Alain Wagner (picture left) travelled from France to the first European Counter Jihad meeting in Aarhus. He is a highly active critic of Islam who has been present before at a few events in Germany, for example the Wilders appearance in Berlin. Alain writes for the Internet blogsite “Riposte Laïque” and has specialized for several years in placing the Sharia at the center of his argumentation. An effective means because the incompatibility of Islam with Western independent democratic societies can be visibly demonstrated for the hitherto uninformed by means of information about this islamic legal system that completely regulates the life of Muslims and produces a complete legal package.

Here is the speech from Alain Wagner, Michael Mannheimer and Michael Stürzenberger about Islam, the Sharia and solidarity with Israel:

How inseparable the Sharia is from Islam is shown by the document “The reliance of the traveller” written by Ahmad Ibn Naqib al-Misri in the 14th century and which comprehensibly describes the Sharia on 336 pages. In this document, the complete barbarity, the brutality, the absurdity, the intolerance, the lust for violence and the totalitarian claim to power in the islamic worldview are made clear. On page 109, for example, one can read that donation for Jihad is an essential duty for every Muslim in the framework of financial gifts for the poor and needy. In the seventh category of this so-called zakat[4], each one who battles for Allah and participates in islamic military operations must be supported.

On page 122, detailed instructions regarding stoning can be found, how large the stones can be and how in detail this utmost “merciful” form of punishment for adultery is to be carried out.

This fundamentally comprehensive document regarding the Sharia was translated by Sheik Nuh Ha Mim Keller into English. This sheikh studied at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, which is considered the center for islamic intellectual “scholarship.” The one who has the necessary time and is a bit versed in English can with certainty work out many treasures from this writing that can serve as valuable contributions in the unmasking of Islam.

(Camera and video processing: Manfred Schwaller)

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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