October 2, 2010 will possibly be noted in the history books as the starting shot of a people’s movement, the day that Europe’s most courageous politician held a speech in Germany in which he relentlessly spoke the truth about Islam, and in which he drove home the absurdity of the Wulffs and Merkels of this country.

For the people have had enough, just as the latest surveys regarding the speech of the federal president have shown, enough of hearing one fable after the other from an unrealistic and detached political “Elite” about a “peaceful religion” that, in truth, is a brutal ideology of power and for 1400 years has threatened the civilized world.

Geert Wilders was invited by René Stadtkewitz, his party “Freedom” and by PI to come to Berlin, and he came gladly. For his vision is the formation of an “International Freedom Alliance” in which the new peoples’ movements of Europe can join together. In Berlin, the igniting sparks could be sensed flying from the podium into the audience. Geert Wilders captured the spirit of the current time with his calm, calculated, personable and clear way of speaking as to why the European people need to stand together to fight against this fundamental threat to their civilization.

Stadtkewitz is of a similar caliber as Wilders. He also addressed the facts in a poignant way. Here is the full length video documentary (with English subtitles) of a day that the 500 or so participants will certainly not forget too quickly.

(Text & Camera: Michael Stürzenberger / Video Editing: Gates of Vienna with Vlad Tepes / Photos: Roland Heinrich / Translation: Anders Denken)

Speech from René Stadtkewitz on (©WW):

Rede von Geert Wilders auf (©WW):

Film of the event in the Hotel Berlin by Wolfgang Wenzel:

Greeting from Oskar Freysinger (Swiss Peoples Party):

» Wilders speech on Youtube in Geman (9 parts)

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  1. Your English subtitle video of Wilders is NOT accurate!

    It is just the speech text in English from the PVV website copied onto the video.

    But Wilders made many changes and additions when he spoke in Berlin.

    For an ACCURATE full video please go to and embed THIS:

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