The radical Islamic president of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (IZRS), Nicolas Abdullah Blancho (photo) is garnering more and more followers. The Muslim Community of Biel, comprising a school and eight mosques, has already decided to join the IZRS. This is the first time for an association of mosques to join the council which was founded in 2009 and wishes to replace Swiss law with Sharia. Of the Blancho followers, 60 percent are male, Swiss passport holders, and under 35 years old.

Around 60 percent of the members have a Swiss passport, and most of them come from immigrant families. Only right around 10 percent of the IZRS members are converts. Astonishing is the age of the members: around 80 percent are younger than 35.

Islamization has meanwhile also settled into the Swiss Army in which young men from the extremist target group of this age bracket are required to serve:

The Swiss Army newly regulates association with non-Christian defense personnel by use of bulletins. Besides the normal mealtime fare such as pork it regulates the prayer times as well. The Muslim in camouflage is supposed to bow to Mecca only once daily. …

In the meantime in certain recruiting schools around every tenth soldier that joins is a Muslim. The kitchen serves them alternative menus. Self-catering is also possible.

And along with the IZRS, with whom not only social help case workers, but also doctors, daycare workers, and teachers have long been members, the Milli Görüs Association has also stretched out their arms to Switzerland. They already run a mosque in the Thurgau Canton.

(Contributors: Kokosmakrönchen and die Realität / Translation: Anders Denken)

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  2. Allowing Muslims into the West will be seen as the biggest mistake the West has ever made.

    Throughout history, our ancestors sacrificed their lives in preventing Islamic invasions of Europe. Now through ignorance, or absentmindedness, this evil cult has been allowed in, and is allowed to flourish with state help.

    There was never any need for Muslims, except to take pity on them as they came in as refugees. But now they are becoming a threat to the inner peace of Europe. Therefore they must be shown the door. The good of all mankind, and the safety of Muslims, itself requires it.

  3. andersdenken wrote: DP111 please pass this website on to your friends.

    I'm doing so.

    I note though, that many issues that are of interest to all ( German, Swiss or Austrian matters) appear on the German site only, but not on the English site, even though they relate to the issue that we soon will not be allowed to mention (re: South Park – Mo). I feel that on the #1 issue, the two sites should run in parallel.

    May I suggest a couple of ideas for you to mull over

    1. The German and Englsh sites carry the same material, if they are related in any way to issue #1.

    2. Allow registration for comments on one site, to be applicable to comment on both sites. I think that most Germans are fairly profficient in English.

    Or an English comment on the German site can link to the a comment on the English site.

    I believe these two changes will immediately increase your readership and comments.

    I believe that Germany is the most important player in Europe and needs British and American support, for reasons that are apparant.

    Look forward to your thoughts.

    • I think IntenseDebate could support linking comments to articles like that. The comments are kept in their database and a blog page just puts up a link to the article. So it would need to be the same link on both versions.

      Another solution would be to call for more volunteers to help translate articles. This could work both ways. I'm sure there are articles in English and other languages that would interest German-speaking readers.

      Personally, I come hear to read about issues in Europe and its great that these articles are in English. I also visit a Swedish blog where the author translates his articles. I found a French site the other day but the articles are in French and auto-translators aren't very good.

      I'm yet to find an Italian blog, or others, but I'm sure they exist.

  4. Gary Rumain

    Thats good pointer on IntenseDebate. Type pad and Google, should also be used by PI. All three must be on both versions of PI, with what is already in place.

    Most people are quite lazy ( me as well). They will register with one, say Type pad, and then stick with it.

    Opera Browser is also useful, as it remembers the user name and password for the site one visits.

    • I find Type Pad to be a little slow. Of the three, only ID lets you make a reply directly to another post. And ID is the only one that uses AJAX to avoid reloading the entire page (a big plus for big pages that are sluggish to load). I'm always checking my ID profile to spot replies easily too. You can't do that with the others.

      The only problem with ID is that too many replies makes the width of the reply narrow too soon.

  5. Haloscan, Blogger, Yahoo, JS kit, are other common IDs one can use.

    Type pad, Blogger(Google), IntenseDebate, Haloscan, are the most common.

    • I agree with what you all are saying. However, I tend not to like google anything because they like to pass their info on to the govt. They are like the American eye on the internet. There have been articles on the Drudge report about these things.

      Having the English comments show up on both sides sounds interesting to me, but I will say that even though most Germans do study English from a fairly early time in school, my experience is that they are not fluent in it, and proficiency is many times lacking. Many Germans actually do not speak English.

      For me as far as translation goes, I try to catch things that need attention. They may be happening in Germany, but they are parallel to what is happening in other European countries. And the trend I have noticed is that the things that happened 10-15 years ago in Europe are now happening in the USA. Therefore, my translations, I hope, are preemptory warnings for English speakers on the west side of the ocean.

      Most important to me is anything that has to do with Israel, and tied with that is anything that deals with child abuse. There are so many articles that I would translate, if I had the time. It isn't a fast process, as you can see with the "Principle of Abrogation" article. Most frustrating is that things are happening so quickly, and I must also live my normal life outside of the translation box.

      In the next row of importance is articles debunking lies and the exposure of clandestine activities with the façade of goodness. Even of that appearance of goodness could be 1400 years old.

      All of this is tempered with my belief in the Bible that in the last days people will heap to themselves teachers that will make them feel good and lull them into a spiritual sleep. This is now happening all over the place, and so a lie stuffed in the shell of some truth will be the great deception for the people of the world.

      • Google's Blogger also makes you enter a CAPTCHA with every message – which I find annoying. You can't make inline replies with it either. And they don't automatically convert URLs. I've see plenty of people mess up the HTML code for a link. I also don't like their tiny input window but you can use Google Chrome to get around that.

        If you think the language barrier will be a problem, then it might be better to leave it for now.

        One of the reasons I came here and stayed was to keep tabs on what's happening in Europe. So I'm most interested in those articles. Honour killings and their other treatment of women, politics like Milli Gorus (I'd never heard of them until a month ago). This site has mostly original articles. I often find he same thing repeated on other sites so I like this site for that reason.

        If you are interested in Biblical prophesy, have a look at some of the articles here by Geoff Dickson. He'd written some in the past few months about the true meaning of 666, allah as satan, etc.

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