In Solingen in broad daylight, a defenseless 11-year-old girl was raped in her home by a “man with a dark tint” and heavily traumatized. The man gained entry to the house under false pretenses while the girl’s parents were still at work. A whole neighborhood is now in shock.

The Tagblatt reports:

The Eifelstrasse in Solingen-Merscheid is a quiet area. But after a girl only eleven years old was raped by an unknown man in her home and in broad daylight, this placid neighborhood with its single- and multiple-family dwellings is now in shock.
On Tuesday shortly before one o’clock, the man rang at the door of the family and was able to gain entry under false pretenses where the girl was totally alone. The mother was still at work, and after the 11-year-old had let the stranger into the apartment, the crime began: the violated the defenseless child. He fled without caring further for his victim. The frightened and badly traumatized little one, when her tormenter was finally gone, finally called her mother and was brought a little later with minor bodily injuries to the hospital. She is now being psychologically cared for round the clock.

(Contributor: Puseratze / Translation: Anders Denken)

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  1. I have an eleven years old granddaughter. I can hardly get over this horrible message. My heart is bleeding for this poor girl and her parents. What is most awful: this can happen to any family, as long, as we have these horrible "Southerners" in our countries. Who is going to end this ordeal in Europe?

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