The names of the people who played a greater role in the video are Khadija, Abu Bakr, Omar, Aisha, the donkey Yafor, Safiya and Kinana of Banu Nadir, Umm Qirfa, Hafsa. The film episodes are supported altogether by islamic sources (if also partly recounted in free style):

(By Babieca)

1. Mohammed as a Two-Year-Old

Fact: He was raised as an orphan. Later he let a load of nonsense loose over pregancies that could last four years (Hadith). This was mixed up here. In all, the factually weakest part of the trailer.

2. Mohammed and Khadija

The businesswoman married him, and with her he had pace from the visions of the Devil. Correct: Khadija comforted him, wrapped him up together with her and protected him from the Devil. Cause: Mohammed had a vision, saw the angel who also visited him in the cave at Hira sitting on a chair between heaven and earth. Greatly shaken, he returned to Khadija and asked her to cover him up. After that, the Koran verses 74:1-5 were revealed to him (Sura 74 = The Covered One, or The Covered Man)

Rudi Paret (74:1 bis 5):

(74:1 to 5):

O thou wrapped up (in the mantle)!

Arise and deliver thy warning!

And thy Lord do thou magnify!

And thy garments keep free from stain!

And all abomination shun!

3. The Donkey Yafor

Completely right! Hadith handed down about Ibn Kathir:

The prophet turned to the donkey and asked him: What is your name? And the donkey answered: “Yazid Ibn Shihab. Allah created 60 donkeys from my tribe, none of which have been ridden upon – with exception of the prophet (…). I am waiting for you to ride me. (…) The prophet answered: I will call you Ya’foor, Oh Ya’foor. Ya’foor answered: I will obey. Then the prophet asked: Do you long for women (that is mares, ed.)? The donkey answered: “No!”

Also in the Hadith is that the donkey had before belonged to a Jew who caused the donkey to fall, for which the Jew then kicked him. Therefore, a completely islamic, Jew-hating Moslem beast. This donkey Ya’foor (Yafur) according to Hadith supposedly fell into a well out of desperation at the report of Mohammed’s death

The Koran as a mixture of Torah and Bible comes from the Koran itself, most of all Sura 2 and 5.

4. Mohammed’s Visions

in his early days as prophet remain missing; Waraqa died and, therefore he wanted to throw himself in desperation down the mountain: Totally correct! Hadith Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 87, Number 111:

Aisha recounted: “The divine inspiration stopped for a while, and the prophet was so sad that he wanted a few times, as we heard, to throw himself down from the peak of high mountains.

(Waraqa bin Naufal bin Asad bin ‘Abdul ‘Uzza bin Qusai was the cousin of Khadija, an old Christian and chronicler who wrote down the tradition of pre-Islamic times and Mohammed’s visions as the new age of Islam. Mohammed received his knowledge of the Bible from Waraqa)

5. Mohammed and His Robbers (killing men, taking women prisoner, abusing children of the infidels, murder, enslavement):

Correct! Koran Sura 8 (The Booty). Likewise in the “Book About Jihad and Plundering” (“Kitab al-Jihad Wa’l-Siyar,” 17th Book of the Hadith Collection by Sahih Muslim).

6. Mohammed Can Have All the Women He Wants

and in addition, more than all other believers: Correct! It shows precisely this way in the Koran 33:50. Jericho episode. Correct. It is islamic belief. Also reflects hate against Jews who in islamic view were punished without end because they were so repulsive. In context, the execution was ordered in 628 by the leader of the army and victor of the “Battle at Wadi-I-Kura,” Zeid bin Harith, adoptive son of Mohammed; carried out by Keis bin Almusahhar.

8. Saifya and Kinana

of Banu Nadir who fled from Medina: Correct! Hadith. Kinana guarded the tribal treasure as leader of the tribe: Mohammed had Kinana tortured (with fire on his chest among other things) for his silence after he found the treasure, thanks to snitches. Afterward, Kinana was killed before Safiya’s eyes. Safiya became Mohammed’s personal booty and converted to Islam to save her own life.

9. Hafsa catches Mohammed in bed with her Coptic slave Maria:

Correct, even if portrayed in a junky way. Hadith Bukhari 3/43/648. His wife Hafsa bint Umar did actually catch him in bed with her maidservant, the Coptic slave Maria. In addition, Aisha was greatly upset and most jealous of Mo because he took Hafsa as another wife. Afterward, the two women bonded with each other and nagged at Mo. The scene is a summary, so to speak. The heart of it is the Hafsa-Maria-Mohammed-Aisha relationship presented in Sura 66:1 through 66:6.

Ibn Abbas once asked [according to Bukhari 3/43/648] Umar, the well-known companion of Mohammed and his second successor as leader of the Muslim community regarding the beginning of the Medinan Sura 66:

“O lord of the believers! Who were the two women among the wives of the prophet, to whom Allah said: ‘If ye two return in repantance to Him,…'(66:4)

“The background of this story is that Hafsa caught Mohammed with her concubine, the Copt Maria, in bed, (and that) on the day he was supposed to spend with Hafsa. Mohammed promised to stay away from Maria and asked Hafsa to keep the thing secret, but Hafsa told it to Aisha. Then Allah stepped in with the revelation of a threatening divorce, which we now find in (66:1-6), and which liberated Mohammed from his oath of renouncing Maria.

English discussions regarding this episode: and

This scene actually has a forerunner because the following flippant dialog was already on the internet, compiled by an expert in the material:

Hafsa: “Rasulullah you lied and and deceived me to sleep with my maid”?

Prophet: ”Hafsa mind your language. Aya 33.32* says you should talk to Allah’s Prophet in an a honorable manner”.

(* 33.32 “O wives of the Prophet! Speak to the prophet in an honorable manner”.)

Hafsa: “I will speak honorably to the prophet when the Prophet stops acting dishonorably himself”.

Prophet: “Having sex with slave girls is not dishonorable. Allah has made* them halal for me”.

(*33.50 “Mohammed, sex with slave girls and captured women is halal for you*)

Hafsa:” I don’t give a rat’s behind who is is halal for you and who is is not .. You can have sex with a she camel for all I care. But I don’t want it in my bed and on my night”.

Prophet: “Hafsa, calm down. I will tell you something. If you keep this incident a secret between you and me and don’t tell any one, I take an oath that I will never touch Maria again. And Please cool down first. Go have a drink of cold water….

Later on…

Hafsa: “Rasulullah, You have a short memory. You had just said you will not touch her again”.

Prophet: “Yes I did, but Allah revealed aya 66.1 after you left, it says “Mohammed why do you forbid yourself what Allah has made lawful to you just to please your wife”

Hafsa: “What about the oath you took.”

Prophet:: “Allah dissolved my oath” by aya 66.2 which says Allah has ordained for you the dissolution of your oath. And Allah is your Maula”.

So much for the facts. But, once again: This completely unknown clip in the West was only a pretext. A reason for rioting for the purpose of eventually forcing the West under the blasphemy laws of the Sharia. Critique of Islam is to be criminalized and forbidden. The next reason is already being look for.

Posted by PI / Translation: Anders Denken

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