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Archiv für den November, 2010:

Somehow, the Taliban don’t seem to like the Dutch government under the tolerance of Geert Wilders’ PVV. Their speaker for Afghanistan, Zabiullah Mujahid, let it be known that a “Jihadist group” from the little country will be administered, if the anti-Islam policies are forced.

The lack of skilled labor that stands out in the “immigration land” Germany is to be remedied by strengthened immigration from Islamic countries. Such is the desire of the president of the Deutscher Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW) (German Institute for Economic Research), Klaus Zimmermann. Apparently the capacity to learn by people from Islamic countries is […]

The initiative “Stop the Left Trend” is not packing up yet. While the head of the Union in the shape of Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer announces that multiculti is dead, and they themselves and the mainstream media are acting, as though by saying so, it implies an apparent paradigm shift for for any thinking […]

For the “integrated Turks” in totally leftwing dominated Bremen, integration hasn’t gone far enough. For this reason, they have now joined together and started the “Bremische Türk Partei (BTP) (Bremen Turkish Party).” The leap into the regional assembly should be successful as an “immigrant quota.”

The debate about the spreading of Islam and Turks in Germany that was started by Thilo Sarrazin has also touched the nerve of the political machine in Ankara. This shows up very well in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung that serves to placate the German public in the workup to the visit to Turkey […]

Pat Condell comes out in support of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and free speech.

Islam has no greater desire than the annihilation of the Jews. They are to sink as far as they can go. How sad that the Nazis committed the Holocaust. But next time the tormenting of the Jews should be – as Allah wills – in Muslim hands. Memri president Yigal Carmon explains with available evidence […]

The Education Ministers of the countries have spoken out clearly against mandatory German in schoolyards and in this against integration, too. “A comprehensive requirement of German in playground areas is unthinkable,” said the president of the Education Ministers’ Conference (EMC), Ludwig Spaenle (Photo, CSU), after the meeting. Without having made any suggestions, the EMC in […]

Convert Stephan Kramer, general secretary in the Central Council of Jews (photo left), takes up talk not of himself. He is completely afraid of a shift to the right in Germany. No, not just because of the Jew-hating Islam that holds residence here, rather because there are people who are courageous enough to stand against […]

Weeks after Sarrazin’s book review, the islamization of Germany is being more discussed than ever before in this country, but the elite haven’t budged one bit from their multiculti, or better yet, islamoculti project. In contrast, they’re trying, in collaboration with the media, to brainwash the people more intensively. Their strategy is to make it […]

Our politicians, regardless of their color, exhibit a great lack of quality, unfortunately. Such things can be measured statistically from economics data, however only a couple of years or decades later, after the host of stupid things exacts its tribute. There is, indeed, another seismograph for those politicians who don’t live in reality that from […]

Of course, the rampage on November 5 2009 had nothing to do with Islam. Surely, it was taken out of context that the attacker shouted „Allahu Akbar“ while committing his murders. The strictly faithful Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan shot his US-army comrades randomly with two guns. 13 young people lost their lives, 38 got injured.

The alleged “democratically elected” Hamas, for whom the UN and half the world has set up a defense and defended their “right” to lob bombs at Israel, is totalitarian to such a degree that a German newsapaper of quality such as the FAZ would even think of asserting something different. Those who fight against conformity […]

“The freedom won by the ancestors shall be kept by the descendants.” So reads the inscription ober the portal to city hall that leads to the Senate who has invited Islamic associations to negotiate over a “treaty” that will at least limit that freedom. As PI reported, a ghost is running around in the Hamburg […]

Whoever thinks about London has, besides the Tower of London and images of Buckingham Palace, an imagination of Speakers Corner also in his memory. The memory is without question possibly soon the only “place” where the freedom of words connected with this famous place will be able to take place. A long cherished and cultivated […]

After two years of the Obama administration in the USA, the US midterm elections are coming up on November 2nd in which Americans will vote on all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, over 37 of the 100 Senate seats, and even for the governor in 38 states. In this is the consideration that […]

“You are commanded to kill, even if it is repulsive for you to do so. However, it may be that that which is repulsive to you is that which is good for you, and it may be that what you like is bad for you. And Allah knows this, but you do not know it.” […]

The trial against the Dutch politician and Islam critic Geert Wilders has to be repeated. The presiding judge Tom Schalken who is acting against him in the trial is being accused of witness manipulation by Wilders. Schalken was one of the judges whom the chief state attorney compelled to prosecute Wilders in court. As De […]

Germany is a country of immigration, so says the “political consensus” that has been agreed to in the party headquarters with the exception of the public. In fact, Germany is an emigration country, as Focus lately made clear. The lack of skilled laborers that the BDI has been complaining about is, in addition, indisputable. Those, […]

The Germans expect nothing from life and “fulfill only standard purposes.” Typically Turkish is: hair on the chest, headclothes, BMW 3 and increased volume. Integration is when one goes to school to fit in so that nobody else harrasses the girlfriend. Ultimately, everyone is Turkish, and döner (like ‘gyros’) will one day replace people.

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