On February 14, BBC broadcast a one-hour documentary about Geert Wilders. In it, controversial assessments clashed against each other: The Muslim cleric Sheikh Khalid Yasin thinks that Wilders is creating “the atmosphere for a war.” Chaim Ben Pesach, the founder of the “Jewish Task Force,” is convinced that if Wilders would ever become the prime minister in the Netherlands, this would result in “a rude awakening in all of Europe, the whole world and even in Israel.” Martin Smith, the leader of England’s “Unite against Fascism,” demands in a leftwing demonstration in the Netherlands: “Destroy Geert Wilders!”.

This film directs our focus to European large cities, it documents how Muslim youth insult a Dutch interview partner before a running camera by calling him a “sh– Hollander” and “f—ing bastard,” it presents the hate sermons by Islamic clerics and shows Muslim demonstrations in London full of hate slogans. While the film examines the dangerousness of Geert Wilders, it undoubtedly shows who or what is really dangerous. Definitely not the one who calls the facts by name, rather, the ideology, that is the cause for anti-societies, violence, robbery, murder and terror that one can observe everywhere in the world.

The filmmaker Mags Gavan and Joost van der Valk attempted in the last third of the film to portray Geert Wilders as something like an agent of Israel. They examine his supporters, such as Daniel Pipes with his “Middle East Forum,” and give the hint of international conspiracies. The attitude of so many political leftwingers shines through, that apparently still believes it sees a “conspiracy of international Jewish finance” – a position in which the extreme Left interestingly exhibits something in common with the extrme right. These journalists don’t surrender to the facts about Islam, rather they attempt to discredit the bearer of the bad news. A method that has often been used in history in order to divert away from unwelcome facts.

Here is the Film from BBC 2 in which Europe’s largest political internet blog PI is also presented:

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  1. Geert Wilders is one of the Most Honest Men in Europe and especially in Europes Politics. The rest, especially the worthless EU Idiot Ministers, are all in the pockets of Islam or too afraid to speak out, Cowards is what they are, from every country, not just one! We need more Geerts in Europe and end this Islamic Insanity! The Muslim Animals should not ever be allowed to go into a western country. Wall them off in their caves and let them kill one another until they are extinct, then the world will be a much better place! No More Satan/Allah Worshipers in Europe or America or Australia allowed!

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