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Archiv für den February, 2012:

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, a pastor awaits execution for propagation of un-islamic teachings. – But that has nothing to do with Islam! In Saudi Arabia, a young man is likewise threatened with the death penalty because of politically incorrect remarks on the Internet about the prophet. – But that has nothing to do […]

Mr. Ernest Perce V, Pennsylvanian director of American Atheists was attacked by a Muslim during a Halloween parade. Mr. Perce had been attired as a zombie Muhammad and was walking along with a zombie pope. In what should have been an open-and-closed case, quite a surprise happened. The judge, who was a Muslim himself, ruled […]

Christian conservative ex-Senator Rick Santorum (left) is presently the clear frontrunner in polls among the American Republicans. According to a survey published Wednesday by Quinnipiac University, Santorum at 35 percent clearly stands ahead of Mitt Romney (right) at 26 percent. Gingrich and Paul stood far behind with 14 and 11 percent. The foundering favorite Romney […]

Evangelical pastor Youcef Nadarkhani who was condemned to death in Iran for “apostasy from the islamic faith” and “propagation of non-islamic doctrine,” appears to stand directly before execution. According to information from the “International Society for Human Rights,” the central prison of Rasht has been instructed to execute Nadarkhani in the coming days.

This is how Frank Schirrmacher underwrote an interview on 2/9/2011 in the FAZ. In it, he poses the vice-president of the Maldives at the time, Dr. Mohammed Waheed (photo right) with a series of notably simple questions that for the most part could be answered accordingly without making a statement. This became interesting in its […]

PI has already reported about the islamic passenger dispatch headquarters where men and women are to be transported separately. With this sort of business, the question is begged of where there is an issue of discrimination here. As is always the case among the Muslims, the anti-discrimination office of the government is immediately buckled and […]

PI has often reported about the “dialog of the future” called for by Chancellor Merkel. Today, we would like to point out the call for “protecting unborn life – enforcing the right to life for all.” The fact that in a rich country like Germany at least 110,431 unborn children alone were aborted last year, […]

The Council for American Islamic Relations is waging a fight against laws in two different states that in one way or another prevent Islamic or Sharia law from being practiced in those states. In Missouri, a law (HB 15120 introduced by State Representative Paul Curtman that is to ban the practice of Sharia law in […]

More and more child brides from the central Anatolian city of Konya are being forced into marriage with their male relatives in Europe. Even though, since the bilateral agreement 50 years ago, it was workers that left their homeland to seek their fortune in Europe; in the past few years, more and more 13 to […]

From Jihad Watch Hey, now. That’s Islamophobe talk. Or “racist” talk. Do these comments make Essam Abdallah a “racist,” or do they make him an “Islamophobe?” Or can it be both? Inquiring minds want to know. “Egyptian Liberal Slams American Islamists,” from the Investigative Project on Terrorism, February 16:

Two teenage girls were lured from their home town to a dingy Birmingham flat where they were subjected to a degrading weekend of sexual attacks by a group of men who “believed they could do with them as they pleased”, a court was told yesterday. From European Freedom Initiative The girls, aged 15 and 16, […]

In January 2012, 4,564 applications for asylum were placed at the (German) Federal Bureau for Migration and Refugees. The number of asylum applicants increased compared to the previous month by 390 people (9.3 percent). In comparison with January of the previous year 2011, the number of asylum applicants increased by 816 people (21.8 percent). The […]

The hopes that so many had placed on the Arab Spring, last but not least through the reporting of the media, were enormous. The storm that intellectuals and West-oriented students released has meanwhile subsided. The actors that have seized the rudder for themselves are not so spring-like in the Western perspective. The talk is about […]

Kadaffy was thrown out of the UN Human Rights Council (photo), but the Libyan “freedom fighters” that tortured Kaddafy to death have been allowed on this committee against since autumn. The UN welcomed “the new Libyans” in November. There a Libyan took up words right at the first meeting of the Human Rights Council, and […]

Last Friday, the History Channel broadcast an outstanding documentary at 8 o’clock called “The Nazi Collaborators.” In this part of the series, the subject was that of the Grand Mufti of Palestine, Amin al-Husseini, a glowing Nazi follower. His installation of the Muslim “Handschar” Waffen-SS unit as well as his hate-filled, anti-Jewish addresses that he […]

And thus it is official: At the latest, starting February 1, 2014, our present bank accounts, familiar since youth, are history. In their unbridled insanity of standardizing everything and everybody in Europe, the European parliament with a greater majority has managed one more step in putting the world in to a capital “disimprovement.”

Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) has opened an Eastern Europe “reporting site” in Holland, where Dutch people can report problems with co-citizens from Eastern Europe. It deals primarily with the labor market, work under the table and people who have lost their jobs to a Pole, Romanian or other Middle or East European. But […]

In contrast to normal people who exult over new knowledge about an extremely complicated subject, do-gooders instead react. When it has to do with climate change, they don’t understand fun at all, and as for pleasure in “discourse,” that disappears all at once.

This information is, of course, kept silent from us by the “correct” mass media: In Syria, things are going, as anywhere else in the Arab “Spring,” according to the seizure of power by political Islam. As the “Catholic Magazine for Church and Culture” reports, persecution of Christians in Syria are on a massive increase. Behind […]

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erreicht werden soll. Man beachte: die Temperatur ändert sich im Milliardstel-Bereich, was offensichtlich in einem weltweiten Massstab nicht messbar ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei Junk Science.

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