On February 14, 2012, Michael Mannheimer received a penalty fine from the Heilbronn district court in the degree of 50 days at 50 euros per day (2,500 euros). The basis for the fine was Mannheimer’s criticism of Islam, especially his claim that Islam is working on taking over and islamizing Europe. In addition to this, his evidence that Islam is striving for world power and his conclusion that Qur’an and Sharia are irreconcilable with the Constitution. Mannheimer’s publicized call for public resistance from April 8th of last year where he invoked Article 20 Section 4 of the Constitution.

With this, state attacks against exposed critics of Islam now on the advance. There were Geert Wilders and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and now this affects one of the most well-known and aggressive critics of Islam in Germany. The charge was made by a Baden-Württemberg court. One would be a rascal to think that this might possibly have a connection with the Red-Green victory and the current Kretschmann administration. Political processes – and this is one – is fundamentally being eyed by the current regional minister of justice. And this person, with his discretionary position, could decide whether a trial could arise from a charge. Therefore, the ministry of justice is authorized to issue directives to the district attorney. And for the first time since 1945, Turkish regional ministers sit in the Baden-Württemberg cabinet – and we don’t need to say a thing here about the Turkish clientele in the SPD and among the Greens.

The charge states:

“Said individual is charged with having distributed a storage of data equivalent to a document where hostility against a religious group is incited, calls for violence or capricious measures against them and whereby their dignity is attacked, that they are insulted, maliciously made contemptible and are slandered.

As to the issue in particular:

“Mannheimer’s call for public resistance according to Article 20, Section 4 of the Constitution”

In his article, “Appeal to all freedom-loving citizens of Germany,” which was declared public, he makes sweeping defamation and demonization of Islam as “misanthropic fascism” and villifies it as the “worst possible enemy of freedom, equality and fraternity.”

He implies of the “millions of people who were brought here against the will of the German people” that they “despise our cultural and civilizational achievements and intend to abolish our European culture in favor of the barbaric system of Islam.” Muslims in Germany and in the rest of Europe have worked persistently and with great success toward the taking over of our continent.”

The writing of the Heilbronn district court, as a result, justifies the penalty fine against Mannheimer as follows:

“With these statements, the accused, employing conscious distortion of among other things the substance of faith anchored in the Qur’an, portrays Islam indiscriminately as a militant, intolerant and unpeaceful religion that is dangerous and not worth the attention of the citizens. In another section he advances his verbal attacks against Islam and its followers and castigates the alleged exaggerated and ruthless striving for power by Islam by asserting – and furthermore distorting Islam’s foundations of faith – that the central goal of Islam is world domination” and that this goal, predetermined through the Qur’an and Sunna, is subordinate to the whole of religious life of Islam.

Furthermore it says:

“From this consciously warped image being portrayed of the alleged substance and goals of Islam as being hostile to the Constitution” and being supported “by the German establishment,” the accused constructs an alleged right of citizens to resist through abusive and pseudo-legal claims of determination by the Constitution by explaining the he believes the time has arrived for the implementation and relentless employment of the right of resistance (and the duty of opposition) by all Germans according to Article 20, Section 4 of the Constitution”.”

The writing closes with the reiteration of the charge:

Incitement of the people according to Paragraph 130, Section 2, number 1, letter a) Penal Code in association with Paragraph 11, Section 3 Penal Code.
Amount of fine 50 x 50 – totalling 2,500.–
An instruction for legal remedy was attached.

Since Mannheimer cannot afford an attorney, and since an attorney was not presented by the state for legal aid due to the relatively small amount of the fine (that, by the way, gave the shadowing of no previous offense), Mannheimer indicated to us that his only choice was to pay the fine against him anyway – or simply to make an objection to it, which he also did then.

Thus, Mannheimer will be defending himself if by the court date no attorney can be found who will take on his defense without cost. Since Mannheimer has no attorney he also has no way of looking at the case file and could not answer our question regarding the accuser.

Let nobody fool themselves that this charge applies only to the person of Mannheimer. It is a charge against German criticism of Islam as a whole and the intent of it is to weigh down future criticism of Islam or even completely forbid it. This is one of the prime demands by Muslim associations, not only in Germany but worldwide and is demanded of the UN by means of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries): This should obtain a passage according to which criticism of Islam should be internationally place under penalty.

If Mannheimer should be condemned, this would be the heaviest strike so far by the leftists against the human right of free speech in Germany. We must never let it come to this. We owe it to our historical heritage – not just to the citizen rights after 1948 but also to the resistance fighters against the Hitler regime who – like the members of the White Rose, the fellow fighters around Graf Stauffenberg, but also such courageous lone warriors as Georg Elser – all had to pay with their lives for their engagement for human rights.

Michael is abroad a lot in order to hold lectures. He has already travelled to more than 80 countries for his studies. It would be good for him not only to receive considerable support from Germany, but also from every European country as well as the US, Australia, Russia, Canada and New Zealand.

Donations can be made for Michael Mannheimer under the following account:

Michael Mannheimer
Stadtsparkasse München
Account (Konto): 18135731
Bank Routing Number (BLZ): 70150000

International Bank Account Number (IBAN): DE94 7015 0000 0018 1357 31
Bank Identifier Code (BIC): SSKMDEMMXXX

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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  1. The court ruled: “The complaint against the named person is: He allegedly spread by means of data storage writings that incited to hatred against a religious group, to violence and arbitrary measures against them, hurting their human dignity; so that they might be abused, maliciously despised and libeled.”

    Muslims do not want the truth about Islam told because it DOES expose them to the possibility of ridicule, abuse, being despised and being rebuked, just like telling the truth about Nazism exposes Nazis to possible ridicule, abuse, being despised and being rebuked. As reasonable people are horrified when a man rapes a woman, so they are horrified when a cult like Islam declares a husband has every right to rape his wife and to take women captive and rape them. They would tend to oppose such violent, selfish, evil behavior. As reasonable people would be indignant to a group of people who declared they were better than everyone else and entitled to plunder everyone else and abuse everyone else, so they are indignant when a cult like Islam declares Muslims are superior to non-Muslims and that Muslims are entitled to jizya (tribute) from non-Muslims and that Muslims are called to abuse and fight non-Muslims because they are non-Muslims.

  2. Is he quoting the koran and the following acts of Muslims. Then he is guilty of Islamophobia. No doubt, case closed.

    But how many people are they going to send to prison? All of Germany? Sooner or later it will come to that. Then it will be the Quislings who will be looking at some jail time – a long time for treason.

    Perhaps it is that frightens them.

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