This statement is on the wall in the Göteborg suburb Hisingen. It is not randomly painted there, rather it is part of a program. In this video, young Muslims say that the police “should not play Allah.” In their neighborhoods, state authority holds no way. Muslims are the ones who decide. The consequence: violence, vandalism, burning automobiles, attacks against police, firemen and paramedics.

This TV report from Swedish television was broadcast back last spring. But the conditions described therein are good examples of the developments in all of Europe, so much that it is important to view this film yet again with German subtitles:

The blog “Zölibat & mehr” (celibate and more) took the subject up at the end of September last year and reported about an Enricher, that shot at police and paramedics. In this case with even 50 bullets:

We waited a few days because we had to know whether German “Media of Quality” would report to you according to truth about the horrible political events in Europe. Now? You can forget it! Since mid-August 2009, Palestinians in our neighboring country have been shooting constantly at police officers, with heavy ammunition. In one case, they fired right at 50 times on paramedics and police. For German media, this wasn’t newsworthy. It is indeed “just” police on which a population group disinclined toward integration out of simple hate. The reversed racism of the immigrant citizens is considered normal by our “Media of Quality.” Kim Thyssen is one of the police officers at whom the Palestinians shot in the Palestinian neighborhood Vollsmose in the Danish city Odense in the past few days. It doesn’t surprise him that politically correct media don’t report about it. The Danish Palestinian residential area Vollsmose meanwhile has indeed become a No-Go Area for non-Muslims in Europe.

Denmark, in this respect, is no isolated case:

It is not just in Odense of Denmark, however, that civil warlike conditions are the rule, rather also in Brussels, in the Parisian suburbs, in Belfast, Birmingham, Göteborg, Uppsala, Malmö and in other large European cities. In Göteborg, for example, the vehicles of the police, the fire department and the paramedics are being hit more often by mostly Muslim immigrants with rocks of plaster during their service calls in order to hinder their work. Violence against police, paramedics and firefighters, vandalism, burning automobiles and burning trash containers have meanwhile become commonplace in Hising, a suburb of Göteborg. The crimes are carried out by Muslim immigrants. The youth have sprayed warning against the police on the wall. It says: “Whoever kills a police officer enters Paradise.” More and more often, police, firefighters and paramedics end up in life-threatening situations.

Now, this message has arrived in the Muslim neighborhoods of Europe. Only last week in France, in the cities Paris, Grenoble and Auxerre police were shot at, so that President Sarkozy had to react. He would like to withdraw citizenship immediately for the use of violence against police (PI reported).

The CIA chief’s predicted civil war for 2020 in Europe’s cities becomes evermore evident:

Falling values, Islamization, mass unemployment and the absence of the desire to assimilate by some immigrants that would themselves battle against “legally free ethnically far reaching homogeneous places” with violent weapons as against other German problems would, according to this study, be unleashed in a civil war.

There doesn’t remain much time for us to put a stop to it…

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