The involvement by the West in Libya has paid off. The Sharia was entirely instituted officially as the only applicable law. Libya is finally liberated from its dictator who readily had its critics of government incarcerated and tortured. Therefore, not it is justified and fair if the Libyans on their part are allowed to do torture.

And so, a Libyan diplomat from “freedom fighters” was tortured to death in the previous weeks. The body gives indications of the worst kind of abuses, among other things broken ribs, cuts and torn out toenails. The aid organization “Doctors Without Borderds” originally came to care for war injured. Now, Libya’s new leaders apparently has found a new duty for the Western helpers. Christopher Stokes, manager of Doctors Without Borders in Belgium reports the following:

“A few representatives of the authorities tried to exploit or stop the medical work by Doctors Without Borders. Patients were brought to us during the trial or treatment to make them fit again for continuation of interrogation. That is completely unacceptable. We are in Misrata to do medical care for war injured and sick prisoners – but certainly not for the sake of repeatedly treating the same patient between interrogation sessions.”

“Doctors Without Borders sent the military council of Misrata an official letter in which the immediate end of any abuse of prisoners was demanded. However, “no such measures” followed this letter according to Stokes.

“Instead, our team observed four new cases of torture. Therefore we made the decision to terminate our medical aid in the prisons.”

And the ethnic cleansings of the dark-skinned population in several Libyan cities is finding just as little appeal in the European media. There they are rounded up by peace activists and either shot or burned alive. One would rather not imagine what the man with the machete in the picture intends to do. The city of Tawergha was likewise “liberated’ by the rebels. The dark-skinned Libyans in Tawergha who could not flee were arrested or carried off. Their houses were marked with the words “slave” and “nigger,” and then burned down.

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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