Geert Wilders has shown to be unimpressed by the statements from Turkish president Abdullah Gül who called him an “islamophobe” and “radical.” It’s simply “Turkish humor” that the Christian persecutor, Kurd-slayer, Hamas friend and islamist Gül would complain of lacking tolerance. According to Gü, a radical climate has come into existence in all of Europe through Wilders. He lays the basis for ethnic-religious discrimination, Gül says.

Gül announced that he will not shake Wilders’ hand in greeting in the state visit planned in the Netherlands for this year. Turkey and Geert Wilders have had no love loss for each other for quite a while. Wilders said back some months ago that Gül was not welcome with him (PI reported). Also Turkey decided in 2010 not to accept a delegation with Geert Wilders. A Turkish spokesman called Wilders a fascist and racist who is not favorably looked upon in several European capitals.

The Turkish president was very clear to say that Wilders does not speak in the name of the whole Dutch government.

(Source: De Telegraaf)

Posted by PI / Translation into English: Anders Denken

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