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Archiv für den December, 2011:

The photo shows frescos in the St. Nicholas Church in Myra, present-day Demre. Like all other Christian works of art in Turkey, they have been outstandingly preserved, as anyone can see. However – after days of consideration about Christmas, Süleyman Yeniceri, mufti of Turkey’s northwest Kesan region, has now come surprisingly to the conclusion that […]

After the brutal murder of female Israeli student Oshrit Hamza (PI reported), now Göttinger Tageblatt journalist, Matthias Henzel (photo), is attacking the Israeli media with a vengeance and speaking of religious and racist propaganda objectives by the Jewish Internet agencies Arutz Sheva, and Eipnews. The speaker for the Göttingen police, Jasmin Kaatz, supposedly rejected […]

A high plateau in Israel’s north has become a place of tranquility and actual peace: after heavy battles during the Six Days War of 1967 for the Golan Heights, that were also rich in failure, and steadfast soldiering in the face of a Syrian offensive power that was many times superior in the Yom Kippur […]

While massive work is being carried out to advance the “Islamic flood” as quickly as possible, and Germany at the same time is sinking in the chaos of Muslim immigrant violence, the authorities are likewise working on ridding the country of Christian families. Such was the report from the Bild newspaper today of a case […]

This report should alarm leftists and extreme leftists, if they would be willing to take a close look at Islam. That, however, is known not to be the case because Islam in these circles is under natural protection when it has to do with criticism. With 240 million inhabitants, Indonesia is the most populated Muslim […]

Today (Dec. 14), the Immigration Report for 2010 was published. And today there was a discussion in the Bundestag regarding the “National Plan of Action for Integration (Nationaler Aktionsplan Integration).” The federal government’s Representative for Inegration and Enrichment, Prof. Dr. Maria Böhmer (CDU) said that we need more immigrants in kindergartens and schools, in the […]

Alleged Jewish extremists have set an abandoned mosque on fire. Fire was started sometime in the night in one of the rooms, a speaker for the police said. The perpetrators also smeared slogans in the Hebrew language on the wall. “Muhammad is a pig,” said one inscription with a star of David next to it. […]

Who doesn’t know them? The half-hour Sesame Street series (Note: This is a Geman production, not the American series) for preschool children that are composed of six to ten smaller units and in which real life film reports are shown about situations from children’s everyday life. In the current episode 2609, that aired from 8:30 […]

Islamic holidays in evangelical kindergartens like on the 5th of December are still hitting up against lack of understanding in the Lower Francony city of Karlstadt. If things would go according to Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schweitzer (photo), chairholder for Practical Theology/Religious Education on the Evangelical-Theological Faculty at the University of Tübingen, this should soon be […]

The Berlin police are looking for this man. He allegedly raped a 65-year-old woman. This is how we have always imagined Böhmer enrichment. The young man rides leisurely home or through the area nightly around 4 a.m. on line 2. He doesn’t have to work; his livelihood is paid for by the German taxpayer. A […]

(My Battle! Your Battle! Our Battle!) Nearly 100 years ago, an internationally renowned Austrian at the time wrote a book titled “Mein Kampf.” According to reports, it has once again landed on the bestseller list in some countries; however, in Germany it will still remain banned for a few more years, which hasn’t kept us […]

The Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has sharply criticized the Middle East policy of Barack Hussein Obama and condemned it as completely unrealistic. Thus he called the Palestinians an “invented people” that want to exterminate Israel. In an interview with the TV network Jewish Channel, Gingrich said: “Remember, there has never been a Palestinian state.”

The Israeli party “Our House Israel” has introduced a bill that is supposed to forbid the loud slaughtering call to prayer of the muezzin. Muezzin calls by loudspeaker are noise and are harmful to health, representative Anastasia Michaeli (photo) says. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports the plans of the Israeli coalition partner.

Today, on December 12, in the year 2011, Amina bent Abdelhalim Nassar was beheaded in the northern province of Jawf in Saudi Arabia for being a witch. Such was the report from the official news agency SPA with a statement by the Interior Ministry. This, of course, is not the first nor the last case. […]

…of erecting a wall, Walter Ulbricht said at a press conference on June 15, 1961. And as we all know, it wasn’t quite two months later, on August 13, 1961, and the wall was erected that brought so much suffering upon Germany.

Necla Kelek has joined in with the debate on Welt Online regarding the study about forced marriages in Germany with her article “When scholars deny the fatal role of Islam.” She takes up clear party with Minister of Families Kristina Schröder who actually dared to draw the right conclusions from the bare numbers: Islam is […]

Welt Online published a highly interesting article yesterday (26 Nov.) with the enlightening headline “Slitting the Throat in the Name of Honor“. We are interested to see sometime in the distant future when it won’t be politically incorrect among just us to say “in the name of Islam” – but, of course, violence against women, […]

The foreign is the good, the native is the bad. The specter of the antagonistic German is the favorite image to portray and bring subliminally into the discussion. When the 60s liberal generation staged protests against the alleged and factual repressions of the young Republic, they wanted to air out the stuffiness of a thousand […]

“We have the setback of the 70s not the least […] to thank for the fact that the others have taken possession of the language, have used the language as a weapon, that they have created ideas, filled others with different meaning and then used them all at once as a projectile against us, and […]

It was only last month that the International Atomic Energy Authority IAEA confirmed that not only were carpets being made in Iranian Isfahan but also weapons-grade Uranium. And the one threatened first by Ahmadinejad with “atomic extermination”, as long as there are no errors in translation, needs no further explanation here.

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