Hamas unveiled a shocking animated video in which the fate of Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit who was kidnapped almost four years ago is portrayed. It is assumed that Shalit is still alive, but nobody knows under what conditions. Hamas does not adhere to the Geneva Convention and allows no access to their prisoners by the Red Cross.

The three-minute psycho-video is a threat: either Israel releases the desired Hamas prisoners, or Shalit will die, as is presented in the film. Hamas declares in victorious confidence:

“If you reject the current terms, you will nevertheless still need to release them (the Hamas prisoners), sooner or later, at a higher price.”

In the video, Gilad’s father Noam Shalit, photo of son in hand, is walking through lonely streets where posters of Netanyahu and Olmert can be seen. In the background are old recordings where Galad Shalit’s voice can be heard. There is supposed to be a prisoner exchange, but in the case of both of the soldiers who were kidnapped in Lebanon, war criminals ended up getting traded for dead bodies.

You can see the video here:

(Translation: Anders Denken)

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  1. Absolutely disgusting! If Shalit is still alive, he would be in very poor shape psychologically.

    I hope Israel doesn't repeat the same mistake as in 2008 or, at least, learns from it.

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