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The Bundeswehr (Armed Forces in Germany) is a non-entity. The Left hates them, and the rest couldn’t care less. It’s not that way everywhere, though. The photo shows a lighted sign from a hotel casino by the Hoover dam. “God bless our armed forces” blinks constantly between the special offers for staying overnight for $29.99 […]

You don’t see this every day: an Old Communist with the Pope. Did Fidel Castro receive a Bible? According to the press, he supposedly ordered several books with the Pope. One thing’s for certain, Communism has existed for 100 years, the popery for 2000 years. Nothing more need be said! Posted by kewil on PI […]

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On February 14, 2012, Michael Mannheimer received a penalty fine from the Heilbronn district court in the degree of 50 days at 50 euros per day (2,500 euros). The basis for the fine was Mannheimer’s criticism of Islam, especially his claim that Islam is working on taking over and islamizing Europe. In addition to this, […]

The left-wing populist ZEIT is butchering Sarrazin’s new Euro book before its publication. Some narrow-minded individual appear, to the delight of our likewise narrow-minded politician, to think that the Euro crisis is slowly coming to an end. Not at all. The Greeks are out of the headlines for a couple of weeks, but they are […]

The Turkish cosmetics firm Biomen has chosen, of all people, Adolf Hitler as spokesman for their new men’s shampoo ad. In the 13-second video, Hitler says in Turkish: “Why do you need women’s shampoo when you don’t wear a woman’s clothing? Now, there is 100% men’s shampoo Biomen.” And in the closing sequence of the […]

Mohammed Merah, the Toulouse jihadist followed the founder of the religion. He could be safely transported to the afterlife because he knew he had direct entry into paradise: “We have to make ourselves […] perfectly prepared because only that can lighten the harsh punishments in the grave and at Judgment Day. Only our pure faith […]

Because Christoph Blocher, hated among the Reds, allowed the report about insider trading to make it to a federal councilwoman about National Bank head Hildebrandt, who meanwhile has resigned, now, three months later, Blocher’s villas have been searched upon command of a left-wing Zurich district attorney. The Confederation’s press of quality finds this to be […]

On many German TV programs, assurances are being churned out that the terror of Toulouse has of course “nothing to do with Islam.” The pitiful young man – who is now as well as dead – grew up in a “poor neighborhood,” was “not accepted” by the French society, integration of the Algerian population isn’t […]

The French newspaper Le Figaro reports today in reference to the French Internal Secret Service DCIR and the Foreign Secret Service DGSE that at least 150 radical islamists have travelled from Europe to Afghanistan in the last five years to be educated in Camps for Jihad. Of those, at least 23 came from France, of […]

The EU has once again demonstrated their antisemitic antics. Their chief diplomat, Catherine Ashton (photo), couldn’t take comparing Israels defense measures against the constant missile attacks from the Gaza Strip with the targeted murders by the Toulouse killer. Furthermore, Ashton announced support for the Gaza Strip and the “West Bank” with 300 million euros of […]

A wild shooting match among “Southerners” developed last weekend in Hamburg. An apparently uninvolved person became the victim of the violence. The authorities right away attempted to keep the causes of the conflict secret, which stretched out over several hundred meters. Die Welt reports:

A christian language teacher from the US has been shot by islamists in broad daylight. The 30-year-old Joel Shrum (photo) leave behind a wife and two children. Only a few days before the murder attack, a 32-year-old Swiss language teacher was kidnapped in the port city of Hobeida. There is no trace of her whereabouts. […]

London’s former mayor, Ken Livingstone (photo of a mosque visit in 2008), has presented himself once again as a Labour candidate for the election. In addition, he promised at one of the most radical mosques of the city that he intends to convert London into a lighthouse of Islam should he be elected. Livingstone was […]

Update: The Toulouse killer still hasn’t been subdued! To start with, several French media reported that Mohammed Merah (23) was arrested. This has just been denied by France’s Interior Minister.

Mitt Romney has just won another decision for himself, namely Illinois. According to CNN, Romney can post to his account after the count of most of the votes came to around 47 percent, while Rick Santorum came to 35 percent. Way behind were radical liberal Congressman Ron Paul with 9 percent as well as the […]

Translator Note: This article was originally published by PI-German in January. I was at the time unable to translate it, but due to the fact that this article is referred to in a more current article, I have translated it so that the reference from that article can be more understandable. In November, the Americans […]

Here is a question that just came through an E-mail that has started the rounds. I thought it was a good one and worth posting on PI. Some of the facts may be disputed by snopes or urban legends, but the heart of the matter cannot be disputed – where are the girlfriends? In the […]

In Pakistan, Christians are constantly having to go to jail because they have allegedly offended Islam. As the aid organization for persecuted Christians, Open Doors, observes, an argument or the refusal of a Christian to convert to Islam often unleashes the charge of blasphemy. As a rule, Christians cannot expect a fair trial. In addition, […]

In Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago, a few old dirty Qur’ans were removed from a prison and burned by Americans. That led to the strongest of protests. A few days ago, a US soldier in Afghanistan ran amok and killed 16 people among which were children. The protests until now have remained controlled. This […]

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