The situation in Dearborn, Michigan, as we know, is already pretty serious, as the population there is very close to being 50% Muslim. This, of course, means they can elect officials and determine public policy for that city.

As it is, news of another city has come across in the E-mail. That city is Tampa, Florida.

The islamists have been very active in entering a high school there for the purpose of indoctrinating students. Many government representatives as well as the local newspaper (see here, here, here, and here) have embraced aspects of islamic ideology, and Tampa already has a sizeable Muslim community.

What’s next?

Back a few months ago, a Muslim man was arrested and sentenced for attempting to bring terror to his ‘victims hearts'”. Fortunately he attempted to buy explosives from federal agents and was caught.

America needs a good wake-up call, otherwise we will go the way of European dhimmitude, and look how that has panned out. Wasn’t 9/11 a powerful enough example of what this ideology can cause? If not, check out other articles in this blog. There is plenty of documentation – supported by newspaper, radio and television reports of those events – to consider.

America does not need to go through what Europe has already experienced for the past 20 years. Please read, consider, E-mail and pass this information on. People need to know!

Posted by Anders Denken

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