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Archiv für den May, 2010:

Ulla Jelpke (58), consecutively hairdresser, office hand, book dealer, prison warden and member of the German Bundestag for The Left party, an activity that left her finally with enough spare time to acquire degrees in sociology and commerce (that’s she on the left together with the rest of her blog’s sidebar), thinks that human rights […]

Since he brutally killed a 78-year-old woman during a battle for a parking space (PI reported), a 23-year-old Arabian will now be incarcerated for one year and ten months. His attorney thinks this is too long and will appeal. After all, the gruesome crime was only part of the Battle against the Right™. “Hostility to […]

Israel is being considered once again as the driving force in the conspiracy of evil. Thus the “researchers” of Guardian have wanted to discover that the true evil nuclear power is Israel (not necessarily Iran), and that the Israeli government – that Israel haters like to compare to the South African Apartheid regime – did […]

Starting yesterday, BILD is doing a series in which it follows the fortune of an abortion mother. Excerpt: “Surrounded by happy pregnant ladies, Jessica (28) awaits an appointment that will terminate the life of her unborn child. She waits and hopes. Hopes that someone will come storming in and tear her away, to give her […]

Rain was in the forecast Sunday morning when I was packing basic equipment for participating in the Salute to Israel Parade 2010. However, the preparations went on undiverted downtown; the city had been decorated for the event, and the police were present in order to make finishing preparations for the parade’s security. (Current Picture Report […]

The two little daughters of a German family kidnapped in Yemen 11 months ago, were rescued by Saudi forces on Monday in the border region between Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Details of the operations have not been revealed. There are conflicting reports about the operation, but officials said no shots had been fired. It will […]

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière [d? m??zi?????] and a member of the Islam Conference, Hamideh Mohagheghi, meet the press after talks in Berlin on May 17, 2010. (By the Editrix)

The newly awakened interest of the Muslims in Jerusalem and it’s “removed mosque” is now to be blamed on the fact that orthodox Jews have spoken of their plans to erect a new Jewish sanctuary in the place of the second temple destroyed in the Jewish-Roman war in 70 AD — and such blasphemy this […]

The joy was great, the mood was at unbelievable heights, the euphoria was not to be stopped, when on November 4, 2008, the first black President of the United States was elected. More than one million people freely celebrated at the announcement of the results in his hometown Chicago. (From US_Budi)

The “Bin Laden of the Internet,” Anwar al Aulaqi (photo), has called for all Muslims in the US Armed Forces to murder their comrades who are on their way to Iraq or Afghanistan. In a video that was published on the specialized SITE coming from the observation of Islamic Internet sites, Aulaqi again mentioned the […]

Around 30 fundamentalist Islamic Palestinians came upon a UN Refugee Aid Group’s children’s summer camp the other night in Gaza, and ignited the tents because the camp was too “Western.” The one who wishes to become a genuine Palestinian must only attend training camps for killers to annihilate the Jews in the “battle for independence” […]

A lie has to be repeated only often enough, then it becomes truth. Therefore, researchers are warning again of an extremely hot century with thousands of fatalities. And while we still had freezing temperatures and furnaces running and look in wonder out our windows, the supposed dead from the heat wave of 2003 are being […]

In spite of the Rescue Umbrella and EU disaster, this day has been successful in bringing to light the real reason for the early failure of the exploratory dialogs between Red/Green and the SED-Left Party (SED = Socialist Unity Party of the former GDR) in Northrhein-Westphalia, and this could truly be the warning sign for […]

The EU intends to send delegates on a so-called peace mission to Israel. However, that which is being conducted under the mantle of peace has from the beginning been a planed propaganda mission to make Israel look bad. The Italian Minister Gabriele Albertini, who left the delegation because of the one-sided hostility against Israel, disclosed […]

The history of time can sometimes create great intrigue. This is especially the case when leading, responsible politicians see themselves as being forced to act too quickly under the stress of events, and not being allowed to take time to consider all the determining factors in a situation. (By Ivan Denes)

Hamburg — again. Onur K. (17) and Berhan I (17), who killed roof-worker Thomas M. (photo) for 20 cents (PI reported), are free. The ash cloud over Iceland is to blame because the one judge sat stranded in Spain and was unable to make the important deadlines. It’s not enough that one who was hardly […]

Because of the “blasphemous activity” of Muhammad drawing contests, Pakistan has forbidden access to “Facebook”. In large parts of Pakistan, Facebook was no longer accessible after noontime, even though only the pages with the “blasphemous activity” were supposed to be blocked out.

Followers of the so-called “Religion of Peace” that nobody wants to consider racist are planning an attack on the World Cup Soccer Championship in South Africa. The plans, which are primarily targeted at athletes and spectators from Denmark and the Netherlands, were revealed just lately. They are to be murdered in their home countries in […]

While the bodies were still lying on the side of the street, and politicians were considering harsher penalties, juvenile judges are in all seriousness calling for music therapy after the reading of the sentence that, in the view of the “experts,” doesn’t completely prevent such actions.

16-year-old schoolgirl Svera, of Pakistani immigrant background was murdered with an axe by her own father (PI reported) and had been abused by him beforehand. However the girl suffered not only because of the father. Her mother hated 18-year-old Louis (photo) because her daughter’s friend was a Christian. As punishment, she locked Svera in the […]

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