Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning and parked on your plot of land are a couple of RVs. During the course of the day there are more and more, first 20, then 40, then 80. More are expected, and nobody has asked about a parking permit. There’s no toilet, so your pasture and the area around it are endlessly getting covered by fecal material; there’s grilling going on; food leftovers flying out all over, and nobody but the RV owners can be heard. All day long! This very thing happened to a farmer in Switzerland’s Wallis region.

When he asked the illegal parkers to drive on and tried to add a little emphasis to the demand with his tractor and neighbors, he was threatened with murder, and the gypsies intended to set the town on fire. Besides this, the property owner found out that in a week, that is on July 28th, a wedding was to take place in his pasture. 800 plus people were expected for this. Authorities and police did nothing except blockading a few streets. The gypsies had broken no law. Such has been playing out for days and even up to this hour in Collombey-Muraz in the Waadt region:

The Valais farmer Simon Turin is beside himself. On Sunday drivers from Germany and France illegally set up camp in a pasture on the grass he mows for his cattle – without asking. Yesterday, Turin counted 77 RVs. And there will be more, since according to statements the drivers will celebrate a wedding with at least 400 people. According to the police, there are no toilets or trash containers. “It’s a giant pigpen. Excrement and trash are lying all over the place,” Turin says. On a pasture that Simon Turin leases, drivers have settled for a wedding. Since the district attorney didn’t order the immediate clearing, the situation escalated on Tuesday. Turin, along with colleagues on tractors, wanted to clear out the camp. “But the drivers threatened me: If I step foot on the pasture, they would kill my family and set the town on fire,” Turin said. The police had to arbitrate.

There is no rule of law in Europe’s countries any more, foreigners can possess the land anytime; justice and police dared nothing against 800 gypsies! That’s what it looks like. Further links regarding this:

800 Gäste kommen unangemeldet! (German) – 800 Guests come unannounced!
Hunderte Roma besetzen Feld! (German) – Hundreds of Romas occupy field!
Gesperrte Straßen wegen Roma-Hochzeit! (German) – Blockaded streets because of Roma wedding!

Whether the “guests” will leave today still hasn’t been reported! Please provide links, in case somebody happens to find something!

Posted by kewil on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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  1. I don’t understand why the police will not throw them off the land. Is there no concept of private property?

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