This past Saturday afternoon, Berlin stood as a sign of complete solidarity with Geert Wilders and for the defense of free speech, without which it is impossible for a democracy — as a government of the people — to function. Some 150 participants arrived for the the rally put on by the Citizen Initiative Pax Europa (BPE) in collaboration with the Berlin PI group.

Among the guests were a found delegation form the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) and the English Defence League (EDL) who was on the road from England to Berlin for a good 17 hours because of the volcanic ash hovering over Europe and the resulting cancellation of flights.

Marc DollJoachim Swietlik headed up the main program as the current regional presiding officer for BPE Berlin. Marc Doll (photo left) and René Stadtkewitz made their appearance as the main speakers.

Both brought to mind the essence of democracy, which has no reason for existence without a free people, and how the politicians can claim just as little right for making decisions against to the will of the people, which happens over and over again in Germany and Brussels. Today, many international organizations like the UN Human Rights Council no longer stand true to their original principles and have distanced themselves from their true purposes. René StadtkewitzIt is even more important for citizens as sovereigns in a democracy to assume responsibility for their citizens’ rights and not allow tyranny to take over their homeland as dictated by a Left-Green way of thought or as a totalitarian threat by the belief system of Islam.

Stefan Herre, founder of PI, gave a short greeting and encouraged the PI readers and the guests who travelled from afar that everyone is needed for the mutual battle for the preservation of democracy and freedom of speech, and even those who didn’t stand in front of the Dutch embassy but followed the event on Livestream. He appealed to the Dutch to end the trial against Geert Wilders and instead vote him in as Prime Minister in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

byzanzA very emotional speech was held by byzanz from the Munich PI group who brought the Scholl sisters to remembrance and mentioned the last survivor of the Scholl Sisters Alliance “White Rose,” Susanne Zeller-Hirzel, who places the fanaticism of Islam on a level with that of National Socialism. He also drew the circle of greatness around Charlie Chaplin, who presented Adolf Hitler as a dangerous tyrant in his film “The Great Dictator” and met with hostility in the USA because the German population in the USA would be snubbed by this film. And just as it happened back then with the White Rose and Charlie Chaplin, even now the same is happening today with Islam critics. One makes the blanket accusation of “incitement” against all “peace-loving Muslims,” without dealing with the facts. In this fashion, a dangerous ideology is being protected and trivialized today just as happened back then.

“Aeneas” (photo left) spoke as a representative for the ICLA and the EDL, and stressed how important international collaboration ist among the groups that are championing the cause for freedom of citizens, human rights, equal rights and democracy — united we stand, divided we fall. No surrender! The British brought up the idea of holding a moment of silence for the fallen soldiers in Afghanistan, which was then held.

Besides German and Dutch flags, there were numerous Israeli flags to be seen at the place. The EDL delegation also had little Israeli flags in their baggage. Antagonists didn’t seem to lose their way to the place, except only two do-gooder women from the Netherlands who, armed with black and white “chocolate kisses,” tried their luck at persuading those present that head covering was true liberation for the woman, and that Geert Wilders was a racist.

No representatives from the German media were to be found; for this a TV team from the Dutch network VPRO came to the event and held numerous interviews with the participants. We will inform our readers about the report. A separate video documentary of the demonstration with excerpts from speeches, interviews, and much more will follow shortly.


You can see further pictures from Saturday’s event here.

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  1. 150 people???? are you pissed? theres only a few dosen! Maybe Germans dont want to try an exterminate European minorities anymore, what do you think?

  2. @ John Smith… Maybe you prefer that the so called minorities your heart bleeds so much for should exterminate us…
    That would be more politically correct right? Why not just give all the muslims the keys to our countries and have them marry and beat our daughters while we are at it… Wake up..!


    • Allah is the prince of the power of this air, and a created concept from Muhammad. And Jesus is the Son of God, otherwise Jesus was a liar (which we know isn't true) when He said "Before Abraham was, I am." And the Greek verb for 'I am' is in the linear tense, therefore implying "I have always been." And where He said, "I and the father, we are one." Since He used a pronoun with the verb, He was placing emphasis on His deity.

  4. This invective on all sides is a matter of great concern. We should not be insulting each other, but live in peace and harmony.

    This hostility, which will lead to a third world war, has its roots in making people of totally different cultures live together – it is an unmitigated disaster. Far better for everyone's safety and peace of mind, that Muslims live in Islamic countries, while Christians in Muslim countries are offered residence in the West. That way we can respect each other without the ever growing possibility of a general war or worse, a civil war.

  5. Sad that ofcourse 2 dutch woman had to go there and tell about geert beign a racist. So typical for dutch woman as they seem to love any muslim out there, no matter how evil he is, they will always love him more then a non muslim. I really wonder where that comes from, my guess is from years and years and years of political correctness in the Netherlands and our left wing media propaganda. You would have to see it to believe it.

    Im ashamed of my country and of many people living in the netherlands completely ignoring the islam Facists and they keep calling geert wilders a facist. It makes me sick that all media here and all government is like in all eurpean countries protecting this evil.

    And ofcourse the VARA had to go there, bah … Dont expect any good news from the VARAguys, they are liek all media in the Netherlands fierce anti geert wilders, anti israel and pro arabic / muslim and never any sounds of the opposition …. Sad but true 🙁

    A note from a dutch man left behind by his culture, country and goverment. I guess they prefer muslims over its original dutch culture.

    • That's happening all over Europe. England, Sweden, etc. Its already a serious problem and will only get worse if people don't wake up from the disease that is political correctness.

  6. Oh boy! A Sign for Democracy and Freedom?
    Seriously mate.
    Take a look at the top picture! EDL has as much to do with democracy as the EU, NSDAP or al-qaeda. It's mainly a group of undereducated hooligans.

    Also it seems EDL do have connections to the BNP. And as you (as Isreal supporters) certainly know, the BNP's leader Griffin is a Holocaust denier.

    Please explain to me, why in some articles and in many posts on this website, the BNP is regarded as a good thing or even being supported.

    I'm what you might consider a do-gooder but I wouldn't hesitate to shoot every member of the EDL, the BNP, al-qaede, Taleban and their leaders. The world would be a better pleace without them.

    • You need to read a little about the EDL. Their façade is a little rough, but their purpose is correct. If you would shoot any in the EDL, then you would be shooting those who are fighting for your freedom there in England. Or, do you think that a little stifling of expression should be made law? The think that keeps democracy alive is dissention. A fine example where dissention was suppressed was the former Soviet Union. I can think of a couple of dissenters who, if still alive, would tell you what suppression means. A good one is Solzhenitsyn. Read a little of his stuff, and you might rethink about the EDL. Read the Quran, and you will see that these are on the violent edge and want to overthrow all infidel lands. I believe I would take the rough side of the EDL over the murderous side of Islam any day.

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