Being leftist endangers your common sense! Don’t believe it? Then read it here (English translation below)!

(By Jim Panse, PI-Muenster)

We learn from this that:

1. “Eco by Nazis is worthless. For what use is a clean brook if it is surrounded by Nazis? For me, ecology that doesn’t take into consideration societal openness and diversity is worthless. I would rather live in a filthy country where people are nice to each other.”

Thus, the ecological standards of the textile industry in Bangladesh are passable as long as the people are nice to each other. Fukushima? Doesn’t matter so long as there are no Nazis. And the flip side: What happens when the evil right-wing eco-farmers sell their Nazi carrots at the bio-market and an unknowing leftist eats them unintentionally? Does he have to die right away? Will he get an erection in the right arm? Important question: Are presumed rightists even allowed to be bio-farmers? Shouldn’t that be banned? Farmers’ land in [National] Socialist hand!

2. “Many of the Neonazis come from trade surroundings. So why shouldn’t we boycott Neonazi businesses or those that employ Neonazis? Or not just institute a quota for women but also for immigrants. One simply has to want it – and do it.”

Trade surroundings! For leftists who have never worked at anything proper, a trade, of course, is highly suspect! Surely they’re all Nazis! In order to keep right-wing plumbers from installing the drain pipe in the form of a swastika, every business must employ oriental skilled workers in at least 50% of their workforce. If necessary, we need even to adjust our journeyman qualifications to the sanitary habits of the Middle East.

This very cognitive flatulence was emitted by Anetta Kahane (alias IM “Victoria), born in 1954 in East Berlin. And having remained their in her mind, in the Pankow affiliate of the Kremlin. The sad thing is that the multi-culti witch is using your and my taxes to spread it: Kahane is the president of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation against “the Right” and racism. Of course, only such racism whose victims they will never be able to call white. Sponsor: Wolfgang Thierse. Any questions?

These are the people that are systematically and consciously destroying our country. They are our true enemies – not Achmed the Welfare Recipient. He wouldn’t be here had these leftists not let him in and kiss up to him!

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

From – “Anetta Kahane über Neonazis – Öko von Nazis hat keinen Wert”

Anetta Kahane on Neonazis

“Eco by Nazis is Worthless”

Human rights are more important than a clean brook, declares Anetta Kahane, founder of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation that battles against right-wing extremism.

By Charlotte Langenkamp

tazlab: Mrs. Kahane, this year’s tazlab runs under the slogan “The Good Life” – somewhat burdensome for ecology. What does your organization do about Neonazis with eco?

Anetta Kahane: To put it right away: if eco is practiced by Nazis, then that is worthless to me. I can’t live with a clean brook if I can’t sit with my friends, people who are in the crosshairs of the Right or right-wing radicals. For me an ecology that doesn’t care for societal openness and diversity is worthless. I would rather live in a filthy country where people are nice to each other.

tazlab: Therefore, you would like to tell us that Neonazis have discovered the subject of ecology for their politics as well?

Anetta Kahane: Oh yes, there are clues. Greens and the Eco movement often had atmospheric cross-sections in the early years that the taste blood and territory. Considering this: There are many Neonazi people who are eco-farmers – right in the east of the republic.

tazlab: What then does reality look like for immigrants?

Anetta Kahane: People, primarily immigrants, who want to open their döner (like gyros) sohps or their Asia fast food diners are put under pressure. That is an accepted condition that isn’t being actively fought against. There is some reaction to Nazis – but there is no political desire to really change anything.

tazlab: The East doesn’t really appear to be all that deaf to us.

Anetta Kahane: In Hoyerswerda and Rostock, the victims were taken away after the attacks and hidden – and the people were jubilant because they effectively managed to chase away the undesirables.

tazlab: So what should politicians do then?

Anetta Kahane: The politicians need only to stand up and say: We will stay here together with the victims until you are once again contained. And this message is missing to me as well: Anyone that raises his arm in a Hitler salute goes to jail. Instead of changing something, we’ve given in to the mob.

tazlab: What then can be done?

Anetta Kahane: Many of the Neonazis come from trade surroundings. Why not boycott Neonazi businesses or those that employ Neonazis? Or not just institute quotas for women but also for immigrants. One only has to want it – and do it.

ANETTA KAHANE – 1954, born in East Berlin, founded the Regional Labor Offices for Foreign Inquiries (RAA) in 1991. Today, she is the president of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. She has battled for many years against right-wing extremism and racism. She is discusses with cultural scientist Dierk Bostel on the tazlab about “no go areas for Neonazis.”

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  1. I would like to know the stand of PI regarding immigrants who are Asians but NOT muslims, who do not live off state support and who are making healthy contributions to the society and the economy. Is PI generally against immigrants of all hues and types or only those who are parasitic in nature?

    • vasuerfolg » PI stands strongly against those who are parasitic in nature. Immigrants are otherwise welcome if they are productive and contribute to society and willing to assimilate into the culture. PI tries to show the true face of those who seek the destruction of our values and freedoms that have been hard wrought throughout history. If you read through the articles posted on this site, you will come to understand who is really involved in trying to do so.

      Unfortunately the translator can translate only a few of the many articles found on the German side, since it is done gratis and the translator also must work a full-time job in order to afford the internet connection to read the German articles. So sometimes the stories and posts are hit and miss, but please visit often new things will continue to be posted.

  2. The Socialist legacy

    The Nazis were allies of the communists till they fell out. So too were Mao and Stalin, till they fell out with each other.

    In each case, the egos of the leaders, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler, was too big for any of them to tolerate the others.

    The trouble with the Left, and its sole Marxist idea, is that they believe their Idea is the TRUTH. In the human-political domain, when the Idea is applied, leads to incompatibility with human society. Human society is far too complex to be moulded to any idea. When the policy inevitably fails, the ideologues jump to the conclusion, and fervently believe, that it is not the ideology but the people who are the failures. Thus starts the death camps, labour camps, the Gulags and all the rest, leading to twice as many horrible and cruel deaths then Hitler’s regime managed.

    National socialism, International socialism, Global socialism, are all the same Lefty, Marxist, failed Big Idea, that has brought nothing but death and destruction, including ruin of the environment, on a scale never before witnessed on earth – never ever.

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