One million Italians held a demonstration yesterday for their Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, according to Italian sources. Die Tagesschau originally also had this count, but now has changed it to 300,000, taking on the estimate from the left-wing opposition. Demonstrations for a power still in office are a great rarity of which left-oriented politicians especially can only dream. The press in Germany is reacting with according sourness against the power holders as well.

Der Spiegel recounted more precisely because there were still a “few tens of thousands” who allowed themselves to be compelled to demonstrate for the hated dictator. Totally accurate research might even result in showing that really there was not one person there, because the few that did show up were allowed to “demonstrate” by the ruling boss himself, and that he “carted them there together from all over Italy.” Left-wing journalists only know it like the way things normally are with their political friends in Cuba, Iran and North Korea. The following is from a quality report by SPIEGEL:

Ruling Boss Berlusconi: Answer to “Unjust Attacks”

Shortly before important local elections, Italy’s ruling boss Silvio Berlusconi wants to steer the mood in the land: Using busses and three special trains, his party had supporters brought to Rome — to a national rally for solidarity. Tens of thousands demonstrated for the embattled Premier.

Rome — The Italian ruling boss Silvio Berlusconi had his followers demonstrate for his government in the capital eight days before important local elections. Tens of thousands streamed into Piazza San Giovanni in Rome Saturday in order to strengthen the backing of conservative Berlusconi and his ruling party “People for Freedom” (PdL) with a national rally for solidarity.

“Love always overcomes envy and hate,” was the slogan that was presented at their demonstration. It implicates the Left of making a “hate-filled” pursuit of Berlusconi. The PdL organization announced that more than one million people had assembled in Rome, there wasn’t a subsequent independent estimate. The statements of various news agencies fluctuated: the word being anywhere from several tens of thousands to several hundred thousand.

The German Press of Quality has distanced itself from a hate-filled news coverage. There rules a certain resentment because more and more neighboring countries, Swiss, Dutch and Italians misunderstand democracy and express opinions that don’t appear in the German SPIEGEL, that now as before considers itself to be the leading medium for proper opinions in the world. In any case, it is profitable to make a more accurate recount according to the pictures on Italian television. Perhaps there were maybe a few hundred that Berlusconi “had demonstrate” for him.

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  1. Berlusconi is a anti-humanitarian reationary. His cause for the Nobel peace prize is a joke. His biased media is lying to you. The people who join this dangerous cult should be embarrased about themselves. They are potentally collaborating with a bunch of conspiracy theory cult-far-right reationary Mussolini nutters!

    Followers of his website are wasting their time with a self-deceiving gimmick.The criminal Berlusconi wants to disrupt unity and social harmony (witness the rapid increase in protests in Italy and you'll see what I mean) of a once lovely country such as Italy. Berlusconi hates to see Italy progress so he resorts to telling lies. The majority of Italians (with the exception of a minority of Philistines) have had enough of the deeply unpopular Berlusconi's lies and charades and have taken to the streets in protest at his contempt for democracy that is turning out to be an embarrassment to the European Union. Italy used to be a model of democracy in Italy, whereby if an Italian PM overstepped the mark, he would be defeated. That may happen again if the Italian people rise up; they have defeated him before and I have my full faith and trust in Italians doing this again in the name of social harmony and to be a respected member of the European Union.

    Admittedly, Italy is still a nice country that attracts many tourists from all over the EU and was once a great contributor to the arts and culture of this world, and had a great positive influence on the rest of European culture.But it is not as lovely as it used to be and is veering toward a tacky mass media, (from the renaisance to this!!)Thanks to the tacky corrupt criminal Berlusconi, industry has slumped 6.6 per cent with no recovery on the horizen. The productive forces of Italy have slumped at the expense of an unproductive media monopoly. Berlusconi's engagement in politics has been divisive and disrupted the development of Italy, making a mockery of the Italian renaissance (with its wonderful spread to the rest of Europe)mocking its arts and cultural traditions through media tackiness and Philistinism.

    There are sufficient facts to show that Berlusconi is nothing but a liar along with his media news.


  2. From the Renaissance to media tackiness: The criminal Berlusconi PM has only been successful in building a media empire based on tackiness because he puts a priority on business rather than promoting art and culture.
    And according to transparency International, Italy has been downgraded from free to only partly free. One million demonstrate for Berlusconi is a lie. The vidoe is doctored, (using modern techniques this is now possible), notice how it fades to black and white at 2:45 to hide discrepancies and make it look like there are up to a million supporting him.


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