Inan Türkmen, 24 years old, Turkish Kurd and living in Austria has just published the book “We’re Coming – Like It or Not.” With a blood-read cover on which the Turkish crescent has the effect of an attack signal. The traditionally left-wing-twisted tabloid appears to exult over the “anti-Sarrazin,” as the Schweizer Tagesanzeiger reports. To this self-hating, anti-patriot it can’t go fast enough for Germany and Austria to eliminate themselves by gradually replacing the indigenous population with a flood of Turkish-Muslim immigrants.

(By Michael Stürzenberger)

The Tagesanzeiger writes:

He could be the model son-in-law: handsome, smart, business administration student with apparently rosy perspectives for the future. But Inan Türkmen doesn’t want great success. He wants to tell it like it is. And he wants to hold the mirror up to big and lazy Western Europe. “We are younger, hungrier and superior in numbers. We are coming and you can’t stop us,” the Austrian of Turkish origin writes in his new book “We’re coming.” “Whether you like it or not, whether you integrate us or not.” With this, the 24-year-old has launched a new debate in Austria and Germany. The Turks will garner a marked influence in the coming decades, or such is his thesis. Without Turks, Austria will atrophy, and while a younger country like Turkey builds up technological centers, an older one, like Austria, is investing in geriatric centers.

If that isn’t a clear battle declaration: “We are superior in numbers and hungrier” – for what, then? Of course, influence and power. After all, as a critic of Islam one must hear only constantly from the Muslims in the shopping areas: “You can do what you want, we’re going to take over the country anyway.” Sayings that can’t be evaluated as tongue-in-cheek because they profoundly comply with the islamic ideology of conquest. The Tagesanzeiger continues:

The son of a Turkish Kurd also produces facts about the provocative subject. “If the 5.2 million Turkish expatriates would form their own EU member country, it would ultimately not be the smallest one. It would be almost as big as Denmark.” Or: “Together, the döner stands (döner is like gyros) in Germany have almost three times the turnover of McDonald’s.” Or funds with a focus on Turkey have in the past few years produced an annual yield of 14 percent on average.” Motivation for his book has been anger, Türkmen said. Having grown up in Austria as the son of a Turkish Kurd, he was confronted with racism as a child already. This disappointed him and made him angry, therefore he wrote the book in order to put his anger into words. In order to get to the foundation of the hostile image.

It truly appears to be only a question of time when the “Turkish expatriates” can lay claim to their own territory. Perhaps the “caliphate of Northrhine-Westphalia”? The Süddeutsche Zeitung quite openly finds the “anger” of the Turkish “anti-Sarrazin” brilliant, as the Tagesanzeiger concludes:

He is the “new pop star of the multi-culti society,” the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” writes (article not available online) of the man that became the author of a book only by coincidence. His girlfriend works with a publisher who saw a sleeping bestseller in Türkmen’s wrath. Two researchers were also brought to his side, upon which the Austrian anti-Sarrazin was then born. Sarrazin states in his book “Germany Is Eliminating Itself” that Muslim immigrants are making Europe worse and stupider and therefore are cause for great turmoil. Türkmen didn’t want to let that sit and struck back with the same means. “I learned from him how to be provocative. These days you have to be provocative to get heard,” he said in an interview with the Austrian magazine “Biber”. However, distinguish him from Sarrazin in that he doesn’t make insults.

His compatriots are the ones after all who take care of the insults in the streets with well-known relevant terms such as “sh***y German,” “sh***y Christian,” “potato,” “German slut,” etc. and so on. It doesn’t hurt at all that the Turks now are slowly taking over power. Of course the countless victims of the Turkish-Muslim “What are you looking at” attacks must see that differently…

In fact, things are going more easily for Türkmen. “We are young, well positioned and have a future,” his message says. “We’re coming – and it won’t be at all painful.” He didn’t want to make himself unpopular or handle the right-wing populists, Türkmen said. But he took out of this the right for himself to present things in a different light. As they appear from the perspective of a young, ambitious and well-educated second-generation individual of Turkish origin. Therefore he has portrayed his homeland and compatriots as positive, young and booming.

One has to ask themselves which is more dangerous: The islamization of Europe or the enthusiastic support of the same by left-wing-twisted journalists and politicians…

Posted by byzanz / Translation: Anders Denken

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