A lot of our readers participated in our little drawing competition and show us in their artistic works of high quality how they imagine the prophet of Islam. The best, most impressive and most accurate drawings we’d like to present you here. One of the most beautiful examples you see above (in full size here): “Pippi Longbeard” by Jacques de Molay. The “youngest bride of the world” Pippilotta-Aisha-Fatima-Raida Longbeard and her groom Mohammed.

Next to classical cartoons and hand-painted drawings our readers sent us computer creations and “sculptures”. Among them as well some very impressing hints, not only exposing Mohammeds sexual impression for young girls, but also his imperial ambitions as conquerer and imperator of the world, without any respect for collateral damage. As an example you see on the left the drawing of magnetkopp.

Other drawings like “Allahu Akbar” by CHL, combine the classical Kurt Westergaard-topic on a pig’s body, alike the dog-toon by Lars Vilks. Here you can see symbolized by the paws on the quran, how difficult it must have been for Mohammed as an an-alphabet to write his “holy book”.

The modern adaption by K.O.Jones (l.) shows the prophet in an attitude which reminds a bit to modern science-ficiton movies à la “Star Wars”. On the other hand it’s a classical topic. Already Dante Alligheri saw Mohammed in the inferno. Contrasting Jesus who is risen from the death, the prophet is “risen from hell”.

In a similar direction points the collage “Blood C* Honour” by Christian:

Next to the classical Mohammed attributes “blood, child-wifes, quran” some PI-artists worked on contemporary issues. Gamling for example, faced the problem of integration of Islam in Europe:

“In lock-step march” by Alster copes with the leftist-green political dhimmitude situation in Germany:

And here you can see why Mohammed wasn’t able to write in the drawing by Darek – Moh went to Rütli school well known for multicultutral enrichment in Germany:

Not the real Mohammed, but three imitating Mohammed, sent us Israel_Hands as a symbol for the thousands of jihadists, following the image of their prophet with “blood and honour”.

Unfortunately we can’t show all creations one by one here. Nevertheless, a picture gallery of the most beautiful drawings can be found here online.


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