Strong signals are going out from the first European Counter-Jihad Meeting in Aarhus. The movements critical of Islam throughout Europe are starting to network. They are showing that they come from the heart of citizen society and call for a clear and uncompromising No to Sharia as well as to all of the misanthropic elements of Islam. And they demonstrate their unshakeable solidarity with Israel, the sole democracy in the Middle East, and the Israeli people who are under permanent threat from islamic jihad.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

The extreme left and Muslim “counter-demonstrators” proved in Aarhus what they think of Israel: They tore up an Israeli flag that they yanked out of the hand of a female critic of Islam from Hamburg:

That wasn’t enough: Several individuals followed with spitting on the shreds that lay on the street:

That demonstrates the deep hate of Jews and Israel that is deeply rooted in broad parts of the islamic world and has now arrived in Europe. The left-wing extremists joined in with this antisemitism because they hate “capitalism,” which they see embodied above all in the US and Israel. They suppose Israel to be an “occupation” and “oppression” of the Palestinians. Something is apparently growing closer here between extreme leftists and Muslims, which belong together.

We critics of Islam have yet a totally different position. Fur us, Israel is a free, democratic country that is Western in character and threatened by islamic terror. Just like more and more European cities:

Our message is unmistakeable: No to islamic terror that is responsible for [the loss of] an estimated 270 million human lives in its 1400-year history. Europe cannot advance that which since the 7th century has spread out from the Arab peninsula in aggressive campaigns of aggression, and which has established itself in 53 countries by means of violence, oppression, terror and murder. The foundations for all of this can be found in the Qur’an:

Alain Wagner from France phrased it correctly: The prophet Muhammad was the first jihadist in the world. Millions have imitated him since. His teachings are propagated in mosques all over Europe. And jihad is an elementary component of the Sharia from which it cannot be imagined away:

Strong signals went out from Aarhus. Michael Mannheimer stated it clearly and plainly: An ideology that among many other dangerous things also calls for the beating of women for insubordinance as well as running on her inferiority has nothing to find in Europe.

The critics of Islam that gathered from all over Europe in Aarhus were there to promote freedom, democracy and human rights. Such madness that they must let themselves be threatened by left-twisted fanatics for this reason.

The peaceful demonstrators in Aarhus stood across from hooded, violence-hungry and totalitarian-thinking radicals:

This riotous mob could only be held in check by massive police presence. Otherwise these types would certainly have exercised their passion for violence and destruction.

But the police officers did a magnficent job of cordoning off the demonstration area.

When anarchists nonetheless tried to break through and become violent, they were immediately arrested by the officers.

A few individuals expended their aggressive drives on the police cruisers:

We say NO to all totalitarian ideologies, most of all Islam. And our voices are be heard more and more strongly.

We must express our message loudly, clearly and plainly. The media conveyed it from Aarhus to many of Europe’s countries, even to the Arab world – even if the things there are of course seen differently.

The facts will bear out in the end because the truth will not let itself be suppressed for long.

It will become even more difficult in the future to slander us as “right-wing radicals.” It would surely be constructive if this insidious propaganda weren’t supported by the snipers from our own ranks. That doesn’t bother us at all, but it is sad for the many Islam critics that would love to have come to Aarhus but let themselves be bothered by the rumors.

You can see more pictures from Aarhus on the Israeli Internet site “”.

(Photos: Roland Heinrich)

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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