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The UN Human Rights Council, which is dominated by Muslim countries, will see to it in the future that the media extensively circulate the subject of Islam as a religion of peace. Islam can in no way be presented negatively. As if a resolution were necessary for that!

Parties hostile to and critical of Israel, namely the CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP and Greens, intend to pass a resolution that would call for Israel to permit the arming of Hamas via the sea route. That would amount to suicide for Israel.

Just as Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne have already done, June 17th at 5 p.m. at the Leipzig Augustusplatz, citizens in Leipzig also demonstrate their solidarity with Israel. It seems to be especially necessary there. At an anti-Semitic procession by the Left-party/SED on June 2nd, citizens who professed support of Israel were physically thrown out of […]

On June 12th, a bomb attack was carried out (PI reported) at a demonstration against the German government’s austerity package. After analysis of the video — especially in slow motion — there is the suspicion that the alleged attacker in the video published by PI is recognizable. Somewhat after the 42nd second, a young woman […]

I did a search for the term “sociopath” and just intended a brief lookup but got sidetracked because the frightening accord of the diagnosis of this specific mental condition with what the non-Muslim world suffers on a daily basis from Muslims worldwide. (By the Editrix)

On Thursday, June 3, two days after the Swedish writer Henning Mankell, who is not JUST hugely popular for his antisemitic anti-Zionist commitment in Germany, was released from his ordeal to which the Israelis had submitted him. (By the Editrix)

Parents of Muslim youth who have problems with their kids send them back to their home countries. There they are recruited by the Taliban (Quran schools) for the Religion of Peace™ in order to battle for them against the West. The warriors of God not only recruit university students for this purpose, but also junkies.

Necla Kelek has been busy for a half year with a secret study in the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) regarding the disposition of young Muslims toward violence. She is amazed at the conclusion of the Islam associations, after all, the infidels are to blame because they don’t train imams. Imams that have travelled from Turkey […]

The following isolated incident that played out on Saturday at the Vienna Stadium Pool brings the following example of daily cultural enrichment in a profoundly drastic way before our eyes. Families fled when around 200 immigrants let loose on each other with knives and crutches. The incident, as the Krone (newspaper) states, had something to […]

Those who would wish to contribute something to the Islam Death Cult are to have a strong constitution against anything that might be gory. Theological knowledge is not enough for droning out the hate slogans from the Quran. All that aside, in a casting show for the future “Super Imam” in Malaysia, the candidates (photo) […]

Not only is there a ban of flags for certain occupational groups in Germany during the World Cup Championship, but also in well enriched Great Britain. According to a report from the Daily Mail, in Manchester more than 1,200 employees of a housing construction company have been prohibited from decorating their automobiles with English flags […]

Not only are the “German people” to be abolished in NRW (Northrhine-Westphalia), but in the World Cup soccer championship, police officers in NRW are now forbidden to wave German flags! In Saxony-Anhalt, however, they are allowed. Let’s look at the reasoning here. Who, indeed, could feel provoked by the display of German flags in NRW?

The the freshly elected representative for the Greens to the Northrhein-Westphalia (NRW) State Assembly, Arif Ünal (photo) let the cat out of the bag right at the beginning of the constitutional session of the newly elected assembly. Ünal, who has lived 30 years in Germany, would like that in the future instead of “for the […]

A ruling that nobody would ever dream of in left-wing loving Germany has now become reality in Hungary (photo: Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán): The denial of crimes by the Communist regime will now be penalized just the same as denying the Holocaust is. According to the ruling, whoever “denies, casts doubt upon, or minimizes […]

After the 9 PM forecast in the heavily anticipated elections in the Netherlands, the Right Liberals (VVD) around Mark Rutte and the Social Democrats (PvdA) are on an even par at 31 seats, followed by Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) with 23 seats. The party of the Prime Minister up till now, Jan Peter […]

This is Gaza harbour. BEFORE it was demolished during Operation Cast Lead, mind you. (Click here for a better view.) And now tell me that this fishing dump would have been able to harbour the “aid” flotilla including a vessel like the Mavi Marmara. The “peace activists” knew that full well. The entire thing was […]

In an area of Stockholm that has a high concentration of immigrants, as even the press openly admits, a school has been burned to the ground. The fire fighters were prevented from extinguishing the fire by youth throwing rocks. The matter deals with a school for the development of gifted students. Evil mouths would say […]

Below the header Actually, Israel wasn’t tough enough Peter Hitchens writes in his Mail on Sunday blog. “I view Israel’s assault on the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara as a textbook example of incompetence. These people are not as brilliant as they like to claim.” (By the Editrix)

A vigil for Geert Wilders took place on June 6, 2010 in front of the Dutch embassy in Central Berlin. The Berlin PI Group had as their intent the showing of solidarity with Wilders before tomorrow’s parliamentary vote in the Netherlands. Two large orange candles were lit on the Klosterstrasse and flyers were handed out […]

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