Internet-Café in Bangalore, der drittgrößten Stadt IndiensGoogle, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and other Internet services have been instructed by an Indian court to filter and delete insulting content. By doing so, the Indian court made it clear that the service provider also carries responsibility for contents spread by website users. According to BBC, Google & Co. must therefore filter all content in the future and delete it as necessary. The one who filed a complaint was Mufti Aizaz Arshad Kazmider, who wished to put a stop to the insulting of Muslims, Christians and Hindus. The concrete case dealt with caricatures that showed pigs in the holy city of Mecca.

Free speech applies in democratic India, however with the rationale that a danger for violent arguments exists; the court followed the accuser. The fact that these riots mostly take place on Fridays after the Friday prayer, and, as a rule, originate from a single religious group, was not cited separately by the court.

(Photo above: Internet café in Bangalore, the third-largest state in India)

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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  1. It is also very insulting for pigs to be portrayed in the holy city of Mecca. Like as any thinking creature would like to go there! But every coins has to sides. From now on in India the holy koran may no longer be published on the internet. Due to insulting chapters and verses about jews, they are being referred to as being apes and swine.

    I hope everybody will see that again it is a silly moslem who complained about nothing to worry about. The islam is from it’s start on an insult to civilised human beings, but we do not complain!

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