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Archiv für den September, 2010:

The Citizens’ Initiative Pax Europa is putting on a protest on October 3rd in Berlin under the title “For Democracy and Human Rights — Against Freedom-Hating Ideologies.” Alexanderplatz is apparently flooded and is being blocked off by the police. The new location for the protest is at the Potsdamer Platz.

The case that has been already covered us regarding the Austrian Islam critic Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (we reported here and here), against whom charges of “sedition” and “vilification of religion” have been produced, is taking on more and more absurd forms.

The head of the most powerful political party in the Netherlands according to the newest surveys, Geert Wilders (Photo with René Stadtkewitz), has confirmed with the Dutch press that he will visit Berlin on the occasion of the founding of the German “Freedom” party on October 2nd.

On the international “Draw Mohammed Day,” May 20th, people worldwide drew pictures of the false prophet Muhammad in order to put up a sign against the subjugation of the Western enlightened world under the Stone Age laws of Islamic terror. Many PI readers also took part in the protest action. On advisement from the authorities, […]

We dedicate a report tonight to Swiss Federal Councilman Hans-Rudolf Merz (photo) — not to be confused with the German politician Friedrich Merz — who during a plenary session broke out in laughter during the reading of extremely dry material and with which the whole Swiss parliament joined in. We, too, have to have a […]

It used to be said, “there’s a policeman in every German.” However, nowadays it could be better said, “there’s a thought police…” Spurred on by hysterical campaigns “against the Right,” some contemporaries feel prompted to show their unusual courage in a non-dangerous way. Especially popular is the desire to determine what others are allowed to […]

During the public reading on September 9th by Thilo Sarrazin in the Nikolais Hall in Postdam (PI reported), the announcement from the agency for his voluntary resignation from the Bundesbank board hit like a bomb. Everyone is asking himself, why is he doing that, even though his call for resignation was against the law? In […]

The SPD has no greater worry than that of Sarrazin’s expulsion. Why didn’t they do so in 1982, for example, in the case of Hessian Minister President Holger Börner (SPD)? He said, in fact, “As long as I have something to say in Hesse, not one Turk more will come into the country. Because the […]

In Germany, an enormous witchhunt is taking place that Henry M. Broder justly calls “the first witchhunt since the 17th century.” It is now even more important to stand behind Sarrazin and support him. A single individual did this at the book launch in front of the House of the National Press Conference in Berlin.

The explosion in a Copenhagen hotel (PI reported) was presumably an accident in the preparation for a bomb attack. According to evidence secured up to this point, the true target of the terror attack was supposed to be the Jyllands Posten newspaper that at one time had ordered the Muhammad caricatures. Thereby, the unidentified individuals […]

“What’s going on with the Kölner Stadtanzeiger,” our reader Mister Maso asked us rather excitedly in reference to a notable article in fact. OK, now that the cat is out of the bag, we won’t stay silent any longer, but don’t tell anyone: PI has received so many donations that we didn’t know what to […]

“The world is upset over Pastor Jones.” Such was the tenor in one way or another by certain reports in the past few day. What began as provocation by a single fanatic quickly became a world-class affair, so it appears. In any case, it’s worth taking a closer look at the development of these things. […]

Since the appearance of Sarrazin’s book, the question of a general handling of guest workers living in Germany and other foreign citizens from non-EU countries (Bureau German: “immigrants”) is being discussed vigorously in many forums. For many citizens, the price that the Germans have had to pay for the multi-culturalism that has been imposed on […]

The Berlin ARD station “rbb” was the first to interview René Stadtkewitz after his ejection from the CDU Fraction in the Berlin House of Representatives. PI played the mouse and now has the interview “in the box.” For nobody can tell what has become of a publically legitimate interview after it leaves the splicing room. […]

Because the Welfare Turk drove his 80,000 Euro expensive BMW into the Main River, the two girls in the back seat had to die. The criminal showed no remorse before the court and complained of a “psychosomatic abscess” in his rear end. Head cloth mama and cousin accompanied the unavoidable talent.

The member of the Berlin House of Representatives, René Stadtkewitz, was expelled from the CDU fraction, as expected. The expulsion procedure was introduced after Stadtkewitz stood firm on inviting Geert Wilders to come to Berlin. In the voting, 27 of the 34 CDU representatives voted for the expulsion. The CDU is doing as the “people’s” […]

I experienced a special event in the exertion of left-wing ideological influcence over public opinion in Berlin last Saturday. In the late afternoon at the Thalia bookseller in Spandau Arkaden, I was a witness as to how a bookseller stridently talked a female customer out of buying the Sarrazin book. (By Sabine F. / Translation: […]

With hardly any other subject in the history of Germany has such a great rift of opinion opened up between the people and its political leadership. And so, the Munich PI group set up a video camera in the way last Saturday in order to snap up the mood on the street.

Commandment 1 – 10: “Thou Shalt Not Hurt Muslims” … and specifically not with the truth. (By the Editrix)

On the ORF 2 talk show “Club 2,” the subject of Sarrazin was raised here yesterday. Udo Ulfkotte clearly and precisely answered the question regarding the solution to the problems that all of Europe is having with Muslim immigrants, “My suggestion is, and I’ll say it directly, instead of integration commissioners — since integration brings […]

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