Seven German critics of Islam have just returned from a five-day Odyssey in the far north. For each one of the 4,000 total car-driven kilometers, it was worth it because at the first international Counter Jihad in Stockholm, we met legendary critics of Islam like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, heroes of the resistance like Tommy Robinson, Anders Gravers and Kevin Carroll, as well as many other courageous comrades-in-arms from England, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Australia and Germany.

(From Michael Stürzenberger)

Around 150 participants in the event found themselves facing about 500 counter-demonstrators, among whom were left-wing extremists ready for violence, Moslems and anarchists who for a short while shot at us with fireworks and threw bottles at us. As protection, 400 police officers, two helicopters, several packs of dogs, as well as two dozen mounted police provided for the friction-free execution of the event and kept the many troublemakers under control as much as possible. There were 10 arrests and two injured police. The nearly 50 journalists present were able to obtain plenty of material through their video cameras, cameras and notepads. There remains only the interesting question of what the will also publish.

This short video gives a good impression of the situations in Stockholm:

Pamela Geller expressed her clear solidarity with the English Defence League (EDL). Those who act violently are to be found on the opposing side, among the left-wing extremists and Moslim fanatics. She reported that a bomb package was found near the site of the event that actually contained fireworks with which the Islam critics were supposed to be intimidated. We found ourselves in the middle of a battle that we cannot ever give up because Islam intends to subjugate and enslave the whole Western world.

Robert Spencer stressed in his speech that tolerance toward intolerance is suicide. When the counter-demonstrators blared out at him that he should hold his tongue, he only smiled. Islam is the greatest threat for the Western world, and he would never ever quit informing about it.

Tommy Robinson reported on plans of Moslem fanatics in England to kill him. He shouted with unshakeable confidence that he would never be intimidated. A thousand other Tommy Robinsons would stand after him and carry on his battle, that should be a warning to the extremists ready to kill. The EDL and the British Freedom Party will never end their resistance against islamization. The West needs “leaders, not appeasers” now.

Kevin Carrol, interim president of the British Freedom Party, like Tommy Robinson, told about the beginnings of the EDL three years ago. They never thought that they would get so far with their movement. Without financial support, only with the power of persuasion have they been able to receive much attention. And now they were here together with Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and many others who showed solidarity with them.

Paul Weston, president of the British Freedom Party, compared Islam with National Socialism. They are both similarly dangerous ideologies, both killed Jews, homosexuals, dissident thinkers, oppressed women, discrimated against other people as inferior and intended to achieve totalitarian rule. Absurdly enough, those who criticized Islam for this were maligned as Nazis. That could come only from the limited thought processes and the twisted worldview of a left-wing extremist.

Anders Gravers of “Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE)” stressed how important it is to defend the freedom of speech against the increasing oppression. The Sharia cannot be allowed to gain influence in Europe.

ZDF sent a camera team to Stockholm that held an extensive interview with me. It is supposed to be broadcast on September 4th in the framework of a documentary on the subject of “terror.”

In my speech, I reported among other things about the 25 million editions of the Koran that the Salafists intended to distribute in Germany. And that an islamic center is planned for the middle of Munich that is supposed to be financed by the terror-supporting country of Qatar.

In the next few days, we will produce other photo reports and videos of the event. Until then, we seven critics of Islam wish to give a shout out to the PI readers with this picture from the Stockholm airport.

Never surrender!

(Photos: Heinz Thoma, Erhard Brucker, Thomas Weiss, Michael Stürzenberger)

Posted by byzanz on PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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