The NDR satire magazine “Extra 3” has produced a video that takes a wonderful shot at the troops of left-fascist street attackers. In “Schlüter’s Supermarket for Autonomes (German: Schlüters Autonomem Supermarkt)”, those covered up in black can buy whatever they need for their “political” activities: rocks, Molotov cocktails, clubs, pistols, etc. Also shown in the interview is what kind of “political” ideas these figures have rolling around in their (apparently mostly empty) brain: “The black flag stands for the fact that we’re against everything.” By the way, at Schlüter’s Supermarket, besides the black left-wing extremists, “right-wing” extremists clothed likewise can also shop because they don’t necessarily distinguish themselves too much from each other.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

Actually, the video is already three years old but has lost nothing of its up-to-dateness. Much the contrary, when bringing the almost civil-warlike events in Aarhus of just three weeks ago to mind. The amusing strip from the NDR satire producer also shows vivid film recordings of left-wing fascists in their “battle against everything,” preferably against police officers, their patrol vehicles, cars of working citizens, businesses, etc.

In an exceptional case, the tax-payer fees are well invested with such a production. Let’s have more of this associates at Extra3! And perhaps the German Ministry of the Interior can push it through to pursue not just the much inflated battle against “right-wing” (extremism), but also the one against (really almost the same) left-wing extremism. Because terror on the streets by leftists is incomparably greater. In essence, the National Socialists are only marginally distinguishable from the International Socialists. Their paramilitary groupings have already visibly matched each other.

The democratic State should ultimately present itself as consistently defendable: Intervention by prohibition of disguises during demonstrations, by cutting social aid upon use of violence, as well as tacking on harsh prison penalties and requiring from officials the active prevention of violence at the first sign instead of passive actions of de-escalation. These figures consider reserved police interventions as weakness and thereby consider themselves encouraged to further provocations.

This State of Capitulation is allowing itself be dragged around by the nose from its mortal enemies. This must come to a stop immediately!

(Hat Tip: Torsten Klauck)

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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