The Salafists are going mobile: In various videos, they are propagating the distribution of Qur’ans even “to the death.” They would like to distribute Allah’s word throughout Europe after doing so in Germany and Austria. Nobody can stop them from doing so. It doesn’t matter intercepted, arrested or even killed: If one would be dead, a hundred would follow. This project is not to be stopped. The message to the “Kufar” (infidels) is that the “dirty lies” of the anti-Islam propaganda is totally useless. The German people are no longer conformists as with the Nazis, but would rather have their own thoughts. The Germans aren’t stupid and want Islam(!). No constitution can hold the Salafists back, the movement is growing, the churches, in contrast, are empty. The Muslim brothers and sisters should “give more gas,” Islam will enlighten humanity and rule over the whole world.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

Here is the video that no longer allows for misconception – Qur’an distribution to the death:

Among the “wise Germans,” however, there wasn’t just dhimmi-like happiness over the free sample of the “holy” book. In some German cities, resistance stirred itself up as in the outstanding initiative in Berlin about which PI just reported. Islam critics demonstrated against the dangerous contents of the Qur’an:

The Berliner Zeitung reports about the Qur’an distribution by the Salafists at the Potsdamer Platz:

The delivery of the Qur’an copies took place with the arrival of the two VW busses with Hamburg licence plates at around 11:30 a.m. Behind the campaign was the Salafist network “The True Religion,” the organization around Cologne resident Ibrahim Abou Nagie had announced they would distribute up to 25 million copies of the Qur’an in German cities. The initiative was to start, therefore, on Saturday and run parallel in more than 30 German cities, other than was announced, though, no stand had been set up, for example, in Hamburg or Stuttgart. The Ulm print shop in the mean time suspended the production of the Qur’an copies with the brownish-red book cover.

At the Potsdamer Platz, the orthodox Muslims met with sudden resistance. Members of the islamophobic “Freedom” party especially posted themselves in front of the stand and held posters up. On the posters was printed “Killing comes up in the Qur’an 180 times!” A young woman from the party’s head committee held a poster in front of herself on which was printed in English: “We don’t need your lies.” The word “lies” is connected to the German slogan “Lies!” (which means “Read!”), but in English, of course is “lies.”

In connection with the TV report by the rbb-Abendschau regarding the Qur’an distribution, the head of the Berlin bureau of Constitutional Defense was interviewed and who stated in all seriousness:

“The Qur’an is not the problem at all, that needs to be made totally clear. Rather it has to do with the fact that the Salafists are using the Qur’an only as bait in order to lure primarily young people to get them into the scene of the Salafists and to radicalize them accordingly.”

Does this Claudia Schmid even know what she is talking about? In her video commentary, the Pakistani ex-Muslima Sabatina James states that the Salafists, with their distribution of Qur’ans, are fulfilling the demand of Islam for the achievement of world power:

Apparently Sabatina James is way more familiar with Islam than the Berlin Constitutional “Defender,” who either has absolutely no clue about the Qur’an or received clear instructions for her statements “from the top.” The public debate with Islam is like a dance on raw eggs.

Commentary (in German) by Journalistenwatch: The media and the nice Qur’an from next door.

Böss in Berlin (German): Read! Me! Through!

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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  1. Europe has become too lax, lazy mentally and spiritually. Tolerance is just an excuse for the above – and not a positive attitude.

    Fine Islam will rule – but the rule will be of darkness, the likes of which Europe has not known – ever.

    Fortunately China is the emerging superpower with the Christianity rapidly gaining ground.

    I dont think a moribund islamic Europe, stuck in the 7th century Arabia, is going to be a match for China.

  2. I hear the version of the koran that is being distributed, has been heavily edited.

    Presumably all about striking them in the neck etc have been removed..

  3. Smoke and mirrors, Islamists are pushing Islam and Sharia everywhere. It doesn’t grow by leaps and bounds, but by slides and nudges. Europe is/was sleeping. America has been caught napping. Hell, we’ve elected a Muslim president. Subversion and conquest via taqiyya. We have an Islamic Manchurian Candidate. Conspiracy theorist? You bet your ass. Who cares about an “edited” version of the Koran, the idea is to get it out there and see what happens. Then the whips and stones come out.

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