Five boys of the second generation of immigrants aged 14 to 16 years were finally caught red-handed when they tried to steal again from the pediatric department of the Rigs Hospital in Copenhagen. They were discovered by nurses who immediately contacted the police. The arrest went down quite violently as they didn’t intend to go peacefully with the police officers that arrived.

Since last December, the Rigs Hospital has been visited by the group of thieves. One nurse tells that they had been afflicted by them for a long time. The security personnel feverishly tried to catch them, “but every time we would call out to them, they fled.” The department has several staircases and exits, and therefore the young men have had the fortune of getting away. “This time we set a trap for them: the security people told us to ignore the intruders and that they should call them out. And thus the trap snapped shut. They hid themselves in our waiting room, which had only one exit. The security people received them there,” a nurse recounts.

“Usually the state hospital is not plagued by thievery, but it is difficult to protect oneself against miserable souls,” the head of communications Marianne Uldall said. The state hospital is a public hospital that has great value. If someone really wants to, they can sneak in, find things and take them if such is their intent.

The personnel reported that the boys provoked more than anything and stole from their refrigerators and pockets. They were ridiculed, and that was embarrassing. Some weeks the boys would appear every day.

The vandalism, however, affected especially the sick children: they hogged the whole playroom and stole things from it. Rather than the children playing with the Playstations, they did. We were furious at them.

John Hansen, the headmost policeman in Copenhagen’s police said: “One has to sink low to enter a pediatric department in order to steal.”

Summary translation of the three Ekstrabladet reports (here, here and here) on the same subject.

Most honored head of police, these boys have learned from their father and imam that one can steal from the infidels and take over everything – anywhere. It’s in the Qur’an:

Sura 24, verse 29:

“It is no sin for you to enter houses that are not (really) inhabited and in which there is something that you need.”

Sura 33, verse 27:

“And Allah has set you up as inheritors over their land, their dwelling places and their property, and a land that you have not entered before.”

(Translation: Alster, PI Hamburg)

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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