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Archiv für den January, 2012:

In America, the Catholic church is now on a collision course with the ruling US president. The bishops are fighting hard against the plans of the Obama administration to force the Catholic church in the future into the murder of unborn children as a “service” and to handout artificial contraceptives. The head of the American […]

On Saturday in Kingston, Canada, three family members from an Afghan clan that had just recently immigrated to Canada were judged guilty of four murders (“honor” killings). The case has to do with the accused Mohammad Shafia, 58 (father, front left in the photo), Tooba Yahya, 42 (mother, back right), and Hamed, 21 (son, middle […]

Several MSM news outlets on the western rim of the Atlantic Ocean reported of the verdict in an honor killing case that has hardly been avoidable in the western hemisphere. We find that it took a jury 15 hours to determine the guilt of Mohammad Shafia, his (second?) wife Tooba Yahya, and their son Hamed […]

The Germans are indeed a somewhat remarkable species of people. At first they had the pathological desire of just being among themselves – purely Aryan – while today, they are exercising a downright exchange of population. (Eduard Benda on the so-called “Demographic Evolution”)

In October 2010, a Muslim pilot in England was terminated from his employment with a well-known British airline because he kept ties with two islamists suspected of terror. Now he is complaining of racist discrimination, since he is Asian and Muslim. Neither the name of the airline nor the name of the pilot were disclosed […]

Life has gotten perverse in India. The multiple millions of abortions of female fetuses is now increasing the value of the remaining girls. The early detection of the sex through modern medical technology has led in India to girls being aborted in order to save dowries and wedding costs. And now the disproportion between men […]

Last night I had a crazy dream: I was sleeping. In the early morning hours Sebastian Edathy yanked me out of bed, a barking Gesine Lötzsch pushed me onto a paddywagon, and I was carted into the Ministry of Truth. There sat Wolfgang Thierse behind a table and blinded me with a desk lamp. “So, […]

Two years and nine months in jail: This was the sentence handed down to 21-year-old Ahmad Sherzai by the Rheine regional court. According to conviction of the chamber, the devout Muslim boxed his girlfriend who was seven months pregnant so heavily that her unborn child died of cranial hemorrhages two days after an emergency delivery. […]

Today it was announced that the former market leader for concrete pumps, Swabian firm Putzmeister in Aichtal, will be soled to its most important competitor, the Chinese Sany Heavy Industries. The economic commentators are rightly calling this step a turning point; however, it is the first time that a German mid-size company is selling a […]

The Blue-Eye indian tribe made a pact with the white immigrants that would guarantee the sovereignty of the Blue-Eye terroritory. However, a large number of white settlers didn’t adhere to it. They migrated illegally into the indian region and settled there. (By Jim Panse, PI Münster)

In Holland, the the wearing of the burka and other face-hiding garments will soon be prohibited. The center-right government in The Hague decided today on an appropriate bill that Geert Wilders called “fantastic news.” But be careful! A bill is not a law, first both houses of parliament must agree, and then come the highest […]

The story almost brings a Middle Ages court of Inquisition to mind. Swiss pastor Dr. Christine Dietrich wrote for years for PI – examples of her writing include such subjects as the right of Israel to existence, one of her main concerns. And against the misogyny of Islam, its affinity for violence, its legitimization of […]

The September 11th attackers based their actions in complete detail on verses from this book. Since 9/11 alone, there have been over 18,300 fatal, islamically motivated attacks. In the 1400 years of its existence, the aggression in the name of Islam has cost 270 million people their lives, according to the Shoebat Institute. Brothers use […]

The Global Post has posted an article regarding an honor killing of three daughters by their parents. Not in Afghanistan or Pakistan, or even in Europe where we have heard of so many happening already. No, it’s in Canada, a “country that prizes multiculturalism.” or so the article says. The article mentions some interesting facts […]

Imam Hussein is the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad and is considered by the Shiites to be the third of a total of 12 imams. Hussein was beheaded in the year 680 in Kerbela and has been considered since then as a great martyr. In Malmö, a great procession took place on January 14th in […]

In France, denial of any kind of genocide is now immediately punishable and can fetch a year in prison or up to a 45,000 euro fine. With this, the genocide committed against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, the precursor to modern-day Turkey, with up to 1.5 million dead, can now be prosecuted. Around 600,000 […]

Afghan asylum seekers are apparently now buying documents en masse that are supposed to prove they are being threatened by the Taliban with death in their country because they work for their government or for the US military forces. The papers, according to the British Guardian can be purchased for a few hundred euros, with […]

Three have already fallen asleep, three look boringly around the area, one is reading a booklet, another is typing on his cellphone, one beard longer than the other – Islam has apparently arrived in the Egyptian parliament. How the media have exulted recently: “Freedom Soldiers,” “Democratic Movement,” “Revolution” – during the so-called “Arab Spring,” they […]

In a few days, the primary election for the Republican candidate for US president will take place in Florida. On Monday evening in Tampa, there was amother TV debate with the four remaining competitors in which GOP favorites Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich above all exchanged strong verbal blows.

Either they’re idiots and didn’t know who they were detaining, or they believe they’re now in authority over even government officials. That, or they’re just plain frustrated that they weren’t allowed to practice any kind of perversion on Mr. Paul’s person. Today, Rand Paul, Republican senator from Kentucky and son of presidential candidate Ron Paul, […]

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