Christians are fleeing from the city of Timbuktu in the West African country of Mali where the Sharia has been instituted by “freedom fighters.” All churches in the area have already been destroyed. Timothee Yattara (photo), a Christian leader had to flee with his family to the capital city of Bamako, however he has no money for shelter.

“We are running from the death threats of the islamists who have put together a list of all the Christians in Timbuktu whom they want to behead. As evidence for their threats, they have already executed one of our leaders.”

In Egypt as well, the situation of the Christians, thanks to the “Arab Spring, is becoming progressively worse.” According to Coptic Bishop Stephanos, the Christians are undergoing the worst time in decades; many can no longer make a living. In Egypt for the first time in decades, churches are being systematically destroyed and burned down. Christians are being harassed in daily life more than ever before. In the media, there is the call not to buy from Christian vendors or to sell goods to Christians. They are refused access to the working world, for example, by means of the fact that only women wearing headscarves are hired.

Christians in islamic countries are being persecuted before the eyes of the international media. By the state as well as the population. And that, even though the overwhelming majority of Muslims is peace-loving and tolerant? This persecution has increased further through the “Arab Spring.” With help from the West, secular presidents have been deposed that at least somewhat protected the religious minorities in the Arab lands. Radical islamists have been consistently helped in the taking over of power who, soon after this short time in power, have in part carried out downright genocide of minorities in their respective countries like, for example, against the black population in Libya.

These radical-islamic powers are supported by the Western media, the EU and above all by the overwhelmingly islamic UN. The western media don’t report about these monstrosities against Christians. The few hundred Christians in Nigeria who were slain during the Christmas season received only nominal mention in the Tagesschau. In the months that followed nothing at all was reported about this – as though the persecution had come to a stop. Instead, there was stirred up reporting a good month ago regarding an attack on a mosque in Belgium in which the imam was killed. “Islamophobia” was the cry. A day later, the excitement was just as quickly over, though, when it came out that the imam was killed by a fellow believer, a Salafist.

No, we in Europe aren’t “islamophobic.” We have no fear of Islam. But the Christians in the islamic countries have every reason to be afraid of this “religion.”…

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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