In the Islamic Republic of Iran, a pastor awaits execution for propagation of un-islamic teachings. – But that has nothing to do with Islam! In Saudi Arabia, a young man is likewise threatened with the death penalty because of politically incorrect remarks on the Internet about the prophet. – But that has nothing to do with Islam!

(By Wut- and Zornbürger)

In Kabul, the mob rages and kills NATO soldiers for getting rid of old paper. – But that has nothing to do with Islam! (click mehr for more)

In North Africa (Mauritania, Sudan), blacks are being kept as slaves. – But that has nothing to do with Islam!

In Nigeria devout mobs are slaughtering Christians. – But that has nothing to do with Islam!

In Germany, girls are being forced into marriage or their lives taken by relatives for the sake of honor. – But that has nothing to do with Islam!

In Palestine, it is considered a prediction that children will blow themselves up with explosive belts. – But that has nothing to do with Islam!

No, none of that has anything at all to do with Islam! Only right-wing populists and mouse catchers assert such things. After all, one isn’t supposed to simplify and generalize things. In other cases, there is the threat of all the laboriously employed workforces being put under general suspicion. It’s important to split hairs and look only at the carefully prepared isolated case. Then it will become clear that all of this has absolutely nothing to do with Islam, but rather that it looks like that only on the surface, and that “that kind” of Islam, strictly speaking, doesn’t exist at all.

Scene Change.

In the Diverse Republic of Germany, in the course of several years two sociopaths – most likely – brought the lifes of ten citizens to an end with a pistol and bloodlust. Among those killed were eight Turks, a Greek, and a German policewoman. Much effort in connecting a (in this case, neo-National Socialist) message with these openly perceptible crimes was not exerted by the – presumable – perpretrators, which is why such an – expected – political dimension has been recognizable only years later.

That way, this crime cannot be trivialized as a purely isolated case!

That way, the crime stands as representative of a general trend in the German society!

That way, “those” Germans have enabled the crime only through their lack of a welcoming culture!

That way, “those” Germans can be caught in the trap of moral liability due to their latent “racism”!

That way, the “center of society” can be charged and placed under general suspicion!

That way, the representatives of the nation can wrap this very people in sackcloth and ashes, without invitation or mandate!

That way, even the children must be scrubbed of obligatory thoughts to produce an “anti-racism”!

What ought one to say about this double-speak by the do-good hypocrites and our fundamentally corrupt, dishonorable and unprincipled political class? Especially when the pseudo-cultured, half-educated from the wine belt of the Diverse Republic yet again wrinkle up their nose at the vulgarity of the “Right”:


Translator Note: The German for the ‘Federal Republic of Germany,’ the full name of the country, is die ‘Bundesrepublik Deutschlands,’ or ‘BRD’ for short. The writer of this article is using a play on the acronym BRD and calling Germany die ‘Bunte Republik Deutschlands,’ or the ‘Diverse Republic of Germany,’ implying multiculturalism or diversification. Also, Americans reading this article (and others on this website that have to do with Germany) need only to substitute ‘Germany’ with ‘America,’ and this article (as well as others) will become crystal clear in its application.

Guest article on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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  1. Islam-loving Socialists are hypocrites! NO, they will go on defending the fascist, racist and barbaric Islam – a Satanic cult that offers no love or peace but endless racist and sexist rape, murder, slavery and torture against anyone including believers and nom-believers alike who don’t tow the line as promoted in the koran and in the Hadiths (that ‘good’ Muslims perversely have to aspire to), through imitating Mohammed’s behaviour and sayings! Despite that Mohammed is a racist and fascist Arabic Pedophile rapist, robber, slave-owner (especially sexual slavery and rape of Jewish children) and mass murderer of the Jews. Mohammed, who created this Devil’s cult, Islam, in order to defy civilized laws and tradition in Christianity and Judaism, especially against the Ten Commandments.

    By the way, Socialist-ultra Nationalist Hitler/Nazis worship Islam too! Among Socialist Hitler’s main collaborators or advisers who have never been convicted for Crimes against Humanity unlike the German Nazis who were convicted in the international Nuremberg Trial, were the Arabic Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem, the Arabic Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hasan al-banna and the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Nor have the Stalinist Communists been ever convicted for Crimes against Humanity for the Genocide of 20 million people especially of Christians!

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