The Kurdish child bride that was sold in Berlin to the family of the “husband” (PI reported) has been returned by family court to her parents. Wow! If that doesn’t unleash any diplomatic entanglements! How can a German court dare to set itself over Kurdish traditions? The “husband” showed out in the courtroom. How dare the judges take away his property from him? After all, he had paid dearly for her! And whom could he now beat up?
(Photo: Murat, the raging “husband”)

BILD reports:

At 14, the Berlin schoolgirl Özlem* was sold under Kurdish-Islamic law for a marriage to the Murat* family – for 15,500 Euros.

Now, a year later, the sold bride is returning to her parents. And the family of her “husband” has brought a case before family court.
Özken left her “husband” a week ago: “He beat me with a belt while his family only look on.” Murat told the story in a completely different way: “In the beginning even, her father wanted us to give him 70,000 Euros for her – or I would have to break contact with her. Meanwhile, I think he wants to sell her again!”

When the judge decided yesterday that the purchased bride may remain with her parents, Murat went ballistic. He threatened the opposing family; his father Ahmed shouted: “I paid for her; I want my money back!”

Court officials led the men out of the room. Özlem rode with her parents and under police protection back home.

Apparently Murat and his family were not punished. There is no desire to overburden intercultural relations. And how does the pregnant “bride” stand when the police cruisers return home?

(Contributor: Volker L. / Translation: Anders Denken)

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  1. What absolute pieces of filth these scum are. Islam should be eradicated from the face of the earth along with all the other religions. They are all bollocks.

  2. No, not all religions are evil! Islâm is, but neither Judaism nor Christianity are! Also, how would you like it if somebody says that atheism is evil? [Given what's happened under secular totalitarianism, particularly Communism, I could EASILY say that atheism is the worst thing of all!!!]

    • Many more have been killed in the name of pislam than any other. And your analogy is a little flawed. They weren't killed in the name of atheism, unlike with pislam, but at the hands of evil men.

      • What of those killed under Communism or Nazism (or Fascism for that matter, though that was the least virulent of the three…)? Under Stáljin, the number of casualties of his GULags and execution squads has been estimated IN PEACETIME (in other words, aside from the war years of 1941-45) as between 20M and 30M!! The number under Mao Ze-dong's rule of Red China has been placed as high as over 60M (60 million!)…

        • Yes, while the numbers are high, pislam was responsible the deaths of over 80 million in India alone. In Africa, it was higher. I've seen claims of over 120 million. So that's over 200 million already. Then there's Europe, and other parts of the world. 300 million would be a reasonable estimate.

        • Neither communism, Nazi-ism or Fascism has actually anything to do with religion or non-religion. While most Nazis were religious, (~90% Catholic, 10% Mohammedan) and almost all religions want to rule the world – or at least control the leaders – atheists are willing to let everyone worship as they wish – as long as they shut up.
          You make the same mistake many religious fanatics make – because you are 100% certain that you have the answer to everything, you want to force everyone else to follow your ideology.
          In this you are no different to the islamic adherents.

    • Secular totalitarianism? No such thing, Totalitarianism is [almost] always based on a fundamentalist view of some kind, while secularism is merely splitting belief and government.
      Judaism is based on obedience and sacrifice.
      Islam is based on submission and sacrifice.
      Christianity is based on blood sacrifice and vicarious punishment.

      Atheist do not tend to burn people alive for disagreeing with them.
      While not all religious people are evil, most religions are.

  3. Well said Abelard

    Perhaps in is worth remembering that it is the Christian ethos and devout Christians, that have given rise to separation of church and state, the abolition of slavery, emancipation of women, compassion to prisoners of war, the Red Cross, charities, to name just a few. It was Christians and not Atheists who went out to offer help to lepers and others with contagious diseases, when no cures were available for such diseases. Atheists with their material beliefs just did not have the courage to face disease and painful death. Whether it was courage in the face of contagion or standing up to evil authoritarian rulers, it was devout Christians who spoke out and many were martyred as a consequence – Atheists were nowhere in sight. I don’t blame Atheists, as their materialism makes their own self-preservation paramount.

    It is the Christian ethos that gave rise to modern science and technology. It is not a coincidence that such developments took place only in a Christian Europe and not elsewhere. Even the secular state is a Christian invention.

    It is the Christian faith that inspired the great works of art, music and architecture.

    • The separation of Church and State actually started with Moses. Thus its a Jewish concept. Although I suspect they got it from the ancient Egyptians. You are essentially correct about the rest but other cultures (Indian, Chinese) also had great art and architecture.

    • Christianity didn't exist at the height of Greek culture. It did affect Roman culture to some degree but not as much as pislam did. The Dark Ages only started when pislam loomed its ugly head over the horizon.

  4. Returning a girl to people who fucking sold her?
    The judges involved should be dragged out into the street and shot.

          • No, she won't be.
            If she is, she cannot be sold again.
            I just wish the state had filed 2 new lawsuits – one against her own family for having sold her and one against her so-called husband's family for having bought her.
            Slavery and trafficking is outlawed, isn't it?
            Then why is the law not prosecuting those who self-admittedly bought and sold this girl?
            The State should act suo-moto on behalf of this unfortunate girl.

  5. The crimes committed by communists were not committed in the name of Atheism, but the ideology of Communism. Islam is more than just a religion, it is another totalitarian ideology, akin to Communism, and Nazism. Atheism, and all other religions except Islam, do not currently pose anywhere near as big a threat to world peace, and personal freedom.

  6. that goes beyond saying… but at least banning the dowry would stop the selling of women into marriage. it's a start. changing the culture will take decades, if not centuries.

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