The conference by Bavaria Pax Europa and the Munich PI Group with Michael Mannheimer about “Eurabia — the Europe’s Capitulation to Islam” has also awakened interest by Bayerischer Rundfunk. After we as Islam critical citizens had gotten a hearing on the Bayern 2 Zündfunk radio show with our critical questions to Prof. Rohe, who portrayed the “citizens of Sendling” in his answer as “hobby-horse crusaders“, this time it was Bayern 5 with the “Intercultural Magazine” who visited our conference and did an extensive half-hour interview with Michael Mannheimer on-site.

The radio report of April 18th was announced on the B 5 Aktuell’s “Intercultural Magazine” Internet site as follows

Fanning fears — erecting enemy images — citizen movement goes mobile with anti-Islam initiatives

More and more citizen movements and Internet blogs are setting up a front against Islam. The website “Politically Incorrect” that was founded in Cologne is one of the largest political blogs in the German language on the Net. Moreover there are hundreds of smaller Islam-hostile blogs that have put up flags under such names as “Axis of Good,” “Celibate” or “Cross-Net” (German sites “Achse des Guten,” “Zölibat” and “Kreuznet”) that defend Christian and Jewish values against an alleged “Islamization that is creeping in.”

These websites are networked with such citizen movements as “Pax Europa” and “Pro Deutschland,” who are meanwhile being supported by local groups in almost every state in the country and are trying to make their way into local government councils. The group “Pro NRW” is also appearing in the regional election on May 9th. The North Rhine-Westphalian (NRW) Integration Commissioner Thomas Kufen (CDU) intends to throw some light on the right-wing populist Pro movement in NRW. Groups such as “Pro Köln” or “Pro NRW” stir up targeted prejudices against Islam and put comprehensive responsibility for social problems on foreigners, so Kufen criticized in the presentation of the investigation in Düsseldorf. Therefore a societal resistance is especially important.

So much for the radio announcement of the “Intercultural Magazine.” There is therefore no “societal resistance” demanded against the evil consequences of Islamization, but rather against the citizens that wish to inform about it. The bearer of the evil message is being attacked instead of paying attention to the contents of the message. This irrational principle is best known in history. And therefore nothing good can be expected in the article:

Beginning moderation:

Here again is the Intercultural Magazine. Islamists are rightfully indicated as enemies of democracy, even as right- or left-wing extremists. But how can agitators be signified, who cause a stir against Islam with a mistaken interpretation of the Quran and therefore attempt to cancel guaranteed religious freedom?

According to a new study by North Rhine-Westphalia the so-called Pro movements attempt to put a stop to the integration of Muslims, as well as the interreligious dialog in Germany. Therefore a strengthened vigilance is important. The Internet forums, the blogs that warn with pointed finger against a supposed and stealthy Islamization of Europe are numerous and outdo themselves in their allegations. They are networked with such movements as Pro-Deutschland or Pax Europa who also constantly hold meetings. R.B. reports:


Thursday evening 8 p.m.: around 200 people were assembled in the room of a Munich restaurant. While they order food and drink, they peruse with intrigue the prospects that are laid out on the long table. There is a map of Europe there on which the headline “Eurabia” can be seen in large letters, flanked by a black crescent and a woman in a black chador. It is the flyer for today’s meeting, a presentation of the journalist Michael Mannheimer. The topic: the Islamization of Europe. The citizen initiative Pax Europa, who has gained followers not only in Munich but in all of Germany, was also invited. What binds these all together is the fear of Islam that, in Pax Europa’s and speaker Michael Mannheimer’s opinion, is not a religion, but rather a political ideology

Original declaration by Michael Mannheimer:

“Europe is being threatened in its foundations of democracy and human rights, and indeed by an enemy that is meanwhile consuming Europe by the inside out. Europe needs to wake up and recognize this enemy.”

How this enemy appears, Michael Mannheimer explains in his almost three-hour presentation. Europe will be completely Islamized in the next 50 years by means of mission and demographic growth. For the West, that means a relapse back to the deepest Middle Age because Islam tramples human rights underfoot. For violence is even legitimized by the Quran. In it, there are around 200 passages that allow for the murder of infidels. For Stefan Wimmer, Religion scholar at the LMU (Ludwig Maximilian University) Munich who has spent much time with this phenomenon, such people are distorting the image of Islam by means of Suras of the Quran taken out of context.

Original declaration by Stefan Jakob Wimmer:

“Among the Muslims there is naturally the problem that there really are a lot of horrible distortions and things that can be assembled and then presented, and if everything else gets shut out and those things that the great majority of Muslims do in their religion get left out or distorted or turned upside down, then one naturally could argue with facts that appear real. That is a big problem. Apart of the fact that there are also problematic passages in the New Testament, massively antisemitic Jew-hating passages, that would be anti-constitutional, if they would be allowed to stand outside of their context.”

The followers of Islam-hostile movements and Internet forums present themselves as pro-Israeli, as for example the Internet blog Politically Incorrect, short name PI-News, which was started in Cologne in 2004, that with many millions of visitors is one of the largest political blogs in the German language on the Net. 30 to 70,000 people click every day onto the site. by means of its pro-Israel stance, the blog consciously distinguishes itself off the extreme right spectrum. And that seems to function, for even by the assessment of Constitutional Protection PI is not extreme right. Stefan Wimmer however holds the anti-Islam movement to be highly dangerous.

Original declaration by Stefan Jakob Wimmer:

“These currents are not only a problem for Muslims, most Muslims suffer under them because they are being accused of things that they absolutely do not advocate, rather they are a problem for our societal conscience, for all of us because their agitation effects the opposite of that which is intended: They don’t enlighten extremists, rather they achieve the opposite; they achieve a radicalization among Muslims. We must acknowledge that this really has to do with extremism.”

With such declarations, the scientist has made no friends with the Islam opponents. He has been labeled as “the Antichrist incarnate” in the PI-News Internet blog. Stefan Wimmer does not let himself get hoodwinked by such things.

Original declaration by Stefan Jakob Wimmer

“I have been brought up in Germany in such a way that things get talked about early enough, as long as it is possible, and, thank God, that is possible with us.”

So much for the B 5 Aktuell report. Journalistic balance is comprised in the fact that the main person in the report, the speaker Michael Mannheimer, is indeed granted an interview of 11 seconds. Stefan Jakob Wimmer in contrast, who wasn’t even at the event, receives one minute and 12 seconds of speaking time, that is seven times as much. Wimmer is best known as a down-player of Islam’s dangers who has long since asserted that there are many Bible passages that are far more evil than all of the corresponding Quran passages:

“…the well-known difficult Quran citations that are repeated in prayer-mill fashion in every work of agitation that get trampled over one after the other by the production of Bible citations that are just as well selective and taken out of context.”

Those who wonder how the Bible could be worse than the Quran can indeed courteously inquire at the professorship of the Catholic theological faculty of the LMU Munich. Also, why somebody like Stefan Jakob Wimmer has a teaching contract there:

Those who would like to inquire at radio station Bayern 5 how to understand a “mistaken” interpretation of the Quran, and what is to be “correctly” understood by the Allah’s direct word of Allah in command form, and also in face of the colorful life of the warlord Muhammad, can do so here:

And those who still do not have the impressive slide presentation “Eurabia — Europe’s Capitulation to Islam” by Michael Mannheimer on CD (a masterwork by this most courageous German journalist) can purchase it here for the price of 12 Euros including shipping:

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