilizations, the collision between cultures, forecast by Samuel P. Huntington, has long since become an obvious fact in modern-day Europe, finding its clearest expression in the confrontation of Islam with the remnants of European Christianity. This collision not only is echoed in form of terrorist attacks but also in form of a […]

Many not especially positive replies have been received by Monschau Mayor Margareta Ritter (photo) after she declared Geert Wilders as an unwelcome person. The American journalist Diana West rightly determines that as long as Ritter occupies this office, Liberation wasn’t worth the effort. Of course the “crudeness” of his fans is suitable to the evil […]

One million Italians held a demonstration yesterday for their Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, according to Italian sources. Die Tagesschau originally also had this count, but now has changed it to 300,000, taking on the estimate from the left-wing opposition. Demonstrations for a power still in office are a great rarity of which left-oriented politicians especially […]

What shall I say then? That we’re about to become a socialist republic? In the following lines, I will ask a couple of questions that only lightly touch on this subject and answer them. I can’t cover the matters exhaustively because there wouldn’t be enough space to do so here. I will also attempt to […]

On May 18th, 1965 the Government of Syria executed Eli Cohen, despite protests from world leaders and Israel. He was never allowed a defense at his trial. He was brutally tortured during interrogation in defiance of International Humanitarian Law. His body was never returned to his family.

He is considered as the “Bin Laden of the Internet, his sermons accompanied the airplane hijackers of 9/11 as well as the Fort Hood homicidal maniac. And now, the US-born Anwar al-Awlaki (photo) has called for holy war against the USA in a recorded message. The erstwhile Imam who is supposedly hidden in Yemen encouraged […]

On late Thursday morning, a worker in the northern Negev was killed by a Kassam rocket from the Gaza strip. It was the third missile fired at Israel in the last 24 hours. The first Kassam rocket struck in the vicinity of Sderot on Wednesday evening. Two people suffered shock. Around 1 o’clock in the […]

Far away from support by caring human rights activists, little girls in Yemen are fighting a lonesome battle. For while child abuse by Catholic clerics, left-wingers and Greens brings a blush to their face, the same child abuse is legitimate if it falls within the atmosphere of the “prophet.”

In Great Britain it is usual to ask for the “Christian name” when dealing with individuals. What is meant by this “Christian Name” is simply and easily the first name (baptized name). “To be on Christian name terms,” is the normal expression for saying that one is on familiar (rather than formal) terms with the […]

After the Israeli ambassador in Spain, Rafael Shots, had already received hate letters against Israel from schoolchildren in Valencia (PI reported), even more such letters containing sayings and drawings hostile to Jews have come to him from Spanish first- and second-graders, this time from the public primary school, El Castell (photo) in Almoines. “The enclosed […]

Since January 20, 2010, the trial against the Dutch Islam critic and president of the “Party for Freedom,” Geert Wilders has been in prograss at the Amsterdam Court Building. The accusation against him is “sedition” because he dared to call Islam a dangerous and violent religion, compared the Quran with “Mein Kampf” and produced the […]

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