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Archiv für den October, 2010:

On October 31st, friends of Israel from all religions and more than 70 organizations will meet in Frankfurt. More than 600 participants; almost 50 exhibitors; the secretary general of the Kadima Party, Yohanan Plesner; the president of the Central Council of Jews, Charlotte Knobloch as a sponsor, the head of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Group, Jerzy […]

Common Project of: Politically Incorrect, Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes Blog, EuropeNews

Things got hot around here this week, of all places within the mediascape there was again discussion and defamation. “Hart aber Fair (Hard but Fair)” stood out because here round of fresh and hitherto unused faces were found together, while in other places the usual suspects whose opinions and viewpoints were already too well known […]

The English team Tottenham Hotspur, also called the “Yid Army,” traditionally has many Jewish fans. These are apparently unwelcome in Milan. The Italian police announced that flags with the Star of David will be confiscated at the Champion League Game at the Inter Milan if fans happen to bring any into the stadium. Inter Milan […]

In Vienna, I discovered a few days ago a poster from the Greens with which electioneering was being carried out in an unfair way. In the foreground, the Green candidate, Maria Vassilakou is seen as well as the slogan “Without compromise against direct incitement.” There is nothing within the slogan itself that should cause debate, […]

In a notworthy FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) article, Regina Mönch points out among other things the duration of the the current hostility to Germans in Germany. It has long since beein the practice that upon any attack of a German on a foreigner, this society – justifiably (!) – would run to the next solidarity […]

So that Turkish children can perhaps learn German better, German children within Germany now have to listen to stories in Turkish. After all, they need to get a feel for the language. How else will they come to understand the Turkish children? And so that Islam doesn’t get short shrift, the little infidels can also […]

In response to the statements by Federal President Christian Wullf that Islam belongs to Germany (PI reported), the newspaper Weltwoche put the Swiss politicians to the test to see how they feel about Islam.

Integration – but how?” – So read the title of the lecture and discussion meeting, to which the South Bergstrasse Volkshochschule (Adult Ed) and the Sparkasse (Bank) in Wiesloch extended an invitation for last Wednesday. In the face of the festival of empty phrases put on by Islamophiles and Do-Gooders, a few members of the […]

Udo Ulfkotte is one of the most renowned, long-term and controversial critics of uncontrolled mass immigration, especially that coming from the Islamic culture group that we have in the German speaking region. Of the things coming from “problem areas” to which pediatricians attest, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte makes a candid point.

The Left and Greens feel that raising the welfare distribution five Euros is not enough. Those who work and pay taxes should do more for those that don’t do anything. Therefore, for us, the issue is not concerning those who want to but aren’t allowed to or can’t, who perhaps have paid into it their […]

On the October 6, 2010 Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio) show “Kontrovers (Controversy)” under the title of “We are the good ones – no tolerance for dissident thinkers,” representatives of politically incorrect views appeared to speak in a public and legitimate medium. In the report, the arrogant moralism of our dear do-gooders / “do-better” friends was […]

The American “intellectual” Norman G. Finkelstein, whose family survived the Holocaust is a favorite Jew of example and guest among modern antizionists and classical anti-Semites who refer to his books. The substance of his self-hating consipiracy theories move the current Gaza policy as well as the tragedy of the Holocaust into the fabled realm of […]

October 10th 2010 will go down in history as the day of close to absolute synchronization between Germany and Israel: never before have Israel and Germany been so synchronized in the headlines dominating the media on such similar issues. Both countries are in a high season of identity politics. (By Melody Sucharewicz)

More or less unnoticed by the local press here, the “Madman from Teheran,” Iran’s president Ahmadinejad, amid a much celebrated state visit in Lebanon, has called once again for the “Liberation of Palestine.” In Israel, this causes some in the light of this clear threat to end up in the tracks of the Graf of […]

A Swiss individual believes that his Muslim pupils are offended when the Swiss pupils war a cross on their T-shirt, that is the Swiss Cross. An English airline has forbidden its employees from wearing necklaces with the form of a cross in order not to irritate Muslim customers, but Indian employees are still allowed to […]

A Call to Mobilize the American Blogosphere in Support of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff: We, the undersigned — consisting of four European blogs, one Canadian blog, and one American blog — have written this post jointly as a public call for our American colleagues to take up the cause of the Austrian feminist and anti-jihad activist Elisabeth […]

Gates of Vienna reported on October 20th that our Austrian correspondent Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been given a court date (November 23) for her trial on “hate speech” charges. Regular readers are aware that Elisabeth has been charged for speaking the simple truth about Islam; for full details, see the list of previous articles at the […]

On October 13, 1977, 33 years ago, flight LH 181, the Lufthansa Boeing 737-200 “Landshut” with 91 people on board, several children and five crew members among them, was hijacked by Palestinian Arab terrorists on a trip Palma de Mallorca to Frankfurt/Main, an event that marked a new level of terrorist brutality and government response […]

For separating from her boyfriend, Gülay K. (34) almost paid with her life. Resul A. (33) stabbed the woman nearly in open streets in Berlin-Neukölln. Of course, the act is as little to do with Islam or Turkey as the 44 daily (!) cases of household violence – with much a higher number of unrecorded […]

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