Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey, who has caused a stir about herself in the past for such things as her favoritism to Palestinians (including Hamas), clear-cut hostility to Israel and close relations to Iran, has been recalled for these very reasons by the Commission of the Federal Assembly for Foreign Policies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to overhaul a one-sided Middle East report against Israel.

The parties involved are the Commission of the Federal Assembly for Foreign Policies (APK) and the Federal Departments of Foreign Affairs (EDA) regarding relations with Israel (see excerpt). One can read of “good relations” between both countries in this excerpt, although Calmy-Rey admits that no political dialog has taken place between Bern and Jerusalem since January 2008. The EDA passes responsibility for the “differing opinions” off to the Jewish State: Bilateral collaboration is being complicated because of the fact “that Israel is not adhering to the rights of the people,” so it says in the confidentially declared paper.

APK politicians, among them CVP (Christian Democratic People’s Party) National Assembly member Reto Wehrli (45, SZ) complained that Israel was being “unilaterally criticized” by Calmy-Rey: “I stand behind the goal of the EDA, that is, the consistent defense of human rights. However, the practice lately is apparently one-sided.” SP (Social Democratic Party) foreign affairs politician Mario Fehr (51, ZH) seconds: “The role of everyone participating in the conflict needs to be critically scrutinized.” Only then can Switzerland once again appear to the Middle East as a fair broker and play a role in the peace process.

Even though the bilateral paper also addresses Switzerland’s relationship with totalitarian countries like Iran, Syria or the Gulf states, the accusation by the SP Assembly member of offenses against peoples’ rights is directed exclusively at Israel. That the regime in Tehran beats down demonstrators is not presented by Calmy-Rey as a burden for bilateral relations.

Calmy-Rey was not personally present at the meeting of the Commission for Foreign Policies, but was spending time abroad, being ever anxious of pleasing the Islamic lords.

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    • The shocking rise in rapes committed by immigrants has been hushed up by the MSM. If these rapes had been committed by white Christians, we never would have heard the end of it. Feminists would have been screaming from the rooftops. And quite rightly too.

      But these were immigrants. And not any old immigrants either, but Muslim immigrants, the very chosen of allah. Infidel females are given to the chosen of allah by divine right of allah. And if they dont get them, they are quite likely to slit throats or bomb the train station.

      So the Feminists are struck dumb with fear. The politicians are paralysed by fear. And the journalists are petrified by FEAR.

      FEAR is the key. The fear of not being liberal. The fear of not being PC. And above all, the fear of being beheaded.

      Our society is now like a dead man walking. Unless this fear is confronted, we are as good as dead.

    • Yes. See the article from about a month ago:
      —In German, one I didn't translate (I wish I had the time to do all of them) is this one:
      The short of it is that a Rapper named Ismail E. fell upon a 13-year-old girl and brutally raped her.
      —And another:
      —And another:… in German. I didn't get going with translation until sometime in February. The short: an 18-yr-old girl was raped at knifepoint.

      • Yes, its just as I suspected. The same thing happens all over the West where there are arselifters. Here in Australia we had Bilal Skaf and his gang. Several women were raped by a large number of arselifters. The leaders of the gang got hefty sentences, thanks to a wise magistrate, but some got away.

        There are plenty of other reports too. Taxi drivers figure in some of them. I note there's a similar report here.

  1. I couldn't have put that better myself. What's needed now is a change of government. No more of these liberal and leftard clowns. More of the kind like Geert Wilders.

    Impose laws that restrict arselifters and get tough on their crime. Don't give them any social benefits, no jobs in government departments, no jobs in the public sector (driving taxis, etc.), impose a jizya tax on them, make them second class citizens with no rights, make them wear identifying clothes (not burkas though), and arrest all imams for preaching terrorism (they quote the koran in their sermons, and its full of terrorist suras).

    Basically, do everything to them that they do to dhimmis.

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