This information is, of course, kept silent from us by the “correct” mass media: In Syria, things are going, as anywhere else in the Arab “Spring,” according to the seizure of power by political Islam. As the “Catholic Magazine for Church and Culture” reports, persecution of Christians in Syria are on a massive increase. Behind the so-appearing “freedom” battle is hiding a religious conflict: “Islamistic” Sunnis have Christians and Alevits in the crosshairs. 80 percent of Christians have already fled from Muslim and mixed neighborhoods. Update: Al-Qaeda is joining in the battle in Syria against the “anti-islamic” regime!

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

However, the persecution of Christians in islamic countries is being ignored to the greatest extent by our media and politicians, though. Note: Islam is good and peaceful, there aren’t any problems, and if so, then they have nothing to do with Islam. Therefore, the Chancellor is cheating us out of the intermediate result of her future “dialog” – and audaciously suppressing the true frontrunner, that of a demand for open discussion over Islam. And thuse, we are also having to depend on a Catholic news magazine as regarding the true events in Syria:

The signals of an increasing religious radicalization are multiplying, as AsiaNews reports. The sources contacted by AsiaNews draw a picture that clearly distinguishes itself from the general reporting by media. The violence against the population, according to them, isn’t originating at all from the Assad regime, but from both conflicting parties. (…)

In Homs, the ancient Emesa, at one time a Christian diocese, the Christians have long fallen under the crosshairs of the Sunni rebels. Their violence is targeted also at the Alevites. The Assad family belongs to the Alevites. The Alevites are counted among the Shiites. On the basis of their origin and the numerous contact points with Christianity, Alevitism is also looked upon as islamized Christianity. The Alevites have their center in Syria where they make up around 20 percent of the population.

The battle in Syria that is portrayed in the West as a conflict between regime and opposition is in reality also a religious conflict between Sunnis and Alevites. The Christian minority in the Middle East is falling once again between the two sides. Sunnis are afraid to enter Alevite villages and Alevites are afraid to enter Sunni villages. There are regions in Syria where both groups trade control in the area after fighting. Along with this come murders on the side of those that lose. The people there live in constant fear.

If Alevite Assad should be deposed, then Pandora’s box will be opened in Syria. Then will gate and door be opened, as everywhere else in the islamic world, to persecution of “infidels.” When dictators like Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Mubarak in Egypt or Gadaffi in Libya who held the fundamentalists under tough control, were taken out of the picture, this paved the way to power for unbridled political Islam. And thus, the same is taking place in Syria: in the shadow of the battle between military and insurrectionists, the Christians are in peril, and most of the media persist in keeping it silent:

AsiaNews quotes sources not close to the regime: “The outlook of things are clearing up little by little, and they don’t add up to the image of the international press when one manages to break through the thick wall of disinformation. The reality is not so black and white as they serve up to us. It is complex. Will their still be place in a destabilized Syria for Christians? Will Syria’s future be that of Iraq?” was posted on the Internet page of the Saint Jacques le Mutilé cloister in Syria.

The cloister’s sisters of the order, who are carefully observing the events, describe the Christian minority from Homs, Hama (anctient Epiphaneia) and Yabrud (with the Greek Orthodox Konstantin and Helena churches) as “best integrated with the society.” Since the outbreak of the confict, however, a fundamental change has been underway. “The conflict is changing from a people’s movement for freedom and democracy at the beginning to an islamic revolution. The upheaval on January 20, 2012, became clearly visible when the Revolutionary Roordinating Committee transmited the following slogan at Friday prayers: “The people declare Jihad!”

This is happening everywhere in the islamic world, but Political Correctness will hear nothing of it: Jihad was declared at Friday prayers. Now the bloodlust that oozes out from the Quran can now let off steam uncontrolled:

A tendency that existed in the background became open reality. The violence about which we report is openly anti-Christian today,” the sisters of the order said on their Internet page.

On January 25th, Pater Basilios Nassar, Greek Orthodox curate from Kafarbohom in the Hama province, was murdered when he tried to help a man attacked by them in Jarajima Street of Hama.

On January 24th, the Christian major Zafer Karam Issa, 30 years old and married one year, was murdered in front of his house. His murderer is the son of the islamist Emir from Yabroud, Khadra, who with other islamists ambushed the Christian whose body was riddled with more than 100 shots.

Last week, the young Christian Khairo Kassouha, 24 years old, was murdered in front of his house in the Al-Qusair district.

The Cartel of Suppression is functioning worldwide. It appears to exist behind the scenes, making agreements in an alliance with other political circles that are really afraid of “world peace” if the truth should be expressed. That see their oil supplies threatened. That are afraid that in their own countries the growing Muslim population groups will cause riots. That want to prevent a possible worldwide “clash of civilizations.” That really do hope to be the last ones eaten if they bravely continue to feed the crocodile. And thus, we hear nothing from any politician, or any of the mass media under the farthest reaches of their influence, about the true developments in Syria. The calls for help by the Syrian Christians about the murders that are being committed against their brothers and sisters fade away being utmost unheard:

Pater Mayas Abboud, rector of the small Greek Orthodox seminar of Damascus reported to the sisters that he was contacted by the widow of Christian martyr Nidal Arbache. Arbache was murdered a short while ago by the insurrectionists. The widow told Pater Abboud by telephone that the Christians of Al-Qusair are desperate. They are “defenseless against the capriciousness of the insurrectionists and at their mercy. Nobody is protecting us. That is my testament: If something should happen to me, I entrust my son to you. Please take care of him. We are all threatened by the militiamen. Perhaps nobody will survive.”

Christian André Arbache, husband of Virginie Louis Arbache was kidnapped last week by the rebels. The family is counting on the worst.

From Al-Qusair, the cousin of Pater Louka, curator of Nebek, reports that the rebels are making themselves out as court authorities. They are inspecting people in the open street. If their name is found on the list produced by the Revolutionary Committee, they are immediately shot to death.

In the Hams province, already more than 230 Christians have been killed and the list is getting ever larger. Many Christians are kidnapped. The rebels demand mostly 20,000-40,000 dollars in ransom for each person.

These merciless persecutions have already led to a mass flight away from Muslim neighborhoods by Christians:

A good 80 percent of all Christians have fled from some of the Muslim-Christian mixed neighborhoods in Homs. They have sought refuge in other regions among relatives or friends, or in the valley of the Christians. The Christians of the Hama city and province are doing the same. The unrest among Christians is becoming stronger with the persistence of the rebellion. The Christian movement to flee is swelling more and more.

Ayan Hirsi Ali is already talking about an upcoming genocide against Christians that is developing unhampered in many Islamic countries (PI reported). We are anxiously waiting for self-proclaimed “Christian” politicians in Germany to finally open their mouth. Or to continue to hold their tongue and then let themselves justly be called lying hypocrites.

More information from the Berlin “Persecuted Church” prayer circle.

Update: As der SPIEGEL communicates, al-Qaeda is joining in with the Syrian “revolution” and influencing the rebels in the battle against the “anti-islamic” regime:

Qaeda head Aiman al-Zawahiri has called the rebels in Syria to strengthened resistance against President Bashar al-Assad. “If we want peace, we must become free of this regime,” Zawahiri gave an appeal a video message to the rebels played on one of the islamistic Internet pages. The rebels could not count on Western governments or those of the other Arab countries.

The eight-minute video that was posted on Saturday shows the Qaeda head in front of a green curtain as he appeals to all Muslims in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon to support the rebellion against the “anti-islamistic regime” in Damascus.

(Hat Tip: Dexter, Jemeljan, Ilias)

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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  1. I have been stating for three decades of the ongoing persecution of Christians in Islamic countries. In the eighties, it was the genocide of Sudanese Christians, which was totally ignored by the Western MSM.

    The Arab Spring, as expected, has meant that Islamists got an overwhelming vote, and are now in power, with Christians being killed and churches burnt. This is being done not just by mobs alone, but the army and police as well.

    So much for the much vaunted slogan, post 9/11, that the vast majority of Muslims were moderate, and the radicals were a tiny minority.

  2. Assad is now fighting the MB. And not just any old MB, but the Syrian MB, that is far vicious then any other brand of MB.

    So what is the West doing? It is planning to give arms and ammo to al-Qaeda/MB in Syria via Sunni Arabs in the region.

    In the meantime

    Barnabas Fund is today launching a crisis appeal for Christians in Syria who are hungry and helpless amid the brutal fighting between government troops and rebels.

    The key battleground of Homs is encircled by fighters from both sides, leaving the Christians there and in the surrounding villages – approximately 100,000 – in the firing line, many of them trapped in the city.
    Barnabas Fund is providing urgent help for Christians in Syria

    First orphans and now whole families are being evacuated, and are in desperate need of food and basics. Prices have rocketed, supplies are running low, and it is often too dangerous to go out in search of food. Even in some parts of the country not directly affected by violence, there is inflation of 30-50%, while in Homs itself some prices have tripled.

    More than 200 Christians have been killed, and the community has been beset by a series of kidnappings. The rebels make high ransom demands for the return of the captives, but in two known cases the victims’ bodies were found after the money had been paid. Some families are now becoming so desperate that they tell the kidnappers to kill their loved one immediately rather than subjecting them to torture.

  3. PI

    I hope you post the plight of Christians in Syria on the PI German site.

    I believe there is a German version of Barnabus Fund.

  4. Isn’t it strange that Dictator-Mullah and War Criminal Barack Hussein Obama keep wanting to go on having ‘dialogue’ with the evil Islamic Mullahs of Iran. But yet, no problem for Obama to assist in helping the footsoldiers of the oil-grabbing Saudi-Qatar led Arab League (their oil is diminishing before this – the Qatar royal just spent Cézanne’s ‘The Card Players’ painting For $250 Million
    to celebrate), the most dangerous Nazi-like Islamic terrorist Muslim Brotherhood to rob the oil (Hitler was also interested in capturing oil-rich countries) and gain ruling power in oil-rich Tunisia, Libya (including Obama applauding like an Islamic Mullah, the brutal sodomising with a knife of War prisoner Gadhafi, and the killing and torture and mass imprisoning of other War prisoners including his son and his African supporters – see freedom-fighters-turned-brutal-torturers.html) Egypt and in the future, Syria? Even the barbaric Nazis were treated with civilized manner and rules as War prisoners under the Geneva Convention! It shows how racist the Western powers including in the UN, who support such uncivilized murder and torture of non-Western War Prisoners such as in Libya there, and help install much worst evil genocidal Jew-hating Muslim terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood there (the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hasan al-banna alongside the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem and the Turkish Ottoman Empire, were among Hitler/the Nazis’ main advisers or collaborators)! There will be brilliant lawyers in the future who will take all these War Criminals like Obama and his greedy Dhimmis Ban-ki-Moon, Sarkozy and Cameron to the International Criminal Court – I have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ!

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