The horrendous reports from the Diverse Republic have no end. In the “poor but sexy” capital city today, another horrible crime has occurred. In Schöneberg, a certain Yosef A. grabbed a knife during a quarrel with his partner Kharaji N. and cut off both of ther breasts and in addition slit the genital area before the eyes of her 10-year-old daughter. The woman survived. UPDATE: According to Berliner Zeitung, the name of the tormentor who was Iraqi-born wasn’t Yosef A. but Omid R.

The Berliner Kurier writes:


It’s Tuesday around 6 P.M.: Residents on the Langenscheidtstrasse call the police after they heard dreadful screams coming from a ground-floor apartment. When the officers finally stormed into the apartment, they found 36-year-old Kharaji N.

She lay covered in blood on the floor of the small apartment. Unbelievable: The 36-year-old had both breasts cut off alive, also her lower body was mutilated with a knife. The woman was immediately brought to a hospital and given emergency surgery; she should now be out of danger for her life.

The police are now searching for Yosef A., the woman’s partner. “A few days ago still I saw the couple on the street,” one resident said. “They gave the impression of being much in love and often kissed out on the open street.”

Barbaric: The 10-year-old daughter had to see everything. She is now being cared for by the authorities.

Now the question: Just how crazy can people get?

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