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Archiv für den April, 2012:

It can hardly get any worse: Muslim zealots today sought out a Christian worship service among other things for their various bomb attacks against Christians. An attack was carried out against a Christian university in northern Nigeria where a devotional was taking place. In doing these things, regular pursuits against Christians are supposed to have […]

Welt am Sonntag is letting off steam about high energy prices today. So! It’s no wonder with the energy conversion and taxes! The prices will continue to increase. The lines in the basements of apartment houses will be manipulated even more, with powerful nukes, not one reader dares enter the house, and of course nobody […]

There were a few tears on the trip! In the photo, you can see the Iranian Nuclear Islam Fuehrer Ahmadinejad and German Amigos in Teheran. Right of him Jürgen Elsässer, next to Jürgen Elsässer Gerhard Wisnewski. Left beside Ahmadinejad the greyed Yavuz Özoguz from the Muslim-Market, first and second from left Andreas Neumann and Anneliese […]

The citizens’ movement PRO NRW, which appeared in the state assembly election in Northrhine-Westphalia on May 13th, exhibited around two dozen islam-critical caricatures and collages in front of mosques in Essen and Gelsenkirchen on Saturday. Before that, the islam-critical citizens’ movement awarded the three best drawings with money prizes and conferred a “Kurt Westergaard Honor […]

Chancellor Merkel honored him in 2010 still for his civil courage and involvement: the Danish caricaturist Kurt Westergaard who became famous through a caricature of Mohammed. Two years later, NRW Interior Minister Jäger (SPD) is forbidding the public display of the artist’s works. As far as we know, this is the first case of a […]

Cairo – The Egyptian parliament, which is led by islamists, supposedly intends to pass a law that will allow men to have sex with their dead wives. The so-called “farewell intercourse” is supposed to be allowed for up to six hours after death! BILD reports. Now where now can that be found in the Qur’an? […]

Turkey, to our day, likes to be described as the refuge of Muslim laicism. The fact that this is becoming more and more a thing of the past since Erdogan’s “march through the institutions” is intentionally ignored by mainstream politicians just as much as the Sharia Revolution in North Africa about which one would like […]

The Organization AI (Accepted Islam Amnesty International) most apparently wants European Countries not to prevent their own islamization. Muslim (power) symbols such as minarets, hijabs, burkas, night shirts, long beards, open prayers, the blaring of the muezzin, etc. etc. are things we’re absolutely supposed to accept without challenge, moreover, we should be happy about the […]

Christian Wullf is hardly out of the picture, and the voices in the CDU (Christian Democratic Union party) that refute the statement of the former German president (“Islam belongs to Germany”) are becoming louder. Head of the Union fraction, Volker Kauder (photo), said in an interview with the Passauer Neue Presse: “Islam is not a […]

Alain Wagner (picture left) travelled from France to the first European Counter Jihad meeting in Aarhus. He is a highly active critic of Islam who has been present before at a few events in Germany, for example the Wilders appearance in Berlin. Alain writes for the Internet blogsite “Riposte Laïque” and has specialized for several […]

Jewish groups in Hebon have called upon the international community to help the Arab seller of the “Machpelah” house in Hebron, since he has been condemned to death because of the sale. A few weeks ago, Jewish settlers bought the house which is near the burial site of the Jewish patriarchs. Several settlers moved in […]

Christians are fleeing from the city of Timbuktu in the West African country of Mali where the Sharia has been instituted by “freedom fighters.” All churches in the area have already been destroyed. Timothee Yattara (photo), a Christian leader had to flee with his family to the capital city of Bamako, however he has no […]

Taxpayer funded ARD in its “Wort zum Sonntag” (Word for Sunday) last Saturday placed evangelical Christians on a level with Salafists. Catholic father Wolfgang Beck (photo) said in so many words in his “Devotion”:

The situation in Dearborn, Michigan, as we know, is already pretty serious, as the population there is very close to being 50% Muslim. This, of course, means they can elect officials and determine public policy for that city. As it is, news of another city has come across in the E-mail. That city is Tampa, […]

The Salafists are going mobile: In various videos, they are propagating the distribution of Qur’ans even “to the death.” They would like to distribute Allah’s word throughout Europe after doing so in Germany and Austria. Nobody can stop them from doing so. It doesn’t matter intercepted, arrested or even killed: If one would be dead, […]

Wow! The islamists blessed us with an unexpectedly beautiful Saturday afternoon. On Saturday, April 14th, free Qur’ans were distributed at the Potsdamer Platz as in many other German cities as well. Even though the announcements were rather short-term for this, a stately number of around 40 Islam critics also appeared on the scene in order […]

Inan Türkmen, 24 years old, Turkish Kurd and living in Austria has just published the book “We’re Coming – Like It or Not.” With a blood-read cover on which the Turkish crescent has the effect of an attack signal. The traditionally left-wing-twisted tabloid appears to exult over the “anti-Sarrazin,” as the Schweizer Tagesanzeiger reports. To […]

Volker Kauder, the head of the CDU faction, let the cat out of the bag in the taxpayer funded news as to why politicians fear the Qur’an distribution by the Salafists. If the book is distributed en masse without cost, there is the fear that it will also be thrown away and end up in […]

The European bailout policy by the (German) federal government and with it the so-called “European Stability Mechanism (ESM)” are putting the economic rights of the German Federal Assembly in existential danger. Other bureaucrats, particularly Brussels EU bureaucrats will soon be able to decide over German tax monies. Therefore, the renowned constitutional law expert Christoph Degenhart […]

Geert Wilders has shown to be unimpressed by the statements from Turkish president Abdullah Gül who called him an “islamophobe” and “radical.” It’s simply “Turkish humor” that the Christian persecutor, Kurd-slayer, Hamas friend and islamist Gül would complain of lacking tolerance. According to Gü, a radical climate has come into existence in all of Europe […]

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