On Saturday, the “1000 Crosses for Life” took place again in Muenster. Around 110 right-to-lifers equipped with white wooden crosses showed up to point out the mass murdering of unborn children in Germany by means of a prayer march – in 2011 alone, at least there were at least 108,900. The number of participants was a little less than that of last year, and to balance things out, the march wasn’t stopped by blockades this year. The police on assignment numbered two hundred.

(By Gartenzwerg, PI-Muenster)

After the participants gathered at the Aeigidii church square, the greeting followed at 2:30 p.m. by event organizer Wolfgang Herring, who built a Life Center in Munich. Hering pointed out that the prayer march wasn’t a political event and asked for according behavior. He also suggested not to react to counter-demonstrators. Afterward the march was underway.

In contrast to 2011 and 2019, there were no blockades this year, even though the prayer march was heavily interrupted by about 150 left-wing totalitarians with whistle-blowers. The abortion lobbyists shouted among other things dusty old slogans such as “No God, no country, no patriarchy!” and “If Mary had had an abortion, we would have remained free of you!”.

Several left-wing extremists were arrested for the time being. Charges of resisting an officer were made against two, another was identified in an offense against the law of assembly because he was illegally carrying pepper spray with him.

Once more, the antagonists of the SA, who call themselves “antifa,” caused great interest for our cause. On the edge of the march, large clusters of people gathered who wanted to see the spectacle more closely. It can’t be assumed that the counter-demonstrators left a good impression with their primitive attempts at shout-downs and egg throwing.

The prayer march itself moved along protected on both sides by chains of police through the shopping zone, past the synagogue and on to a bridge over the Aa. Here flowers were thrown in the water and fictitious names were read in memory of the murdered unborn. But here as well, the left-wing fascist child-haters couldn’t hold back and instead clapped with each name and fall of the flower. A macabre spectacle.

At the Von Galen monument in front of the St. Paul’s cathedral, the event finally came to an end. Organizer Wolfgang Hering brought to mind in his closing speech how much Cardinal Von Galen risked in his resistance of the euthanasia program by the National Socialists.

More and more counter-demonstrators, one of which was the Green state representative Josefine Paul, mixed in among the right-to-lifers. When I asked one of the counter-demonstrators why one should be allowed to stop the heart of a stranger and she wavered, an antifa full of threats pushed me rudely away from the young woman. So this is how the much invoked “free discourse” looks in reality…

More photos here!

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Article posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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