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Dear Moslems,

Only?! Le Figaro has published a survey. 60 percent of French believe that Islam has become too important in France. 60 percent reject [the idea of] women with head covering. And half of the French see the Moslems as a threat. Much too little. (Here is the article with the link to Le Figaro!) Posted […]

“After the fatal beating attacks on a 20-year-old at Alexanderplatz, two suspects who turned themselves in Thursday evening were already released again. A judge called for no detainment for either case, a speaker for the Berlin district attorney said. A 21-year-old even had an arrest warrant on him for suspicion of bodily injury resulting in […]

1,280 years ago today, Charles Martell, the leader of the army of the Frankish-Germanic kingdom, saved Europe from Moslem armies that were storming upon them. This decisive battle is also called in Arabic the “balat ash-shuhada” (“road of the martyrs for the faith”). This outrageously quick expansion of the Moslems who left the area now […]

While left-wing journalists get all hyped up about plagiarists among CDU, SCU and FDP doctors’ theses, the greatest copiers themselves can be found among the yellow journalists themselves. And in this case, it isn’t an issue of just one article that has been taken over 100% from reporting agencies in a totally automatic way without […]

Most honored Dr. Merkel, On 10/18/2012, you said: “The Euro is far more than a currency. This Euro stands symbolically for the economic, social and political unification of Europe.” With this lie, you make the Euro into an idol. The Euro is a failed political articial currency and nothing more. (Open letter by Dr. rer. […]

Last weekend, I along with another member of the Hamburg FREEDOM Party visited the Flemish city of Antwerp. Since the local Flemish elections held on Sunday are immediately before us, a multitude of election postes gave an impression of the national picture.

Just recently we brought attention through a video to the new French anti-Islam movement “Génération Identitaire”. Now today (10/20) we the Identitaires themselves are drawing attention with a spectacular action. Around 60 young activists – bloggers even speak of 100 – occupied a mosque in Poitiers in order to protest the islamization of France by […]

Leading domestic politicians of the CDU and SPD have called for explanation about the more than 100 islamists living in the underground in Germany. “The number is shockingly high,” Wolfgang Bosbach (CDU) said to “Welt am Sonntag”. “To be able to judge the danger of this circle of individuals, we desperately need more information.” Right […]

Under the cover of stabilization and consolidation of the just brought about economic crisis, the police (and not only they) have to bear increasing financial and personal burdens. For the people in Bremen, the loss of the monopoly of power is the dramatic consequence.

A 15-year-old girl in Istanbul was “raped by 100 men” over a period of three months. The Turkish newspaper “Hürriyet” reported this. The question, however, is whether the court will also see it this way. Because the girl who was named only by the initials “D.N.” was concretely forced into prostitution. Thus there is the […]

MUHAMMAD: MOST MERCIFUL MAN OF MERCY EVER BORN HAD FOLLOWERS AND THEIR FAMILIES BURNT ALIVE IN THEIR HOMES FOR MISSING PRAYERS What you will be reading next is the sheer horror that is Islam. These teachings from Quran and Hadith are completely unique. You will not find anything like them in Old/New Testament or the […]

The Taliban are not an aberration of Islam. They are Islam. Not Taliban but Islam is the real culprit behind attempted murder of Malala, because the Taliban is simply following the teachings of the Quran, Sunna of Muhammad and Sharia Law, which is religiously binding upon all Muslims.

The Muslims see films and caricatures that portray or criticize Mohammed’s biography or his behavior during his life as an insult to their faith. This, according to their teaching in the Koran, is forbidden. Because Allah has said (in Sura 5:101-102): “Oh ye who believe, do not ask about things that make you sorrow when […]

In France, the alarm clocks are shrilling even more loudly over the subject of Islam. At a riot a few days ago in Cannes, Strassburg and the metropolitan area of Paris, ten terror-hungry young Frenchmen who had recently converted to the Religion of Peace™ and apparently wanted to carry out attacks immediately on infidels were […]

On the Saudi online news portal Arab News, an article by Abdulateef Al-Mulhim (photo) appeared which we have translated fore our readers because of its notably self-critical content. Arab media and governments normally blame Israel for anything and everything. If we continue to read such critical opinions in the Arab press, perhaps there is still […]

Yesterday (Oct. 7), a group of pro-Palestinian activists stormed a concert in Berlin being given by the famous Israeli Givatron choir for a fundraising initiative by the Jewish National Fund. The ten or so anti-Semites and left-wing extremists wearing red T-shirts held up anti-Israeli posters and shouted “From the river to the sea, Palestine will […]

Robespierre, Lenin, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler. All temperaments for murder. The government of those types that change society, they always end in blood. After having recently reported about writer Ulrich Schlacht , today there’s an excerpt from his new book “On Snow and History (Über Schnee und Geschichte).” Please don’t think, though, that it’s only about […]

Dearborn Muslims have come out in support for criminalizing hate speech and incitement to violence, which is already there is our legal system. The civilized peace-loving Americans join voices with the Dearborn Muslims and demand that the US justice department takes the criminalization of hate speech in our legal system seriously, and start with banning […]

On Monday night in Jerusalem, another monastery was sprayed with anti-Christian graffiti. Unknown individuals wrote on the gate of the Franciscan monastery on Mt. Zion, “Jesus, son of a whore” and “Price Tag” (photo), as communicated on Tuesday by church representatives.

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Seit Inkrafttreten am 16. Februar 2005, kostete das Kyoto-Protokoll etwa
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erreicht werden soll. Man beachte: die Temperatur ändert sich im Milliardstel-Bereich, was offensichtlich in einem weltweiten Massstab nicht messbar ist. Mehr Informationen gibt es bei Junk Science.

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