Since the EU has nothing reasonable these days to bring to the ranks regarding the subject of “Branding of Halal Meat,” Great Britain has started its own legal initiative regarding this theme. According to the initiative, it is supposed to be a “compulsory labeling of the slaughter method by appropriate labeling.”

The trigger for these plans is a report by “Mail on Sunday” back in September 2010. Back then, the newspaper found out that beef, poultry and lamb meat sold to football fans at the Wembley Stadium was slaughtered according to the laws of Sharia. Even Great Britain’s largest hotel and restaurant chain Whitbread had to admit that three-quarters of its poultry came from halal slaughterhouses. And it even became known of the cafeterias in the British Lower House that halal meat was being brought there for consumption without any labeling.

The British legal initiative by environmental minister Lord Taylor of Holbeach sees to it, according to a report from Daily Mail, that the sale of unlabeled halal meat to the uninformed general public will be forbidden in the future. The conservative government thereby intends to put the brakes on especially the distribution of halal meat to schools, hospitals, public restaurants and sports bars.

After all, the British animal rights activists welcome this law that appears to be completely for the purpose of hemming in the gruesom traditional islamic slaughter by means of slitting the throat without prior anaesthesia. Their colleagues on the mainland, on the other hand – as well as the EU politicians – would rather, due to political correctness, get out of the way. We here in Germany would probably also be surprised at such a compulsory labeling regulation.

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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